No Shame, Ass Game

Imagine Steve showing up in your apartment practically naked…

Steve walked into your apartment first thing in the morning wearing only some blue and white boxers and a pair of flip flops, looking like he had not a care in the world.

“Honey…I’m home!” He yelled into the apartment trying to get your attention and then spotting you in the kitchen.

“Steve, what the fuck?! Where are your clothes?!” You eye the man walking towards you practically naked.

He looks down at his body and shrugs his shoulders, “Is this not enough?”

You shook your head and sighed at him, “When I said breakfast at my place, I figured you’d come in more than just your underwear,” you continued to shake your head.

“Why bother with clothes when we’ll just end up taking them off,” he replies grinning at you.

You turn your attention from Steve and added chocolate chips to the pancakes on the griddle pan.

“Mmmm…you’re spoiling me,” he smiles at you, “chocolate chip pancakes were only a suggestion…I didn’t think you make them yourself…I thought we’d go out to eat.”

“Babe…,” you look at him, ignoring the pancakes on the stove, “you mentioned breakfast post orgasm. You never clarified us going out. Besides, you walked into my apartment in just your boxers… not really going out to eat attire,” you wink and smile at him.

Steve chuckles over your assessment, “You know the neighbors don’t seem to mind how dressed I am when I walk over to your place.”

“No…I’m sure old Mrs. Crawley enjoys ogling your ass,” you joke.

“It is a lovely ass,” he quips back at you.

You nod in agreement, “That it is.”

You remove the last of the pancakes from the stove and place them on a plate and look back at your boyfriends, “Well, lovely ass man, how bout you come over here and help me eat these pancakes, and after…maybe I’ll let you lick some syrup off my legs.”

Steve walks over to the table and sits down, “See…I knew there was no reason to walk over here dressed. Just be glad I put the underwear on in the first place…I could’ve come naked.”

“Sure, give Mrs. Crawley a heart attack, why don’t ya!” You laugh at him.

“Best fifteen seconds of her life!”

“You have no shame,” you roll your eyes at him with a smile.

He shakes his head, “Not when your ass game is as good as mine.”

Apparently today (3/25/19) there’s an influx of online impersonators targeting fans of Queen’s Roger and Brian, and Aerosmith’s Steven, claiming to be these stars (or their staff) and dropping into the private messages of fans to share links which are viruses. Be careful out there, and never click links from strangers, even if you think the stranger is someone you trust.

Don’t Think Twice - S.R (8/10)

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Summary: Neither of you thought there were things the other was so afraid of. (Enhanced!Reader/Steve Rogers).  

Prompt: Vertigo - sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height; giddiness

A/N: This is for @until-theend-oftheline ‘s beautiful words challenge.

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Here’s to the



And a petition

To get

Another one in infinity war

Because DAMN🤤🤤

do you think animals are in the soul stone too, like do u think bucky was super stressed and about to cry cause he lost steve again, and then he just gets headbutted by one of his goats and it makes him smile, even if just for one second


Steve: I’d been baby sitting him about a year when he got his powers. And I think I took it pretty well considering. I’d been inducted into the Avengers a few months before and I’d had my fair share of friends suddenly gaining super powers since. We kept it between us until Ben died. Then I moved into the Tower a few weeks later and Peter eventually met Tony, who found out about his powers and made Peter a suit behind my back and well, the rest is history.

Let me just say..

That this asshole over here 

better get his ugly hands away from Steve!

because he is a smol bean!!

 and he is looking hella fine!


Stitch and Bucky parallels 

(I had way too much fun making this)