When Natasha Romanoff introduced Darcy Lewis to Steve Rogers for the first time, she hadn’t expected them to know each other already and she definitely hadn’t expected Darcy to flip the hell out when she laid eyes on Steve.

“You,” the normally chirpy brunette hissed, pointing an accusing finger at a wide-eyed Steve. “What is he doing here?”

Natasha looked from one to the other, suddenly very interested. “This is Steve Rogers, Darcy. Captain America.”

Darcy looked stunned. She snapped her gaze to him and said incredulously, “You’re the Captain? No! You can’t be.”

Steve looked guilty. “I can explain.”

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Best COMPLETED Avengers Fics!

Okay all you fic lovers, I have some new hw for you. I want to know what the best COMPLETED Avengers fics are out there. The pairings I enjoy the most are: an Avenger/Loki x OC, an Avenger/Loki x Darcy Lewis, Cap x Tony, Bucky x Tony, and Bucky x Tony x Cap. But I’m open to expanding my horizons. In return for your suggestions, I have listed all the best fanfics I have found so far below. All have a pairing except one, “Extended Family”.

”Ghost” by @the-ice-goddess
“Amaryllis and Peonies” by @reioka
“Featherbrain” by @reioka
“Upon a Hill Across a Blue Lake” by @i-mushi
“Love All of Me” by @samptra
“Knowing” by TheNotSoMutantTurtles
“Of Wedding Vows and Pink Champagne” by @sarcasticfina
“My, What Red Lips You Have” by @sarcasticfina
“That’s Our Song on the Radio” by @sarcasticfina
“I don’t Wanna be in Love” by Kiragirl17
“Hey There, Stranger” by @sarcasticfina
“Red Lips and Green Rage” by boaterV
“What Has Been Done” by @tahlreth
“All the Broken Pieces” by Shi-Toyu
“Lyria Stark” by DJFireHawk
“In Caring for Scientists” by astarte-lydianna
“Saving the Hero” by keelhaulrose
“Sniff” by Shi-Toyu
“Don’t Say a Word” by Artemis Day
“Some Nights” by @jadziabear
“A Fighter by his Trade” by innocent-vessel
“Life is the Dance” by @psalm-fic
“If You Were My Love” by @latessitrice
“Out of the Shadows” by @cognizantcatastrophe
“I Climbed the Tree to See the World” @sarcasticfina
“Dark Matter” by innocent-vessel
“We Fell in Love in a Hopeless Place” by S.H.I.E.L.D.1
“Dear Mr. Hawkeye” by ladygris
”The Ghost of Calcutta” by @the-ice-goddess
”Silent Love” by @the-ice-goddess
“Strangeness and Charm” by LelliiTheSnake
“A Banner Year” by emptyonideas
“Extended Family” by dare-to-do-our-duty (this is the one with no main pairing)
“When Lightning Strikes” by Ellabee15
“Arrows and Apples” by Scotch
“Born to Die” by lalala777
“Change my Heart” by NavyWriterChic
“Time Off” by torchestogether
“Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune” by Ellabee15
“A Second Chance” by melissawtf
“Vital Signs” by Star_trekkin_across_theuniverse
“Work With Me” by RachWarMachine
“Sorrow’s Pain” by Small Black Kitten
“Symbiosis” by @teaandbiscuitsforall
“Seraphim” by Angelbaby1231
“Through a Glass Darkly” @ozhawkauthor

So, have fun looking through my favorites, but please be sure to leave your own suggestions about COMPLETED fics! Please leave the title, author, and site where I can find it!

[Steve/Darcy, explicit) I'll miss you til I meet you - twistedingenue -
By Organization for Transformative Works

Steve carves out a spot for himself on the internet through an anonymous tumblr, a place where he doesn’t have to be Captain America. Darcy, starting back at Culver after a long break, isolated and alone, also restarts her own tumblr. They connect.

The Steve has a tumblr and no one knows it fic you never knew you wanted.

pieannamay  asked:

Shieldshock prompt: Darcy and Steve get trapped together somewhere.

