Stevie Nicks - ‘Stand Back’, with drugs (Arsenio Hall Show, 1991) and without drugs (Jay Leno, 1998)

Same look, same song, same moments in the song.

One rendition has the performer with the familiar conviction yet child-like wonder in her eyes, grooving along to one of her greatest hits.

The other performance has the same singer-songwriter, SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER, going through the motions. She stands almost completely still, her eyes staring vacantly into the distance as she dials in her flat, monotone vocals.

The difference: the earlier performance shows Stevie zonked out after four years addicted to Klonopin. The latter performance has Stevie returning to her usual spark, barely four years after detoxing from the tranquilliser.

Kids: this is what addiction to prescription drugs does to you! And this is why Stevie said this was worse than cocaine for her.