I need a "The Office" Avengers sitcom

Just imagine it.

“You know, Clint has this habit. Whenever I see him eating food, if I ask him for it, he’ll either shove it all in his face, or hide it. Then he’ll proceed to act like he has no clue what I’m talking about,” Natasha says in a displeased voice.

Then it’ll flip to a shot of Clint siting on the couch, shoving his face with a bag of Munchos, and then Nat walks up.

“Hey, Clint, can I have one?”

Clint proceeds to pour the remaining quarter of a bag into his mouth, crumples the bag up, and shoves it under a couch cushion. With potato chips bits flying out of his mouth, he turns over to Nat and- with a mouthful -he says, “Have one of what?”

Then, with murderous rage filling her eyes, Natasha looks straight into the camera.

Or, as an alternative scenario, it’s just Tony, giving a tour of the facility. He turns a corner and points to a door labeled, “Janitor’s Closet.”

“And this, is probably the best part of the building. The janitor’s closet. You see, the janitor here at the facility, is drawing close to his 200th birthday. His name is Stan. He’s a nice enough man, but he just won’t quit. We try getting him to retire, but he keeps coming back. We’ve just embraced it. Each one of us has bets on when he’ll drop dead. I say-”

Tony stops because of a pounding on the closet door.

“Oh, well, it seems that he’s in there right now. Let’s say-”

Tony stops cold when he opens the door.

On the other side of the door, profusely making out, are the Avenger facility’s local super soldiers.

Steve, whose hands were tangled in Bucky’s long, luscious, locks, immediately stops assaulting Bucky’s lips once the door is open.

Bucky, on the other hand, whose legs were wrapped tightly around Steve’s waist, does not stop. As Steve mutters excuses on how, “It’s not what it looks like,” or, “We thought this was my bedroom,” Bucky assaults Steve’s neck. The embarrassing situation hardly getting to his head.

coffee mistakes// peter parker

synopsis: You meet the secretly infamous Peter Parker for the first time, however not in the luckiest of circumstances. Needless to say, you owe him a shirt. 

pairing: peter parker x reader

word count: 1k

warnings: swearing

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Steve likes to tell stories from his childhood (his “Brooklyn adventures,” living in the Depression, …), but he doesn’t like to tell war stories, so the first time when he said one, everyone was paying attention. EVERYONE. Even Jarvis liked that story.


Everything GREAT About Captain America: Civil War!

can everyone take a moment to consider what it would be like if the avengers got pokemon go:
  • the day of its release, natasha disappears for a full week and comes back at level 16, with nine different rare pokemon. nobody asks what she did
  • clint uses the vents to track pokemon around the tower, and often jumps down into bedrooms at random moments to catch one. sometimes he loses signal, and you can hear him yelling in frustration through the air vents
  • tony programs the suit to alert him when there’s a pokemon nearby so he can fly there instantly, and he does the same for rhodey. after three days of this, the rest of the avengers confront them and accuse them of cheating. (”you’re supposed to walk, tony.” “shut it steve you’re just jealous that i got the snorlax before you.”)
  • steve catches onto the game lingo surprisingly quick, despite never hearing of pokemon before. he hatches the most eggs.
  • one time on a run, sam and steve saw a jigglypuff appear on their grids. that was the only time sam managed to run faster than steve.
  • the game won’t count pietro’s steps when he runs fast, so he’s taken to figuring out where the pokemon is and directing wanda and vision (and sometimes clint) to it.
  • all the electric-type pokemon show up near thor, so hes become the target of many phones pointing at him. he often thinks theyre taking pictures of him so he smiles, no matter what hes doing.
  • bruce has a small army of eevees, despite rarely leaving the lab
  • when bucky is taken to the tower, its after the game’s release, so he’s startled when everyone drops what theyre doing and grabs their phones when someone yells “SQUIRTLE.” he thinks its code for something and starts keeping a list of the different pokemon names he hears. it takes three weeks for someone to correct him.
  • during a debrief, everyone’s phones vibrates, including fury’s. they all stare at him while he catches a clefairy.
  • the real civil war: tony is team valor and steve is team mystic. the tower is a gym, so they constantly battle over it. one morning, everyone wakes up to find that the gym is now a team instinct gym, with a 3000 CP gyrados guarding it, owned by a player with a russian username. tony and steve stop fighting over the gym. 
  • Steve Barton

Dear Andrew Lloyd Webber,



Getting Tired Of Your Crap

The line is: “No one could have sung the way you did tonight without a little help from them (or) Heaven”


Rare footage of the original London cast of “Phantom of the Opera”, featuring Rosemary Ashe in “Hannibal”, Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman in “All I Ask of You”, the cast in “Masquerade” (beautifully shot) and Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in “Point of No Return”. 

In total 9 minutes of footage, it’s very well worth a watch, despite the annoying voiceovers here and there.