It was an unusual situation of epic proportions.

There were aliens, yes. There was a Hulk, yes. There was fighting and screaming, yes. And yet Darcy had no idea how she had ended up trapped beneath a building with Captain America of all people. One minute, she had been panic-running to the exit, herding others before her like the saint she secretly was, and the very next minute something (or rather, someone) had burst through the glass window and a bomb had exploded. Now buried beneath all the rubble with an unconscious superhero sprawled on top of her, it was hard to decide whether he had jumped in to save the civilians or whether someone had pushed him through the window and then tried to bomb them all.

It was just her luck that she was right in his trajectory and that he had basically stopped her from getting crushed by wrapping his body around her and taking the brunt of all the falling debris. She was grateful to him but her head hurt and she was pretty sure she had sprained her ankle due to the fall, so excuse her for being a little scared and uncomfortable.

“Hey, wake up,” she wheezed, poking the prone body on top of her. Both his arms were caging her head and his masked face was buried in her hair, breathing steadily against her neck. “Dude, come on. You’re really heavy.”

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ShieldShock Gif Set and One-Shot Fanfiction ​ -

All’s Fair in Love and Matchmaking

Steve started to enter the lounge, but stopped as he saw the woman in red.  She was stunning. Gorgeous. A knock out.  

“Your car’s ready, Darcy! Enjoy your date and thank me later.”  Natasha sounded triumphant.




He regretted blowing off Natasha’s latest attempt at matchmaking more than he could’ve ever imagined. Self-insulting curses and expletives echoed inside his head as he realized his epic mistake- and he tried not to drool.  He stayed out of Darcy’s line of sight and stared at her hopelessly.

So beautiful…

As Darcy swept out of the room, Natasha handed her a condom.  “You look fantastic and you’re gonna need this.”

Darcy grinned and tucked it in her handbag, “If he’s as amazing as you say, we may need more.”

After she was gone, Natasha turned and called out.  “You can come out now. Did you want something?”

“Is that the woman you told me to ask out for tonight? Was THAT Darcy Lewis?”  Steve hung his head, wincing.  

Natasha raised a brow.  “Yes.  THAT was Darcy Lewis. Why do you ask?  I mean.. sure, she’s funny and gorgeous and nice. Brave, too. She laid Thor out with a Taser when they first met.  But, you ‘just want some peace and quiet’ and ‘no one can be THAT amazing’.  Right?”

He swallowed hard and looked longingly towards the door Darcy left by.  “I may have been completely wrong about that.”

Natasha’ nodded, smug.  “Uh huh. Say you’re sorry for doubting me.”

Steve sighed, “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have doubted you.”  His expression crumpled with regret.  “I’m really sorry.” He closed his eyes tightly and shook his head.

With a triumphant air, Natasha walked past him and pulled his dark navy suit and his black dress shoes out of a nearby closet.  “Here.  Get dressed and don’t doubt me again.  Oh.  And name one of the kids after me.”  She frowned.  “Don’t gawk.  Dress. Hurry. This is planned down to the second.” She pulled out her phone and hit speed dial.  “Agent Hart?  This is Romanoff. Return to your post. I’m sorry, but you’re needed at Headquarters tonight.  I’ll have someone let your blind date know. Thank you.”

Steve stripped without further delay and put on the suit. He frowned. “Hart? Hasn’t he dated every woman on base?”

Natasha looked like the cat who had eaten the canary.  “Almost. A few of the men, too.  He’s really good in bed. If for some reason I couldn’t set Darcy up with the man most likely to be the love of her life, I was at least gonna make sure she got laid.”  She stepped closer and helped him with his tie.  “Just be yourself, Steve.  You two are perfect for each other.”

With a bashful smile, he nodded and leaned down to kiss her cheek.  “Thanks.”

Natasha stood back and looked him over.  “You look good.  Your driver’s route is shorter than hers and I gave them your name at the restaurant.  Have fun.”

Barely repressing a smirk, Steve looked askance at Natasha.  

