Bruised Boyfriend- Steve Harrington

Summary/Request: Anon said: Steve Harrington request of being Dustin’s older sister and becoming close to Steve post season two and he comes to you to patch him up after a fight and after much prying, he finally he tells you it was because Billy was picking on Dustin again and Steve nows you would murder anyone who hurt Dustin because y'all are close. And you end up confess your feelings because Steve’s an idiot for getting into a fight but you appreciate how great he is with Dustin and just a great guy?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of physical fighting

Word Count: 1341

Never was it a surprise when the ever so handsome Steve Harrington would show up unannounced at your house. Ever since he and your younger brother Dustin became close, Steve was over rather often, most of the time without any previous planning. Not that you were one to complain about the sweet boy hanging around, in fact your attitude towards his random drop by’s was nothing but positive. But what was a surprise was Steve standing outside your front door with a busted lip and a bruising left eye. A wave of worry and concern had washed over your face quickly as he asked for your help to get him cleaned up. “Jesus Steve, what happened?!” You asked while you took his hand, leading him into the kitchen. “Oh you know, just clumsy me.” He said sarcastically, making your facial expression change from concern to fed up real quick. “I’m serious Steve. Your lip is twice its normal size, your eye is turning purple, and your poor knuckles are all scuffed up!” Standing up on your tippy toes you shuffled through the tall cabinet, gathering some first aid supplies before turning back to the wounded boy. “It’s nothing babe, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.” He said with a slight groan as he propped himself up on the kitchen counter. “It sure doesn’t look like nothing.” You muttered under your breath while unpacking the bandages you had in your hands. Over the past few months not only did Steve become close to Dustin but he also became a lot closer with you. The more he was over at your place or lingering around Dustin, the more time you two spent together as well, the both of you inseparable. (Which only drove Dustin slightly crazy)

You soaked a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol, looking up at Steve with a look of concern and caution. “This is going to sting.” You warn him, his eyes shutting softly before you began to dab the cotton ball over the small cut just above his eyebrow, the semi dried blood wiping off. Steve let out a soft groan, the alcohol stinging the fresh cut just like you had warned, his jaw clenched as he reached out to grip onto your hip. You felt your heart flutter in your chest from his more intimate touch, his fingertips pressing into your skin gently, never hard enough to actually hurt you. You finished cleaning him up in silence, cleaning all the cuts he had and wrapping his scuffed up knuckle; racking your mind as to what had happened to him while you put a final bandage over the slit above his eyebrow. Pulling yourself from his grasp at your waist, you reached into the freezer to grab a bag of frozen peas, place it over his bruising eye. “Thank you Y/N.” Steve murmured as you stood before him, your eyes narrowed and your arms folded over your chest in curiosity. “You can thank me by telling me what happened to you Steve.” A stern tone of voice slipping out from your lips, not even focusing on the fact that he still looked devilishly handsome with a purple eye and puffy lip. Steve sighed, hopping down from the countertop, watching him wince at the pain he felt when he lifted his hand to run it through his hair. Silence came again and you huffed, extremely fed up with his lack of explanation.

“Are you going to tell me or what Harrington? I’m going to ban you from this house and my brother if you don’t confess in the next five seconds!” You somewhat shout at him, anger evident in your voice and facial expression. “Okay! Alright….Jesus Y/N, don’t bite my head off.” He exhaled deeply, avoiding eye contact, running his finger over his wrapped up knuckles. “I was dropping off Dustin at arcade and ran into Billy…” He started, your angry demeanor staying the same after hearing that. Of course it was Billy, you should’ve known, no one else in this town ever had a reason to pick a fight with Steve. “God, that son of a bitch just thinks he’s such a hard ass doesn’t he!” You exclaimed, shaking your head. “What was he saying now? Or was he just so much of a prick you couldn’t resist taking a swing at him?” Probing more at the subject, Steve’s eyes widened slightly, going silent when you had asked more. “He was..” Steve paused, not sure if he should even continue knowing how you’d react to the rest of his statement. “What Steve? He was what?” He sighed, looking up at you, “He grabbed a hold of Dustin and started picking on him, called him the toothless wonder of the world.” It was as if a rubber band had snapped inside of you, your face turning a bright red, your blood practically boiling at this new information. “HE DID WHAT?” You roared, fisted clenched tightly as you paced around the kitchen, plotting Billy’s murder. “That fucking asshat! Laying his filthy, scumrat hands on my baby brother! Ugh god! I could, I-I could kill him!” Steve watched as you exploded with fury, he had never seen you like this before, your eyes glowing with rage and your mouth as dirty as a sailor. “I pulled him off of Dustin and told him to go inside before I decked the prick and he fought back, clearly.” Your head shot up at Steve, your gaze running over his poor beaten face, knowing that Billy had picked on Dustin and beat up Steve only sparked more resentment inside of you.

