A post 7.23 ficlet.

When Danny finally stumbled through the door, the sun was already beginning to rise. He felt the exhaustion bone deep, and prayed Charlie would stay asleep for a couple more hours so that he could catch up himself. He’d already missed so much time with his son, he just wanted every minute to count.

Steve wasn’t sacked out on the couch, where he expected, and Danny toed off his shoes before slipping down the hallway to Charlie’s room to see if they were okay. As hoped, Charlie was out of it, star fished out on his belly in the bed he had failed to make. Steve was sure to never let him live that failure down.

He headed to his own room, his feet shuffling across the floor. He pushed the door softly, hoping the faint creak would be missed. Inside, sprawled out on the bed like some kind of giant octopus, was his partner. Shirtless and pant less, just his socks and boxers on, Steve sprawled across the comforter. The ceiling fan whirred restlessly and the light breeze ruffled the hair at the back on Steve’s neck. Danny leaned against the door frame and marvelled at Steve. So fucking comfortable in his skin, but also in Danny’s fucking bed. The whole of it. The guy was huge.
“You gonna stare all night or actually come to bed?”
Danny swallowed as Steve’s sleep-slurry words hit him. Steve wanted her to share the bed. That was decidedly new. The odd kiss here or there, a little light fumbling, but always after a few beers and never naked.
Well, almost naked.
“Stop over thinking it, babe,” Steve murmured. He rolled over, tugging out the thin sheet from beneath him, then rolling back under it. “We got, what, an hour? Maybe two if we’re lucky? Then the Charlie bomb will hit and it’ll be gave over for another fourteen hours. You need to sleep.”
“You’re surprisingly coherent for someone who is asleep,” Danny muttered begrudgingly.
“Didn’t sleep well. Didn’t know if you were okay.”
Danny’s heart leaped at the worry which laced Steve’s words.
“I am perfectly okay, babe. You made sure of that.”
Danny shrugged off his shirt and let his jeans pool on the floor where he stood, before slipping under the covers. Steve wrapped a heavy arm around him and dragged him closer to his own wall of body heat.
Danny, wrapped in the arms and legs of the man he was pretty sure he was in love with, of the man who loved Danny’s children like his own, of the man who had driven his fucking shiny truck into a goddamn house to save him, felt the most peace he had felt in a lifetime.
“Did the guy wake up?” Steve murmured to Danny’s hair, the warm breath sending a delicious shiver down Danny’s spine.
“No babe.”
“Okay, then,” Steve muttered before beginning to breathe the heavy breaths of the sleeping.
Danny smiled. Curled up like the little spoon, the house peaceful, the world barely awake around them, Danny realised how much Hawaii had become his home.
And just how goddamn lucky he was that fate took hold of his life and steered him into the garage of one McGarrett senior. Because this, right now, was why his life was so perfect right now.

Changed Series - Part Five

Part 5: “Come Home”

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky, Sam Wilson, Natasha, Peggy

Warnings:  Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Depression. Mentions of Suicide. PTSD. Blood. Violence. Torture.Smut. Bad writing. Unbeta’d. IDK READER BEWARE. 

Author’s Note: Enjoy! Send me an ask if you’d like to be tagged. Parts will be out at 10pm EST for the next few nights. Thank you for all the support and love! 

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“Tony, this is real? Tell me I’m not dreaming. Steve is here? Like, in the flesh, here?” You don’t take your eyes off of Steve for a word of the question.

“He’s here, Y/N.” Tony takes Emma and walks out of the room, “I’ll give you two some time to talk.” You hear him baby talking to your daughter in the playroom, he was an excellent Godfather after all.

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Okay but like why have Peggy and Bucky hating each other because they love Steve when you could have them being friends who share a boyfriend?

I mean, Peggy and Bucky swapping stories over beers, talking about how much they love that little shit and how they sometimes sort of miss when he was small. Bucky and Peggy plotting on how to collectively get Steve in the sack becuse he’s awful at flirting and even worse at recognizing it.

Steve coming into his tent and see’s Bucky and Peggy macking on his bunk and there is a good solid minute where he is pretty sure he’s actually dreaming. They look up and smile at him, Bucky’s hair is mussed and his shirt’s half undone, Peggy’s lipstick is smudged and she’s just grinning like a cat in cream when she asks “Well, are you just going to stand there, or are you going to join us?"