Finally, she reached in her pocket and handed him several condoms.  “Oh?  Okay.  Here. You’re welcome.”  She chuckled.

As he dashed out he called back to her, “THANK YOU!”

typhoidmeri  asked:

Single dad Steve taking his kid to have a haircut. Darcy is the hairdresser. Steve probably needs a cut too. ;)

It’s half-past seven on Saturday evening, and the shop is completely dead. The hours on the door say eight a.m. to eight p.m., though, and Alicia would have Darcy’s head on a platter if she decided to close thirty minutes early and possibly missed out on business.

It’s a good thing, too, because at exactly seven forty-two, the bell on the door chimes.

Darcy looks up from her magazine. Standing uncertainly in the doorway is a tall blonde. He’s holding the hand of a boy who can’t be anything other than his son, based on their identical faces. The only thing missing from the little one is the five o’clock shadow his father is sporting.

“Hi,” she says, standing and putting her magazine aside. The story of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling will have to wait. “Here for a cut?”

The man nods, stepping further into the room and pulling the little boy with him. “Do you cut children’s hair?”

“Oh,” Darcy says, taken aback. She glances down at the little boy, offering him a smile. “Yes, I do.”

“Oh, good,” the man lets out a sigh of relief, and Darcy doesn’t know why she finds it so funny. “I didn’t remember that tomorrow is Easter Sunday until my mother called me to ask if I was still planning on bringing Zack over for dinner. She’d kill me if she knew I let his hair get this long.”

Darcy laughs, kneeling down so she’s eye level with the little boy. He looks to be about five. “Hi, Zack,” she says cheerfully, holding out her hand. “I’m Darcy.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Darcy,” Zack says politely, shaking her hand and offering her a sweet smile.

“Your dad says he wants me to give you a haircut, so what do you say I help you hop up into my chair and I can take care of you?”

“Okay,” he says obediently. He waits patiently as Darcy lowers the chair and waits for him to hop on, and starts to giggle when she uses the foot pump to raise the chair back up.

“Just want it neatened up?” She directs the question toward Zack’s father.

“Yes, please,” he says, moving over to the waiting area and sitting down.

Darcy works on Zack’s hair in silence. She learned a long time ago that it’s a bad idea to talk to children while they’re getting their hair cut; they’re easily distracted and tend to turn their heads to face the person speaking to them. It doesn’t make for very clean haircuts.

She finishes in less than ten minutes. “Okay, Zack,” she addresses the little boy, “you’re all set. Thank you for being so patient and sitting so still.”

“Thank you, Miss Darcy.” He smiles up at her again and hops down from the chair.

“He’s so polite and well-behaved,” Darcy marvels. “I can’t get over his manners.”

“Thank you,” his father smiles, and Darcy notes that their smiles are also identical.

“No problem.” She looks up at him. “Would you like me to trim yours, too?”

He glances at his watch. “Oh, no, I couldn’t ask you to do that,” he says. “It’s already five of, and your sign says you close at eight.”

“Give or take,” she laughs, waving a hand dismissively. “Besides, you’re already here, and it won’t take me long.”

“Are you sure?” He looks at her uncertainly.

“Of course, Mr…” She trails off, realizing she doesn’t know his name.

“Rogers,” he supplies. “Steve Rogers.”

She grins. “I promise not to make any jokes about Mister Rogers’ neighborhood,” she tells him.

“Trust me, I’ve heard them all,” he grins back, sitting in her chair.

His hair is softer than it looks, Darcy discovers when she goes to run her fingers over it. “So Easter must be a big thing for your family?”

He laughs. “It is for my mom,” he says. “She’s not even really a religious person - none of my family are - but it’s an excuse to get us all in one place for a big dinner.”

“That sounds nice,” Darcy murmurs, pinching  lock of hair between her index and middle finger and snipping neatly at it with her shears.

“It is, actually,” Steve agrees. “My family is pretty close-knit, and believe it or not, we enjoy being around one another.”

“That sounds really nice,” she laughs. “I wish my family could get along like that.”