Pushing himself off of the counter he came towards you, grabbing your shoulders to stop your angry pacing. “You’re going to burn a hole in the floor if you keep walking with such anger in your steps, Y/N.” He said, trying to make you laugh but from your serious expression, it didn’t work. While his joke didn’t make you laugh, the tender touch from his hands did help you calm down a bit. “How can I not be angry Steve? That brainless sack of shit is picking on my brother and he beat up my boyfriend.” Once the word left your mouth your eyes widened and you turned to look at Steve. “S-sorry, I just, it just slipped out.” A blush forming on your already somewhat red cheeks. While you were busy chastising yourself and blushing at your unruly mouth, Steve was staring at you with a smile on his face. The two of you never made anything official, as far as the two of you were concerned, you were just really great friends, even if there was something more stirring between you both. “Hey, I know you’re mad but after the suckerpunch I nailed on to that bastard’s face, I don’t think he’ll try messing with Dustin again…No need to plot his death, your boyfriend took care of it.” When you had said the word you felt nothing but embarrassment for yourself, but when Steve had said it, with that goofy grin of his on his face, you felt a rupture of butterflies stir in your stomach. There was a small distance between you and Steve, his hands dropping from your shoulders to take a hold of yours. “You’re an idiot Steve Harrington, and while you may be an idiot you are also the most…amazing, handsomest, caring guy I have ever met. Thank you for looking out for Dustin, I know he really enjoys the bond you guys have.” Your words were spoken with a sudden change of tone, a softness laced in your voice. Steve gave you a half smile half smirk as you kissed his bruising knuckles, closing your eyes to savour the newfound intimacy.

“And if he ever, EVER fucks with Dustin or your pretty face again, I will end him.” Steve chuckled, shaking his head at you now, hands cupping your cheeks before his lips pressed against your own.

Author’s Note: Thank you for my very first request! I hope whoever requested this likes it as much as I liked writing it! Let me know what you guys think! Send in any requests if you have any. xx Lexie. 


“Just because a computer is not running Windows doesn’t mean that it’s broken. Not all the features of atypical human operating systems are bugs. By autistic standards, the “normal” brain is easily distractible, is obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail and routine. Thus people on the spectrum experience the neurotypical world as relentlessly unpredictable and chaotic, perpetually turned up too loud, and full of people who have little respect for personal space.” from “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity” by Steve Silberman, Oliver Sacks
Blind!Reader as an Avenger

A/N: I came up with this HC idea while working on a Quicksilver imagine and I ended up collaborating with @a-fallen-little-pine-cone and it became a giant mess of blurbs? Whoops…

You used to be able to see as a child but after a tragic accident when you were twelve, you lost your sight. For a while you hated it, having to adjust to feeling and hearing solely to get by, but you resented nothing more than your probing cane until one day, you almost got run over while crossing an intersection. You technically had the right since the crosswalk was still counting down, the driver was just being an ass.

But that was the day when you realized your world wasn’t safe anymore and people didn’t understand you couldn’t see so you started learning how to use it. It didn’t turn out as terrible as you thought it was going to be but every once in a while the end of your stick would get caught in the sidewalk crack, which threw you off. The only negative parts were the judging glances you felt boring into you as you walked by, or how some students would mutter jokes.

Being blind left you vulnerable and a group of bullies once pushed you over and tried to steal from you but you managed to hit a few of them with your cane when a classmate of yours saw what was happening and came to help. Your parents found out and forced you into taking self-defense class but you ended up falling in love with the feeling of landing your punches and kicks with only your sense of hearing and touch. That’s how you found your passion for hand-to-hand combat and mixed martial arts.

This spiraled into you going out once a week to find thieves and bad guys, trying to put your skills to the test. You found yourself fighting in the dark much too often and decided to call yourself Blackout. Really it was a two-way street, they couldn’t see you since you dressed in all black and you couldn’t see because you were blind.

Then somehow you ended up being a part of the Avengers, recruited by the one and only Natasha Romanov. Everyone was very welcoming and Tony Stark took great interest in you soon after, always finding a way to try and get you to let him add some “cool gadgets” to your probing cane.

