My first ever quilt! The top is hand sewn cotton and the quilt was finished by hand tying. It measures 78" x 108". Sorry for the wrinkles; I still need to take it to the dry cleaners. There are captions on each pic, if anyone is interested.


Steve Negrete playing with our megaphone after everyone signed it lol


merry spoopmas!!!!
i was planning on drawing some spg in halloween costumes but i thought of this and i just….. couldnt resist. im not sorry.
i have two more bot ones that i still have to finish purely because i couldnt choose which pic i liked best for them but theyre gonna take another day to finish so!!!! these are for the day of spoop. more spooped bots soon. i hope u all like em!!!
backgrounds taken from this post!!!


this started out as a challenge for myself to see if i could make a continuous story comic thing for at least like 8 or 10 pages jUST TO SEE IF I HAD IT IN ME

somehow this happened from that one thought idk this is probs the weirdest thing ive ever drawn i am so sorry

the story is that steve is trying to evade a particularly rabid pack of fangirls and seeks (albeit questionable) help from the spine and qwerty u_u mOST OF THIS IS PURELY A JOKE do not take it se r ious ly i did it for f u n and boredome u_u;;;;

its ok steve you didnt choose the steam hunk life, it chose you u_u