“They don’t?”

“It isn’t that they don’t,” she starts thoughtfully. “It’s just that we’re not close. We love each other, for sure… but there are no warm and cozy family get-togethers.”


She runs her fingers along his scalp, gently massaging it, and the way he leans into her touch makes her wonder how long it’s been since anyone has done it. “So you and Zack’s mom must be pretty proud parents,” she starts casually. “At least, if this is what his behavior’s like all the time.”

“I’m as proud as can be,” he answers, and she doesn’t have to look at him to know he’s beaming with pride. “I’m sure his mother would be proud of him, too, if she were still alive.”

“Oh, god,” Darcy stammers. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he reassures her. “You wouldn’t have known unless I’d told you.” He pauses, and Darcy uses her palms to tilt his head slightly at an angle. “She died when Zack was a baby. Car accident.”

“I’m sorry,” she says again.

“Pain is a funny thing,” Steve says. “It never really goes away completely, but I’m always amazed at our ability to learn to live with it.”

“It is pretty amazing,” Darcy agrees. “We learn to live with it, and we soften the sharpness of it with other things. Like hope, and love, and kindness.”

His eyes meet hers in the mirror, and he smiles. “I like that. Very wise, very sage.”

She returns his smile. “It’s too bad I’m done with your hair,” she shrugs. “You might be interested in hearing my other sage, wise words.”

“Would you be willing to share?” He asks, turning to face her as she gives him the hand mirror.


Steve nods and stands, reaching into his back pocket. He pulls a few crisp bills out of his wallet, and when he places them in Darcy’s hand, she looks up at him and shakes her head. “This is way too much,” she says solemnly.

Puzzled, he glances at the price list on the wall. “But the price list says—”

“Oh, didn’t you know?” Darcy interjects. “We’re having a special today. Two for the price of one with a condition.”

Steve raises an eyebrow. “A condition?”

“Yes,” Darcy nods. “Last customer in the chair has to agree to call his barber at some point in the next week.”

Slowly, his face breaks out into a grin. “Ah, I see. That’s a good special. But how will I be able to call my barber if I don’t have her number?”

Darcy’s grinning now, too. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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Darcy/Steve - ‘How Far We’ve Come’

for @pegasusdragontiger

How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox Twenty

It all started the day the world ended.  Or at least the day the world as she knew it ended.

Steve’s hand had grasped hers, and his lips had formed the words, “RUN!”

And when Captain America told you to run, you ran.  

She tripped over debris and broken glass and desk chairs, but when she saw they were running towards the plate glass window, she started to worry just a little.  

And then he did that shield thingie, where he broke the window with the shield?  And then he grabbed her and they JUMPED THROUGH A WINDOW and landed in a quinjet with Hawkeye and Nick Mother-fucking Fury.  

“You okay?” Steve asked, his hand absently brushing the glass out of her hair. 

“I think I’m in love with you…”  

He chuckled and helped her into a seat.  “It’ll wear off, I promise.”  

Spoiler alert: It didn’t.  


So, I wanted to write something without kids…here we go.  Bucky and Sam.  Bro-nemies shenanigans after Darcy and Steve’s first date…

“Well well well, look who is doing the walk of shame.”

Steve furrowed his brow at Sam’s very loud announcement as he walked into the gym.  He didn’t quite understand that and shared a look with Bucky, who was standing next to Sam’s weight bench.  He had been heckling Sam as the man attempted to max out his bench press when Steve had walked in.  And he may have had a pinky on the left side of the bar, keeping Sam from reaching his goals.

But Bucky didn’t understand the phrase out of Parakeet Pant’s mouth either.  But a lifetime of being cool gave Bucky the good sense not to look perplexed.  Instead he plastered on that smirk that they had dug out of the recesses of his brain in Wakanda and nodded at Steve knowingly.

“I’m not—ashamed?” Steve shrugged his shoulders, dumping his gym bag on the bench and digging through it for his workout clothing.

“Berky over here said the reason you didn’t come down to the gym with him is because you didn’t come home last night,” Sam explained with a roll of his eyes as he got up from the bench.