“Okay, but does your cane have a light source?”
“Why would I need a light, I can’t even see, Tony.”

After months of constant hinting at the fact he really wanted to give you upgrades, you still refused to let him mess with your original probing cane but gave him permission to make one specifically for training only. He worked on it for days with Bruce and eventually came up to you one morning with the new cane tucked in the neatly wrapped box.

You took it to the training room with you to test it out to see what it could do and you fell in love with it. You relied mostly on your hands as weapons but you decided to be open-minded about having an actual weapon now. Although it did take some practice getting used to because you might have accidentally sacked Steve during team training… soz cap. 

However, your first mission with your new cane went really well. Turns out the light feature was good for confusing the bad guys if you spun it around really quickly like some super cool bo staff spinner.

Your relationship with the team was just fine, but you found yourself talking to FRIDAY more than anyone else. If you were bored you would call for her and the two of your discussed random world events on the news or you would just have deep thoughtful conversations about life and people. Natasha was practically your mom considering you were her protégé. She always checked on you and made sure she trained with you for a minimum of half an hour every day, Thor was like the fun uncle that visited once in a full moon, Tony and Steve were the dads while everyone else was like siblings.

“You want to blow up a weird metal box, go ahead.”
“No. TONY DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT IDEA! Do not blow up a metal box, (Y/N), that’s a terrible idea.”
“So was defrosting a man.”
“Oh yes I did.” civil war
“I’ll blow up the box with you,” whispers Bucky and the both of you leave.

Clint, however, was your best friend since you both found comfort with each other and would often train together. He would turn off his hearing aids/take them out and you would revert to using your original cane. The two of you came up with touch signals since you couldn’t see and he couldn’t hear. Taps on the wrist meant to prepare, whichever shoulder was bumped meant bad guys were on that side, kicks to the foot meant run, elbow to the ribs meant “Clint, STFU.”, and a smack to the back meant going back to back.

During your free time, Clint would take time out of his day to teach you sign language, and since you can’t see, he would explain it to you, move your hands in the motion and correct your positions. He obviously taught you the bad words first

The two of you often had small conversations in broken dialect (you signing and him talking to respond) to annoy Sam.
I smell aftershave. Has he dressed up again?
Tell me he doesn’t have the gross green handkerchief in his pocket.
“I thought I was the only one who found it unsettling!”
"COULD YOU PLEASE STOP DOING THAT! I KNOW YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT ME!” Sam turned on his heels to leave as he mutters under his breath.

When you guys aren’t busy saving lives and just want to go on outings to relax, you would bring your probing cane but everybody would take turns holding your hand to guide you, especially Wanda and Clint who often fought over it behind your back. If it gets really serious, Vision would come in to drag you out of it.

Aside from being great partners, you and Clint were the biggest pranksters out of the Avengers. Clint would stand around a corner you would be turning, unmoving, but you always sensed his breathing from afar which in turn, gave you the upper hand at purposely scaring him by holding your buzzing taser merely inches away from his face when you rounded the corner.
“Don’t test me, Clint, you know this taser doesn’t really give you a light zapping.”
“Sorry I can’t hear you.” followed by the screams that escape his lips when you poke him in the rib (the taser wasn’t even on).

That following night, you hid a couple alarm clocks in his room, all set at different times throughout the night. By the time the fourth alarm clock went off, Clint had completely shut off his hearing aid but that meant he didn’t hear his real alarm clock the next morning. He was late to training…

One time, you made the mistake of trusting Clint to pick your outfit for one of Tony’s dinner party, the kind where everyone was there, reporters, rich people etc. and it was a disaster. The team were all scattered about doing random things like greeting guests, hiding or helping out behind the scenes so no one told you how your outfit choice wasn’t the greatest, not even the guests that talked to you, until Natasha asked why you were in pajamas, mix-matched high heels, and a bedazzled leather jacket.

After that incident, you skipped the next three dinner parties and galas still completely mortified at your appearance in front of all those people. Eventually, Wanda made you promise you’d start going to them again if she chose your outfit for you because she got bored at those and she’s always wanted someone she could dress up.

And also because now that you were part of the family, you kind of sort of had to attend. Tony was just trying to be the cool dad and letting you off the hook every time you refused to go.

Idk why the hell I found this ending so bland, but I didn’t even change anything since this afternoon. I apologize if it sucks. 

I think I’m down for a bonus part??? Um… Maybe I’ll see if Kath wants to do the bonus. 


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