@glynnisi - Well, I think I got the meet cute part of it in here at least, though I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the haunted house experience. ;)


Word gets around very, very quickly that Captain America and a few of the others from the nearby Avengers compound will be attending their haunted house that day.  It’s a small town in the middle of nowhere New York, and any sort of gossip like that spreads like wildfire, so Darcy hears about it about ten minutes after she starts her shift, before she’s even got her costume fully on.  “I’m gonna scare them,” Darcy says to her co-worker, giving a sharp nod as she straightens out her Bride of Frankenstein wig.  “Give ‘em the full haunted house experience.”

“A lot of these people have superpowers,” her co-worker points out, “and probably really sharp instincts.  You’re asking for trouble.”

Darcy just shrugs. She’s dealt with Thor, and has heard directly from him that Cap – that Steve - needs to loosen up more often. So really, she’s doing this because Thor asked her to…not in so many words, exactly, but that’s what he implied.

Of course, things never go quite as planned.

“I’m pretty sure that wall’s not supposed to be sparking like that,” Captain America – no, Steve, especially when he’s not wearing the uniform she reminds herself - says when he arrives in her chamber, pointing past Darcy’s head at the rigged up console behind her that’s supposed to mimic Doctor Frankenstein’s lab.  When she cranes her neck back from her position on the tilted lab table, she lets loose with a groan that is a lot less undead creature and a lot more human frustration.  

“Goddamnit,” she spits out, just as there’s a shower of sparks that almost catch in the frizzy hairs of her wig.  Darcy attempts to leap off of the tilted table, but her foot catches in the ragged edge of her long white dress and she makes an ungraceful fall forwards…right into Steve’s arms which have stretched out to catch her before she hits the floor. “Sorry,” she mumbles, as he helps her fully upright.

“No apologies necessary,” he says with a shy smile that’s a lot more endearing than the one she’s seen him trot out for various interviews.  “You’re one of Thor’s friends, aren’t you?” Steve asks.

“Yeah…I’m surprised you could tell through the makeup job,” Darcy says, waving a hand at her face. The pancake makeup and inky black stitching going across her face also do a great job at disguising her blush because holy shit, Captain America actually knows who she is.

Steve nods, opening his mouth to say something more, but then…then there’s another shower of sparks from the back wall, followed quickly by a loud clicking noise that plunges the entire room into total darkness.  “All right, that’s not a part of the show,” Darcy says, reaching out with a fumbling hand until she feels the leather of Steve’s jacket under her fingertips.  Some vague noises filter in from the other rooms around them, grumblings about what happened to the lights and more than a few disgruntled swears and shouts.

Darcy feels Steve’s hand reach up to grab hers, tangling their fingers together and giving them a squeeze to let her know that she’s not alone in the dark there.  “Think we should go find out what’s happened?” Steve says.

She squeezes back and nods, even though there’s no way he can see it.  “Let’s go have a haunted house adventure.”

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what if marvel did little “shorts” before their movies, like disney and pixar do. 

and we could see a happy fun little three minute movie of domestic avenger life, like steve taking bucky to disney world for the first time, or darcy and jane dragging thor to the mall on a shopping spree but he ends up working it in every outfit he tries on, or clint and natasha getting really into a heated game of paintball but you don’t realize it’s paintball until the very end when natasha shoots him and you hear him groaning and see a giant splat of bright pink paint on his chest. 

But imagine Steve Rogers ferociously defending women who get harassed on the streets. Steve going super red when Darcy tells him about all the shit she faces. Steve publicly denouncing MRA’s and most republicans for making life harder for women and especially getting pissed when governors go on tv and talk about how poor people should just stop being poor because he’s BEEN THERE and he knows how hard it is to function day to day, much less deal with the people running your country telling you you’re a drain on society. Steve Rogers doesn’t like bullies, right, no matter where they’re from.
—  Cam during a super discussion about a Steve Rogers who’s so there for social justice and modern values

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Imagine all the avengers expecting Steve and Bucky to be really affectionate, gentle friends to each other-- and then finding out they bicker and fight and cuss like a vulgar old couple

“You fuckin’ asshole.”

It was the first thing Barnes had said in a good few days, upon emerging from his room to find the last bite of the last fruit-covered, syrup-drenched waffle disappearing into Steve’s mouth. Tony, and everyone else, froze; Barnes never spoke to anyone that way, was always unfailingly polite when he wasn’t being eerily quiet, and right now he looked pissed. Natasha was the only one who didn’t seem terribly concerned, watching the two of them speculatively, and Tony wondered (in the part of his mind that wasn’t frantically trying to think of damage control) if she knew something he didn’t.

“We can make more,” Darcy said quickly, already moving towards the fridge to get out the stuff for the batter. “We do have the supplies to do that, here in the future.” Not for the first time, Tony wondered if she had any sense of self-preservation at all.

Steve, though. His eyes widened in surprise at first, but by the time the bite of waffle had gone down his throat, he was grinning. Tony exchanged a glance with Clint, who just raised an eyebrow and shrugged one shoulder helplessly. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t’a slept in so long, you lazy sonofabitch,” Steve retorted, and wasn’t that something to hear coming from the mouth of America’s golden boy.