Bucky simply started stacking his own weights on the bar, nearly tripling Sam’s maximum effort for his own warm up.  He had purposely kept Sam in the dark about the particulars about Steve’s date.  It had been with Pepper Potts’ right hand gal, one buxom and beautiful Darcy Lewis.  Steve was madly in love with her, had been for years now.  

And Bucky had strong armed the fool into finally asking her out.  And he’d spent the night with her on the first try.  

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I heard it’s Mermay, so I wrote shieldshock with mermaid!Darcy

Read on AO3

Steve was sad to admit he being beaten to a pulp. By a giant crab, nonetheless. Being the only one of the team unable to either fly or stealth away from a precarious situation came with some negative sides he usually was able to work around or avoid altogether, but today was not that day.

He could barely take a breath in the crab’s pincer while the rest were fighting it and its minions. Because of course it had minions.

“I’m off seafood for the rest of my life after this,” Clint was complaining on the comm.

“Meanwhile we’ll have some ground Cap to eat,” Tony added.

“Less talking, more saving please,” Steve grunted.

“I believe this crab is infuriated with your patriotism,” Thor said.

Tony laughed. “FRIDAY, please keep a record of this conversation. For science purposes.”

Hulk took that moment to punch the crab. Hard. With Steve still in his pincer. The crab made a high pitched noise as it was thrown back in the water, and Steve could only take his breath before he was submerged. Its grasp loosened, and he used all his strength to get away before it tightened again.

His uniform caught on something, but he continued and ignored the ripping sound while he swam as fast as possible back to the surface. The murky water stung his eyes and made it hard to evade the crab’s minions when they decided to join their master. He could normally hold his breath for a few minutes, but “normally” didn’t include a dozen of small creatures pinching and weighting him down. He used his shield to let some go but quickly lost it to some tenacious little crab with death in its tiny, beady eyes. This was not good, Steve thought as his lungs were beginning to seriously protest. His comm was completely dead at this point. But he could hear singing?

Yes, he definitely could hear someone, a woman, sing as his vision darkened. It didn’t make sense, the singing was right beside him… was his last thought.

And then there was the dark.

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of wedding gowns and topless models

For @pegasusdragontiger. Based on your prompt and that FRIENDS gif post you tagged me on. :)

After a tiring day filled with a normal amount of explosions in the lab, Tony dragged his feet up to his penthouse to find Pepper, Darcy and Jane lounging on the couch, bonding over a magazine of suspicious content. They were dressed in wedding gowns and Tony could only blink as he paused to let his gaze wander over all three of them in surprise. Darcy was wearing a veil, and a tiara sat lopsided on Pepper’s head.

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glynnisi  asked:

How about Darcy/Steve - making out in the back row of a movie theater

The lights dimmed and Darcy relaxed into her seat.  It had been ages since she had gone to a movie alone, but she was certain she wouldn’t be able to convince anyone to see this one with her, which was fine because she enjoyed movies alone anyway.  She took a sip of her root beer and took a handful of popcorn as she settled in for the previews.  Just as the last preview ended, the seat next to her was suddenly filled by a man that had moved in so quietly that she nearly jumped when she realized he was there. She wondered why this man felt the need to sit right next to her when it was a midday showing and there were so many open seats, but he was quiet so she shrugged it off.

About 20 minutes into the movie the man stretched a bit and slid his arm across the back of her chair, “Really?” she muttered under her breath, preparing to turn and tell the guy off. However, her mind changed when she got a look at the hand connected to the arm and saw an absolutely ridiculous friendship bracelet on the wrist. She knew that bracelet.  In fact, she had made that bracelet. That meant her mystery man was Steve.

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why isn’t there a shieldshock version of the strip horse/basketball scene from what’s your number.


ShieldShock Imagine/Image Set- Steve and Darcy bond over both their shared love of reading AND the fact that other people find it surprising.  

People assume that Captain America is more brawn than brain just like they assume that a cute girl with a fantastic figure is a silly bubble head.


