Are You Here Together?

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You’d never been to Avengers Tower before. But after some peer pressure from not only Sam but Wanda too and here you were. A Stark Party was one of those things that people always dreamed of getting to do but few were ever given the chance.
You show your pass at the front door and are allowed in, much to the irritation of several ‘Avenger groupies’ hanging around outside. You tug on the hem of your tight black dress to try and pull it down. You’re feeling very exposed, but it’s customary to dress to impress for a Stark Party.
“You came!” Sam cries when he sees you, he completely abandons the friends that he’s been talking to and comes over to you. Wrapping you in a tight hug you laugh softly.
“I couldn’t say no to you and Wanda.”
“Oh so when it’s just me you can say no.” He pouts and you laugh again.
“I mean, she’s just got the puppy eyes down.” Sam huffs before grinning down at you.
“Come on. Some of the team is over here.” He says taking your hand. He introduces you to Natasha Romanoff, her husband Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark. You greet Wanda with a happy smile and a tight hug.
“I am glad you came.” Wanda says softly.
“Me too.” You admit, “Maybe next time I can bring Kari.” You say loudly enough for Sam to overhear. He grins brightly, like you knew he would when he heard you mention his crush, then throws an arm over your shoulders.
“Want do you want to drink darlin?”
“Something sweet please. Surprise me.”
“On it.” He says pressing a swift kiss to your temple and you laugh, shoving him away with a grin. When you turn to talk to Wanda again you’re confused to see that she’s gone.
“She said something about the bathroom.” Steve Rogers says quietly, spinning the short glass of what looks like whisky in his hands.
“Oh. Thank you.” You rock awkwardly onto the balls of your feet and he nods. After a few uncomfortable seconds he speaks again.
“How long have you known Sam?”
“About six months now. He wandered into my little bakery and when he kept coming back we got to talking.” You explain with a smile.
“Ah, are you two, uh, are you, together?” He finishes lamely looking down at his drink.
“Oh, no.” You laugh gently, “Sam’s totally into my best friend and roommate Kari. We’re just friends.”
“Oh.” He looks up at you from under those long eyelashes of his and you see a small smile on his lips. “Good.”
“Good?” He nods as realization starts to dawn. Could he really find you attractive?
“Wanna get out of here?” He asks softly and you grin at him.
“What did you have in mind?”
“There’s this balcony I like to go hang out on sometimes. You can see the whole city laid out before you. It’s actually kind of pretty.”
“You’ll have to stand close, I didn’t bring a jacket.” You flirt and he grins back. Rounding the table he offers you his hand and you take it. Steve leads you to the elevator and punches the button with a finger. He doesn’t say anything until after you get off the elevator and he leads you through a maze of hallways.
“I’ll stay as close as you like.” He murmurs wrapping an arm around your shoulders as the two of you curl up together on the small couch. The view truly is spectacular, but talking quietly with the super Solider next to you is honestly much, much better.

The Summer Soldier (Avengers x Fem!Reader) - Part I

I can say it but you won’t believe me

You say you do but you don’t decieve me

Its hard to know they’re out there

It’s hard to know that you still care

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 2,344

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Hard to Hate You (Part 5)

TITLE: Hard to Hate You
AUTHOR: Winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Mobster!Bucky x Reader, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, Tony Stark
WARNINGS: None for this chapter. Maybe a little language?
SUMMARY:  James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was the king of the Brooklyn mob and you were his best assassin and right hand woman. The only problem? You hated each other’s guts…at least that’s what everyone thinks.
A/N: And I’m back! Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on this story just yet. I am (slowly but surely) working on the rest of the chapters. Tags at the bottom. If I forget to tag you, please forgive me. Enjoy! xx


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Natasha Romanoff - Part 1

Word Count - 2040

Warnings - War, death

Requests are open.

I hope you like this new thing I’m trying out and please send requests. Love you all.

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There she was. Just sitting there, simply reading with her glasses and her brow furrowed while her lips moved slightly, her red hair laid on her shoulders and without any effort, she was the most stunning woman you saw. The upbeat song played behind you from the radio as you saw her though the dim light of the room. There was one question you had while you were sitting down on the couch, the warm tea in your hands as you tried to study her. How could the assassin be so beautiful? How could she notice someone like you when she had billions of people fighting for a single glance from her. Maybe you being an avenger helped, maybe her saving your life helped, what ever it was you were grateful. A small smile crept on her lips, her green eyes flickered up to see you and you sipped on your warm tea, the corner of your lips going upward a bit.