Bucky shot him a grumpy glare and stalked over to where Darcy was quickly mixing batter for more waffles. “Here, I can do it,” he muttered, holding out his hand for the wooden spoon, which she relinquished without complaint. “Not your fault that blondie over there has the appetite of a fuckin’ prize pig.”

Steve, still beaming like he was having the best conversation of his life, casually swiped a tea towel off the nearest counter and, before Tony could inform him what an insanely bad idea he was in the middle of acting on, expertly rolled it up and snapped it directly at Bucky’s ass. It hit its mark with a loud crack, and Bucky jumped, swore vociferously, and came after Steve with the batter-covered wooden spoon.

“Food fight,” Darcy crowed delightedly. It only devolved from there.

And there was something about hearing Bucky Barnes, traumatized ex-Soviet superassassin, laughing his head off while he and Steve traded insults even Tony wouldn’t use, that made the mess completely worth it.

Mother Russia? More like Mother Hen, Amirite?

[Headcannon that one of the first things Bucky remembers in his recovery is taking care of others. He probably adopts Jane Foster. Clint Barton probably constantly finds himself receiving first aid from the Winter Soldier. Sam bundled up in a lot of jackets, scarves, and gloves on missions in cold places because Bucky’s worried.]

The Asset is restless.

He has been out of cryogenic stasis for three months, two weeks, and seven days. His new handler—old mission (incomplete), Man on The Bridge, Stevie—has not given him a mission. The Asset waits and trains. He maintains optimum functionality.

The inhabitants of the tower steer clear of him. The Asset is not negatively affected by this and so does not rectify it.

One day a woman knocks on the apartment door. 1.6 meters tall, approximately 55 kilograms, Caucasian, brunette, brown eyes. Anxious. It recognizes her as Doctor Jane Foster, the astrophysicist, high profile target.

Not a threat.

“Hey,” she says, addressing the Asset directly, “is Steve here?”

The Asset shakes his head, negative. Dr. Foster sighs.

“Damn. Alright, look.” He is. “I have to get to work—I am so close to a break-through—but my assistant, Darcy, is sick. She’s my friend and I really don’t want to leave her alone. She’s showing symptoms of a cold and I would really appreciate it if someone could take care of her. Could you check on her for me?”

The Asset tilts his head, considering. He has no mission. Dr. Foster has presented him with one. The handler is not here to say otherwise.

“Mission accepted.”

The doctor gives him a weird look.

“O-okay…thanks.” She leaves.

The Asset makes his way to Darcy Lewis’s apartment via the vents. He has determined that this is the most efficient and effective way of reaching his mission objective.

He drops into his mission’s living quarters and locates Darcy on the couch wrapped in a large comforter.

“WHAT THE SHIT.” She yells. Hoarsely. The Asset narrows his eyes. Her throat must be raw, most likely from coughing.

Darcy Lewis narrows her eyes right back at him. She sniffles. Fifteen seconds pass in silence.

“Can I help you?” Darcy snaps. The Asset shakes his head.

“Okay,” she says. Silence falls again.

The Asset has completed his mission. He has checked in on Darcy Lewis. He should return and make a mission report.

He does not.

Darcy Lewis takes a breath to say something else and immediately begins to cough. At the end of her coughing fit she groans, grasping her cranium with one hand.

“Ugh, my head.”

“You need proper care and rest,” the Asset says, moving towards her.

“Uh, wha—whoa! Dude!” Darcy grabs onto his shoulders as he picks her up, carrying her like a child through her apartment. He knows where her quarters are. He did reconnaissance on all the tower residents when he was first acquired by his new handler.

He lays Darcy Lewis in her bed and tucks her in. This was not part of mission parameters. He is deviating from the mission.

Darcy’s wide, fevered eyes look back at him from the bed. Her reactions are sluggish and clumsy. He furrows his brow. Reaching out with his left hand and placing it on her forehead.


“You have a fever of 38.3 degrees Celsius. You will remain in bed.”


The Asset has a strange sense of familiarity with this situation. He has done this before, he thinks. He does not feel as if he is deviating from his mission but rather…resuming his mission?

“Look, cyberbro. I appreciate the concern,” Darcy Lewis says, attempting to sit up, “but I have wo—,”

“You will remain in bed,” the Asset repeats firmly. He gives her a menacing look. She stares at him a moment before reclining again.

“You know what? I think I’ll just stay in bed.” She says. He nods approvingly.

When she begins to cough again the Asset goes looking for medicine. He makes sure she takes it even when she makes a face at it. It reminds him of someone else. It reminds him of—

(“Drink the damn medicine, Steve.”

“Ah, come on, Buck. It’s not that bad,” Steve makes a face.

“No, but knowing you it’ll probably get worse. Now, drink the damn medicine, ya dumb punk.”

“Yeah, yeah ya jerk.”)

