Who Is It? Pt 2 (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Threatening, hints at violence

Request: Who is it? Pt 2


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Two hours had passed since your Dad, Tony, had chased after your boyfriend, Peter Parker after finding out you were in a relationship.

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wolfgangamaderik  asked:

Hello dear! If I remember correctly there was one of the Phantom actors (or maybe more of them...?) who did the deformity make - up on his son. Can you please tell who it was and post some photos if it isn't a problem?

That sounds like Steve Barton and his son Edward. This should be them:

On a related note, here’s Paul Stanley’s son Colin Michael with a “Starchild” / Kiss mask, to celebrate his father’s Toronto run:

But wait, there’s more! Here’s Karen Culliver’s daughter Madison all ready for the first act of the show!

And, I’m guessing, a fun day at work for the Mauers family, with daughter Eden and son Nicholas taking a lil’ boat trip with their parents:

Avengers Preference – Young Avengers











A/N: They’re actually so cute i can’t!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw an earlier post where you talked about the masks Ramin Karimloo have worn. To me the current broadway masks look quite similar to the original masks, like the one Crawford wore back in the day. Would you happen to know when and "why" they changed the style of the UK masks?

I don’t think I agree tho’? The nice “face split in half” line has been kept, with a rather long mask and defined nose and cheek area. This is often where other productions change things, making the mask rounder or clunkier, and the nose and cheek less defined. But they’ve changed details in the recent Broadway ones as well, making the mask types easy to tell apart.

Alas I don’t have any super good photos of Michael Crawford’s US masks. But it wasn’t all that different from his West End masks, apart from the sunken-in eyebrow in the first one, so I’m going by that. Here’s the original West End mask (1986) compared to Jeremy Stolle’s current Broadway mask (2017):

And there are some important differences. The most striking is the “angry eyebrow of doom” feature in the current Broadway masks. Another change is the curve of the forehead. When the mask is especially fit to the actor, the forehead curve follows his wig hairline. When the masks are more generic, like on Broadway, the forehead is higher and straighter to avoid having to deal with the wig hairline. And this is two major changes, really.

I agree that the West End masks has changed too, though. A big change of style happened int he mid-2000s; 2004 or thereabout. The same time the costumes (especially the Star Princess one) changed a bit. They have kept the aforementioned curve over the forehead, as they still make individual masks for each actor. But they’ve gotten noticeably larger around the chin area, and sometimes longer too. I assume it’s to make singing and facial gestures easier? But it also makes the masks a bit clunky-looking.

So both West End and Broadway has changed stuff from the original masks, so none of them really can be mistaken for the original masks. Whatever the case, I’m glad West End stopped doing the super angry eyebrow of doom. It was like the Broadway one on steroids. You can see it well in Ramin Karimloo’s mask:

But it’s not nearly as present in Ben Forster’s current mask:

So in West End they seemed to have experimented a bit with the masks in the 2000s. I remember asking Stephen John Davis if he borrowed a mask, cause it didn’t look right on him at all. Too long, with the eye opening well under his actual eye, and a bit saggy in the chin. And it turned out the mask was custom made for him… Then of course the afore-mentioned crazy eyebrow detail in Ramin Karimloo’s masks. Now thing seems to be back to normal again…

But returning to your actual message, with Ramin karimloo’s US style “Prince of Broadway” mask and the likeness to the early US masks, I definitely see the resemblance there. First time I saw the photos from “Prince of Broadway” I actually thought for a second it was Steve Barton. I mean…