Steven Universe - Say Uncle (Sneak Peek)

In a crossover with Uncle Grandpa, a long lost relative of Steven’s comes to town to aid him in unlocking the power of his mother’s gem.

It airs Thursday, April 2 at 5:30 p.m. (ET/PT)


Steven Universe & Uncle Grandpa Crossover - Long Promo

Here’s another promo for next week’s Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover!

In a crossover with Uncle Grandpa,a long lost relative of Steven’s comes to town to aid him in unlocking the power of his mother’s gem.

Pearl and Steven

Rose’s Scabbard: When on the way to Rose’s Armoury Pearl is ridiculously happy, she loves it, she loves this experience with Steven and is eager to spend time with him. She loves every second of it.

Then when Steven starts to reveal things that Rose hadn’t told Pearl she gets defensive and violently so. Amethyst is upset saying “I hate it when she gets like this” implying that this isn’t the first time Pearl has acted this way. Steven follows her to the Strawberry Fields where Pearl desperately attempts to escape Steven, darting up to the top of a floating island. When Steven arrives at the jump towards the island, he leaps. However he isn’t quite able to make the jump and starts to fall… and Pearl just looks at him. Pearl watches Steven fall.

And when Steven climbs back up?

She didn’t make a single move to save him.

Here’s where I base my thoughts. It’s revealed later on in the same episode that Pearl shared a very close relationship with Rose Quartz and we all know that Steven’s existence relies on Rose’s death. In Joy Ride Steven mentions that “the Gems blame him for Rose’s death” but I don’t think it’s the Gems as a whole. I think it’s predominantly Pearl. Pearl shows an overt amount of love for Steven, she always looks out for him, always takes a huge amount of care for his safety and always shows the most affection for him… But maybe it’s not Steven all of this is for. It’s all for Rose. And when she’s at her weakest, she turns around and doesn’t see Steven or even Rose falling to their death, she sees the person that took Rose away from her and she has no desire to save that person. 

Pearl harbors the most hate for Steven and desperately tries to hide it by being overtly caring. Pearl harbors the most love for Rose and desperately tries to hide it by calling him Steven.