white privilege is steven yeun, a Korean man, who was a main on the walking dead for six years, having to audition for minor roles while his white co-star Norman Reedus, who was supposed to die after four episodes, gets treated like the main character of the show, gets given storylines that were supposed to go to poc AND gets his own show about riding motorcycles.  

the klance duet you've all been wanting to hear
the klance duet you've all been wanting to hear

jeremy shada (lance’s VA) singing ‘lucky’
steven yeun (keith’s VA) singing ‘shelter’

i’m klance trash so i made a 20 second mashup :’) these songs didn’t even have remotely the same chords… i was that desperate

Petition for an unofficial animated short of Jeremy Shada singing Gasolina with Steven Yeun doing the backing vocals (animated with Keith and Lance of course)

Edit: please reblog, if it gets enough notes im gonna tweet it to them

“This didn’t exist when I was a kid. I didn’t get to see Glenn. I didn’t get to see a fully formed Asian-American person on my television, where you could say, ‘That dude just belongs here.’ Kids, growing up now, can see this show and see a face that they recognize. And go, 'Oh my god. That’s my face, too.'” Steven Yeun on playing Glenn on The Walking Dead