“You like what you see?” She said and chuckled, you grinned and stood up, walking towards her. She looked up at you and smiled. Each step you took made her crave you more, even though she was leaving for a mission tomorrow, she knew that it was going to be a long one, Fury wanted her help and Steve’s too, it must be something to do with HYDRA, she hated those bastards, they always found out a way to rip her from you. You arrived towards the bed that she was at and you leaned down, you cupped her face and smiled as she closed her eyes, awaiting for a kiss. “I love it.” You said and bit her lip, you nibbled on her lower lip and she smiled. You let her lip go and went to the other side of the bed. You poked her a bit and she smiled. “Let’s do something fun.” You said and she shook her head. “I really want to finish this book.” She said teasingly and you pouted, you sighed and went over to your place in the couch. “Well, that’s okay I don’t want to distract you, I was just hoping that you would undress me, but don’t worry, I’ll call Wanda or Maria.” You said and she arched her eyebrow, taking off her glasses and sitting straighter. “You wouldn’t.” She dared and you smiled, walking towards the door of the room. “Watch me.” You said as you started to turn the doorknob, she put her book down and got off of the bed, she started walking slowly towards you. “If you go outside that door, I will find you.” She smiled and you shrugged. “Catch me.” You said as you bolted out of the room, you took a swift right and splinted towards the stairs, trying to get to a room.  You giggled as you ran and made the mistake of looking back, she was smiling and caught up to you, she hugged you from behind and you both stumbled on the floor, her hands went towards your sides as she started to tickle you, you wiggled around trying to free yourself from her grasp, she smiled and you saw an opportunity, you kissed her and her movements ceased, her hands stopped moving and she hold you as her lips moved with yours, her lips were sweet and you smiled, you got on top of her and as soon as her breathing became shallowed, you broke the kiss and giggled as you ran towards the stairs, you skipped them and went down as fast as you could. You heard Nat groan and you laughed. “You tease!” She yelled before jumping in the stairs, going twice as fast as you did, you went inside the first door you saw and were surprised when you saw the whole team laughing in the living room.

“So Rhodes thought that his story was funny but really- uh hey Y/N.” Tony said when you entered the room, you spotted Wanda and splinted towards her, you hid behind her and laughed madly, she read your mind and chuckled. “Hide behind me, she’s coming.” You did as she said and you heard the door be kicked open. “Where is she?” Nat said as you heard her footsteps. “She who?” Steve said and you chuckled slightly. “Well Y/N of course.” She said as she got up close to everyone. “Don’t know but you know what we were just about to pop in a movie. Want to watch it with us?” Steve said and you smiled to yourself, you knew that Nat was going to keep looking for you but you peeked from behind the couch and saw Nat’s green eyes. “Gotcha.” She said with a smug grin on her face and she ran towards you. “No! Stop! Please!” You pleaded as she tickled you, she was laughing as well and the team smiled, Clint was laughing and Nat stopped her movements, looking up at him. “Have you ever noticed that Nat is brighter with Y/N, like since they got together.” Clint said towards the whole team, Nat stopped her movements and smiled towards him. “Shut up.” She said as she resumed tickling you, your eyes were watering and your sides were hurting. “Nat, please.” You said and she smiled. You loved her and all but you wanted her to stop, you actually wanted to watch that movie that Steve said. “If you stop being such a tease and making me jealous.” She said and you put your hand up. “I promise that I’ll be a tease for today.” You said and she shrugged, kissing you before getting up and she helped you. You both walked to the only available space in the living you, Nat sat down and you sat next to her, you layed your head on her shoulder and she hugged you.

It was the ending of the movie when your chest rose and fell slightly, you had fallen asleep and Nat was simply scratching your head. “Is everyone awake?” Tony asked and Nat shook her head. “When did she fall asleep?” Bucky asked as Nat laid you down on the couch, you groaned and Nat smiled to herself as she grabbed a blanket from the closet. “Don’t know.” Nat said as she got back on the couch and placed your head slightly on her shoulder before grabbing the blanket and covering you both. “So, Steve, are you ready to head out tomorrow?” Nat asked as Steve furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. “Yeah.” He said and grabbed the T.V remote.  “Nat, you and Y/N, that’s a thing?” Clint asked as he laughed, Tony also laughed. “Come on, you all know.” Nat scoffed and Tony ent all serious. “Okay, I have a question. How do you have sex?” Tony asked and Bruce nudged him. “Tony, you can’t ask that.” Steve said, clearly uncomfortable of his question, he still had the idea that a two people of the same gender could be together, but he supported you and Nat, after all, you were his best friend. “What? I’m curious!” He protested and Clint laughed. “Go google how two women have sex. Now stop bothering my sleep.” You said and shifted a little closer to Nat, you nuzzled your head in her neck and tried to regain the sleep that Tony woke you up from. “Okay, I didn’t say, she did.” Nat said as she laughed and they smiled, but Tony didn’t. “Oh come on! Well you know what I’ll do just that, I’ll be back.” He said and got up, running away to a computer. “What time is it?” Wanda said as she rubbed her eyes. “Don’t know, maybe just like really late.” Clint said and you exhaled loudly. You were still asleep but Nat couldn’t stay long, she had to rest, first light tomorrow and she would leave. “How long are you going to be out?” Wanda said and Nat sighed, kissing your head. “We don’t know, but Fury said that it would be a month minimum.” Steve interjected and Nat appreciated it, she didn’t want to answer those questions with you sleeping. “Just stay safe.” Bucky said, nudging his best friend and Steve chuckled. Your breathing was becoming shallow, Nat looked at Wanda and she nodded. “We will. I mean after all, he is pretty good with that shield.” Nat said and laughed a little bit. Wanda squeezed her eyes shut and moved her hand, a red mist appeared around her fingers as she tried to read your mind. “You’re the assassin.” He said and Nat smiled, she wasn’t really proud of her name, but after SHIELD took her in and she was with Clint, she really did change. Wanda clutched in pain as you began to sweat. “She’s- AH!” Wanda whelped in pain, Nat quickly got up, going towards Wanda. Steve did the same thing. “Get her out of th- there!” She yelled as she tried to exit your mind, you were shivering, a wave of coldness hit you as you were heating up. “Y/N! Wake up!” Bruce yelled, running towards your side, you opened your eyes and the flashes of your dream.

