I think my favorite part of glenn was that he was an unconventional badass….he didn’t have to kill anyone in order to be badass like most people in movies and tv shows do and i think thats why most people didn’t regconize him as the badass that he was. In society being a badass on a tv or show usually comes with a high count of people you murdered and up until s6 glenn did not kill anyone and in my opinion thats what made him even more badass, s3 with the walker and being tied up to the chair. S5 when nicholas shot snd tried to kill him yet he spared nicholas because he didn’t know what it was really like out there. Idk man glenn was a one of a kind character and i miss him very much

K @ DREAMWORKS YALL BETTER GIVE ME A SCENE IN S5 EP1 WHERE LOTOR BOARDS THE SHIP WITH KEITH AND LANCE COMES RUNNING TO KEITH CRYING AND SLAPS HIM THEN HUGS HIM AND HE’S CRYING WHILE HE’S HUGGING HIM HES LECTURING HIM ABOUT WHAT WOULD’VE HAPPENED IF THIS DOESNT HAPPEN IMMA FLIP SHIT (or you can replace lance with allura yannoe, doesnt necessarily have to be lance and i respect their decision if they dont, ITS AN IDEA i aint gonna give dreamworks or jeremy shada shit for not making a ship cannon because im a decent human being apart of the decent human being section of the vld fandom)


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