If You Ever Did Believe: One Year Anniversary!!

One year ago today I started posting my baby That ‘70s Show FanFiction  If You Ever Did Believe  It’s been a great story to write and I am so thankful for all of the support it’s gotten over this time. Thank you to all of you who have read adn reviewed and supported me and this story it really means so much! A very big thank you to @those70scomics and @debbiejw1961 who are the two tumblr users I know of that have stuck with me for the past year reading and supporting the story. Thank You!!!!

To celebrate the anniversary here are some of the various cover arts I made for the story about a year ago. And I’ve posted a new chapter too!

Here’s the info for the story in case any of you here on tumblr would like to check it out I’d love to hear from you!

If You Ever Did Believe

Summary: The Formans and the group of friends, who grew up in their basement, are living their everyday lives in the new decade of the ‘80s until something happens that turns everyone’s world upside down. Soon it becomes Jackie’s mission to help everyone, especially Red, mend broken bonds, get answers, and hopefully find peace again.

Pairings: Red and Jackie (family/freindship) Hyde and Jackie, Eric and Donna, Kelso and Brooke, Red and Kitty

Rating: K+

brodiequint95  asked:

In the fanfics I've read from you, mostly the "One Difference" Series, you've written Kelso as more of misogynist than he has came across as to me. Granted, It's been a while since I've watched the series and I can't deny that the portrayal fits . You seem to have really good insight into these characters and I was wondering if you could explain the basis for this portrayal. P.S. Love your writing, both fiction and analytical.

Hi! I’m glad you enjoy my That ‘70s Show stories and metas. :D

A lot of Kelso’s negative traits get obfuscated by Ashton Kutcher’s comedic timing and hilarious line delivery. But if we remove Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Kelso from an examination of Kelso as a character, Kelso’s true nature becomes painfully clear.

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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #27. Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde 

“Look Kelso, I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, and that pretty much beats our third grade pact. I’m sorry but I want to be with her.”