I’ve been meaning to share these for ages.  I followed @arethouyetliving’s lead and had a custom Funko Pop made of Darcy Lewis (Makeitpops at Etsy. I even got the guy to make her a taser!).  She keeps my unmasked Captain America company very nicely. :)

New Fic Outtake?  Addition, maybe

Not quite sure what you’d call this, but when I finally post Geode to to AO3, it will have this scene added in there because the story seemed to demand it.  How could I do a story about Steve and Darcy visiting museums and not bring up the fact that there’s a museum exhibit dedicated solely to Captain America?


While Darcy’s been to the Air and Space museum before (thank you, 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. where one of her friends smuggled a naughty magazine onto the bus with them and they ended up breaking one of the beds in their hotel room because they were jumping from mattress to mattress and lied about it to the chaperones to stay out of trouble), she hasn’t experienced the Captain America exhibit yet.  But the curators had called up Steve to consult on a new addition to the exhibit - which apparently was just asking him to verify if the items they’d found were actually his or just someone trying to blow smoke up their asses - and they’d decided to make a little vacation out of it.  Some time that’s just for the two them, away from the familiar territory of New York and everyone who knows everything.

But the job comes first, of course, which leaves Darcy to wander idly through the fairly empty halls of the exhibit.  It’s never entirely empty, not given Steve’s popularity and the fact that the entire museum is a tourist’s highlight, but on this Wednesday morning, Darcy feels like she can slip between the other tourists without being noticed, blending into the background as just yet another person who’s there to partake in the spectacle.

Steve is notoriously quiet about his private life - much to the dismay of the paparazzi who went in expecting another Tony Stark and got someone entirely different.  Even so, word has gotten out to the gossip columns that he’d been seeing someone for quite a while now, though all they’ve been able to discover is that she’s female and brunette thanks to those few artsy photos of her shadowy profile Steve had put up on his Instagram page.  

It’s funny though, no one ever seems to pay attention to them in the New York City museums.  But that could be because it’s New York, Darcy thinks.  New Yorkers don’t get excited about anything (or at least they don’t let people see them get excited), and as soon as Steve slaps a baseball cap and a jacket on he’s just one more meathead in the crowd that they don’t notice.

But in Washington D.C. Darcy feels exposed.  Like there are eyes watching her from every direction, assessing her, determining her value and passing silent judgement that she’s not worthy of being Steve’s girlfriend.  And rationally, she knows that’s bullshit.  She’s entirely fucking worthy, and doesn’t even need to lift a hammer to prove it.  But the whispers through cupped hands behind her back have always gotten to her, long before she’d ever even known Steve.  Sometimes it’s hard to break through those years of old habits.  

“Whatever,” she mutters under her breath, wrapping her cardigan even more tightly.  “You are damn worthy.”

It’s hard to shake the feeling of creeping eyes on her, however, even if it’s probably only her head seeing things that aren’t there.  So Darcy hunts for a shadowy corner in order to take a few minutes to regain her equilibrium, and finds herself wandering into the room where the Peggy Carter interview is running on a continuous loop.  And boy, doesn’t that just make all the inadequacies come rushing back…  Still, Darcy plonks herself down on one of the benches; it’s dark and quiet in there, the perfect little escape from the outside world.

Peggy Carter is an entirely formidable woman, even when she looks like she’s on the verge of tears.  But then, it’s probably a natural response to have when one reminisces about the lost love of your life.  When did you know, Darcy thinks, that this person - this magnificent and imperfect wonder - was going to be the one to get under your skin like that?  That this person would be nothing less than the other half of your soul?  

Darcy has never been good with emotions.  She realized this long ago, and has accepted it as one of her deep flaws.  That it’s far easier to be brash and loud, to put the safe parts of her personality out there for everyone to see because the soul, that inner part of her that bruises and sometimes doesn’t want to cope with the world, is soft and squishy and gets hurt all too easily.  Why get hurt when you can get angry instead, has been the motto that’s gotten her over and through many rough times in her life.  But this approach to the world has sometimes made her a little out of touch with her own feelings, she admits (if only to herself).

