The Steve Delabar Story

Steve Delabar is the alternate universe Kenny Powers. Both washed out of baseball. Both turned to teaching. The only difference is that Steve Delabar never made it to AA and his career seemed to be over after blowing out his arm in independent ball. And, as far as I know, he’s not a complete tool. 

While content with his teaching gig, Delabar suddenly found his fastball, turning it up to 97 mph. After the Mariners signed him,  Delabar has blown through system and now finds himself on their Major League roster. It’s an amazing story and one you should definitely check out

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Final Votes are In, Freddie Freeman, Steve Delabar are Going to the All-Star Game

After days, seemingly never-ending days of voting, the people have been heard, with the Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman and the Toronto Blue Jays of Canada’s Steve Delabar joining the All-Star game as the 35th and final member of the rosters

Freeman was able to hold off Yasiel Puig, with perhaps voters finding the Dodgers rightfielder “arrogant” just as Ian Kennedy did, while Steve Delabar fought off a bevy of other middle relievers. Democracy in action! 

Of course, this election could serve as a terrifying reminder of both a) how ridiculous the All-Star game is and b) where our National elections could end up in a few years with Twitter hashtags counting for votes during the final hours. This time, everything counts! 

Puig, speaking before an assembly of press and campaign workers said, 

“First, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Freddie Freeman for running a great campaign and having an even better season. I’m honored to call him a colleague and I look forward to watching him in this year’s All-Star game. 

I also want to thank my supporters, campaign manager, and everyone at home for supporting my PAC and helping to push me to the Midsummer Classic. 

But this is not the end of the Team Puig. There are serious problems in this game, with too many fat cats lining their pockets with foul ball money, and these problems can only be fixed by a serious, ball-crushing, bat-flipping, all-or-nothing play. The kinds of things I’ve brought to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the citizens of Baseball Land since my call-up in June.

I will work my butt off to improve this game and, I promise you this, you’ll see me here next year. YES. WE. PUIG. For now, let’s set aside our partisan differences and cheer on the National League in next week’s All-Star festivities.”

For those wondering when they will get to watch 70 players receive baseball cameos, the All-Star game will be broadcast on July 16th at 8 pm EST.


To celebrate #BlueJays @SteveDelabar_50 joining Twitter, here’s a pic of my Delaball.

At the end of the 2012 season, Blue Jays season ticket holders received a snazzy giftbox that contained a baseball signed by one of the guys, a nice display case for it and a fiery letter from Paul Beeston which said

“…We will build upon our strengths with an aggressive off-season program…”

I’m pretty sure the Marlins trade and the Dickey signing qualify as aggressive off-season shenanigans.

Love it when he goes all Beestonmode!

Can we talk about Steve Delabar for a minute?
For those of you who are unaware, he’s a relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.
No big deal right? There are lots of MLB pitchers.
Only a few years ago this guy was a mother fucking teacher who only coached baseball.
And now, he’s in the MLB and played in the allstar game yesterday.
That’s fucking boss.


Stuff I Saw #BlueJays #Twins July 7 …
~ There’s a funny clip of various BlueJays encouraging fans to vote for Steve Delabar for the ASG final vote (hashtag #RaiseTheBar counts on Twitter on Thursday). But honestly, Kawasaki totes steals the clip. You can watch it here
~ Mauer needs some wardrobe assistance. Dustin “Mad Dog” McGowan glowers for the fans. Speaking of fans, I got to sit next to these 2 from Saskatchewan for 2 of the 3 games. Super fun nice people are great to sit next to, you should try it.