She falls asleep soon after this. He monitors her temperature and her breathing. When she wakes up she will need fluids and nutrients. He places an unopened water bottle on her bedside table and moves into her kitchen to make soup. He thinks that cooking was probably not part of the skill set his previous handlers taught him but he knows it anyway.

When she wakes he places the soup in front of her and makes sure she eats as much of it as she’s able. He watches her drink most of the water bottle. When she’s finished he makes her take more medicine. He goes to clear the soup bowl as she’s falling asleep. Before he can get too far he feels a tug on his shirt. He turns to find her smiling at him.

“Thanks,” she slurs as her eyes slip shut.

(Steve grabs his wrist before he can move too far away from their rickety, second-hand bed.

“Thanks, Buck,” he says smiling, “really. Don’t know what I’d do without you.”)

A sense of pride fills him. Satisfaction at a mission well done. But more than that there is a sense of warmth…almost—but not quite—foreign. The feeling is positive. The Asset will continue to be in contact with and care for Darcy Lewis.

A few days later when Sam gets the same bug, he screams as Bucky drops into his room from the ceiling.

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Imagine Bucky and Darcy having a ridiculous pickup line competition.

The first time it happens, Steve’s just gotten back from a mission with Bucky and he’s exhausted and filthy and thinking mostly of the nice hot shower awaiting him upstairs. He’s too tired to really care when Darcy strolls past them in the tower lobby, pivots, and fixes Bucky with an appraising look: “Hey there, gorgeous. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you need me to walk past again?”

Darcy,” Jane hisses in her friend’s ear. “That’s Bucky Barnes and you’ve already met each other. Don’t mind us,” she adds at listener-friendly volume, smiling mechanically as she pulls Darcy back towards the door.


There are a lot of seats in the common room of the Avengers Tower. Steve is vaguely aware of this in general, but he’s more aware of it than ever on the day he walks in to find Darcy sitting in Bucky’s.  “Hi,” she says blithely when the two of them walk in, and her mischievous grin confirms Steve’s suspicion that the seat theft is no accident. Bucky stops in his tracks. “Excuse me, are you lost?” he calls out across the room, and Steve grimaces. Bucky can be territorial at times, and it’s not as if Darcy - “Because you’re an awful long way from heaven, doll.”  Well then. Never mind. - “I think there’s something wrong with my eyes!” yelps Darcy over dinner one evening. It’s a near miss, but Steve doesn’t take the bait. The sparkle in Darcy’s eyes is just a little too bright.  Others are less fortunate. “What’s the matter?” asks Pepper, leaning forward in her seat and looking genuinely concerned.  “I…I can’t take them off him!” Darcy is leaning forward too, but her gaze is on Bucky, sweeping him up and down with lecherous intent. “You’ll be fine,” says Bucky, while Pepper chokes on her mouthful. “I just hope you know CPR, ‘cause you’re taking my breath away right now.” “Guys,” says Steve. “Oh yeah? Do your legs hurt too? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” “Well, fancy that. And here’s me been wondering what a nice girl like you’s doing in a dirty mind like mine…” “Guys.” Two very smug faces turn on Steve. Neither of them looks even the slightest bit ashamed of themselves. “Just…get a room,” he says, putting on his sternest face and trying not to let the amusement show through it. For a moment, Bucky seems to consider this. “Well…alright,” he says at last, syllables long and drawn-out like he’s still not quite sure about them. “But…you’ll have to draw me a map, Steve -“ “Oh, for crying out - Bucky, don’t -“ ”- in case I get lost in her eyes on the way.”

my iPod does not just consist of “songs I like" 

there are

  • songs for ships
  • songs for characters
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  •  and then songs I like

Darcy became Tumblr famous for her never-before-seen pics and videos of the Avengers.  Some of her most popular pics include The Avengers with Flower Crowns (that Thor and Darcy made), Sleepy Steve and Bucky, Bird Bros pics, and her selfies with all the Avengers.

Her vids include Avenger Slap Cam, which ends with Clint running for his life from the Hulk, Old Man Barnes which is a reaction vid of Bucky watching girls twerk, Iron Dork, and Why My Brothers, which is a video of Clint and Sam getting shit on by pigeons in Central Park. 

The Avengers all gave Darcy permission to post these things. 

While the avengers don’t always stay in the tower together, they all agreed to come in for thanksgiving. Thor didn’t understand what it was so he brought Darcy, Jane, and Sif with the Warriors three. Pepper and Rhodey just happened to show up to make sure tony stayed in line. Natasha and clint brought cupcakes instead of people and bruce cooked. After clearing it with everyone Steve extended an invitation to bucky who showed up right before dinner with an apple pie.

imagine someone like Darcy Lewis meeting Bucky though. He’s trying to be as intimidating as he can be - his steely eyes are piercing daggers through her own and he keeps clenching his metal arm and she just glances down at it and smugly tells him “Dorothy called. She says the Tin-Man will trade you his newly found heart if you give him his arm back” and his stormy expression gets replaced by crinkles in the corners of his eyes and that’s how the Avengers discover that Bucky snorts when he laughs