How do you know when you’ve found that person, the one who you don’t mind cracking open your skin in front of so that they can see the whole package of your emotions and not just the safe outer shell?

(Darcy studiously avoids thinking about the fact that Steve could be that person for her, because emotions are tough and the deeper she looks the more in over her head she might find herself.  Romance is such a strange thing, in her experience.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good for her, that having that imperfect and wonderful compliment to her soul would make her more like the true self that she wants to be instead of that facade that the world sees.)

Ugh, she gets awfully maudlin once the caffeine wears off.  Darcy grimaces, and is incredibly grateful that the darkness of the film room keeps her hidden from the group of elderly ladies a couple of rows down from her commenting about how much they like Peggy’s suit outfit.  It’s better to focus on Peggy than on herself, anyway.  On the screen, Peggy makes a comment about how, even after his (supposed) death, Steve was always changing her life.  Ain’t that just the truth, Darcy thinks in full agreement.  

After a while Darcy needs to leave the movie room, because otherwise she might start crying at the intensity of Peggy’s emotions.  They’re not obvious, because Peggy is a consummate professional, but Darcy knows the type (she’s one herself, after all) - never let them see you sweat or see you cry.  So she wanders back out into the main exhibit, washing up in front of a display that outlines some of Peggy’s other accomplishments that weren’t related to her time with Captain America.  It’s only a matter of seconds, however, before she sees a shadow loom up next to her, followed quickly by soft footfalls that come to a stop next to hers.

When she looks up at Steve, it’s all too easy to see the strain on his face, even half hidden by the baseball cap he’s got shoved on his head.  His eyes are tight, mouth pulled into a slight frown.  His shoulders are hunched over, hands shoved into his pockets, and, at least for this moment in time, he looks a hell of a lot less intimidating than she’s ever seen him.  There’s no need to ask him how he feels when it’s written all over him, Darcy thinks.  So instead, she just waves a hand at the display in front of her and says, “She’s a hell of a woman.”

“That she is,” Steve replies, the frown dropping away from his lips for a moment and replaced by something far more soft and pensive.

“Come on.”  Darcy weaves her arm through his, tugging his body close to hers.  “Let’s get out of here and see some sunlight.”

It’s one of those days that moves slow like molasses, thick and lazy, traveling along without any actual aim and just spreading about instead.  It’s a good day, sunny and warm even though it’s late in November, and they stroll along the streets, wandering into bookshops and cafes and places that Darcy hopes won’t remind Steve of the past.  Anything to take that frowny look of his face, she thinks.  Eventually they head back to the hotel with the intention of getting ready for dinner…but the best of intentions are forgotten when Darcy all but pushes Steve back on the bed, and starts planting kisses down his torso, peeling back his sweater as he goes.  After that, room service is the only dinner option that either one of them has the energy for.

“I know what you’re doing,” Steve says afterwards as he stumbles out of bed towards where the room service menu is.

“What am I doing?”  Darcy sits up, dragging the sheets around her shoulders and attempting to bring some semblance of order to her sex-tossed hair.  It’s a futile effort, but she has to try anyway.

Steve arches an eyebrow at her and crawls back onto the bed, menu in hand.  “You know, you’re not as subtle as you think.”  He presses a swift, firm kiss to her mouth.  “It was a good day.  Thank you.”

Darcy smiles back at him, followed swiftly by the sound of her stomach grumbling.  “You’re very welcome.  Now feed me.”

“As you wish.”

The picture that gets posted to Steve’s Instagram later is a simple one, overlaid with a black and white filter that just emphasizes the shadows coming from the small lamp off in the distance of the shot.  The main feature of the photo, however, is the two hands tangled together, fingers intertwined, relaxed and resting on a pillow.  And while nothing else is visible aside from the extension of their forearms, the implication that there are two people on the other side of those hands, snuggled up and resting together, is a given.  The caption simply reads ‘a good ending to a good day.’