Fury yelling wildly in a room, strapped to a chair and wires connected to him, unknown people were surrounding him making him be in, no doubt, pain.

Wanda bleeding and chanting some words, her last strength, blood was running down her face, the sides of her red leather jacket was torn open and you could see the skin, her face was covered in dirt, her eyelids starting getting heavy and she fell down.

Steve hitting a guard repeatedly, his once white shirt was covered in sweat and blood, it was now gray and blood ran down his nose, he looked beyond angry.

Tony was in his suit, above ground and firing towards the guards. Specs of dirt rose when he missed. Until they got a good shot and msde him fall from the sky.

Clint tried to shoot an arrow to the men but missed, his eyes were red and he was grunting, he was seeing everything in double and blurry.

Bucky was hitting every single person he could, they made him in to the winter soldier, they tortured him and all that was happening was a chance to get revenge.

Maria was getting to hit every target she wanted but her left arm was in pain, she shot with one hand expertly as she killed every single person who got in her way.

Sam was flying and helping Steve, trying to get them all together so that they could be stronger, he wouldn’t be able to support one of you dying.

Vision was flying above the field as he managed to hit some people, he was calm but really worried of who was where, this was a total disaster.

And then Nat, blood poured from her side, even though she was wounded, she was looking for someone while running through the pile of rocks, men tried to shoot her and she killed them. Her face had a few scratches but she was determined to not give up, a few tears ran down her face and she couldn’t go on, she tried to go towards Steve but he was occupied so he went towards Bruce, she managed to say something before she passed in his arms.

You snapped back to reality, you saw Nat’s eyes, half of the team was with Wanda and the other half was with you. You felt your lips dry as well as your mouth. What was going to happen? Then, another wave went in.

The team in black, Clint looking completely devastated, Tony and Bruce shocked, Wanda sobbing, Steve comforting Wanda, Bucky wasn’t there, Maria and Fury looked serious but a few tears managed to go out of their eyes and Vision was next to Wanda, trying to assimilate everything that was happening, Sam was crying and Steve comforted him, too, and Nat, part of her soul died, her eyes were red and puffy, she grabbed a flower and threw it to the grave, she let another tear slip and mumbled something in Russian, she turned around and left everybody.


“They are close to finding us.”

Fictional People Masterlist

Since I have last updated this masterlist, Teen Wolf has been removed as I no longer write for them.

Fictional People Masterlist




Nightmares (Winchester!Reader)

Dean Winchester



Beer Bottle  


Dean Winchester Name Edit  (Edit)

Diner Date  (Edit)



Just A Kiss  

Sam Winchester


Sam Winchester Name Edit (Edit)

Mary Winchester


Mary Winchester Name Edit  (Edit)

John Winchester


What Happened (Young!John AU)


John Winchester Name Edit  (Edit)

Chuck Shurley/God  


Distracting  (Male!Reader)




Dating Castiel Would Include



Castiel Name Edit (Edit)



Research (Cas!Lucifer)  




Harry Potter World

Remus Lupin


A Kiss

Fred Weasley



Draco Malfoy



Sirius Black



George Weasley



Blaise Zabini  




Tommy Merlyn


I Don’t Feel Comfortable Calling You Mom (Also Malcolm Merlyn Imagine)

Malcolm Merlyn


I Don’t Feel Comfortable Calling You Mom (Also Tommy Merlyn Imagine)

Must Be Saturday

Barry Allen/The Flash


Baking (Oliver/Barry/Roy)



Time To Meet (Outfit)

Harrison Wells


It’s Been Slow (E2)

Get It Up (E2)

Differences (E2)


Differences (E2)


Harrison Wells Name Edit  (Edit)

Floyd Lawton/Deadshot



Oliver Queen/Arrow


Meet The Family

Baking (Oliver/Barry/Roy)

Dating Oliver Queen Would Include   

The Woman  


Steve Rogers


Since The Ice (Xmas Themed)

T’Challa/Black Panther



Clint Barton/Hawkeye



Bruce Banner



Percy Jackson World

Luke Castellan



No Longer (Luke Castellan x Percy Jackson)

Run Away  (Smut) 


Son of Hermes (Name Edit)  

Nico di Angelo


He Didn’t  

Percy Jackson


No Longer (Luke Castellan x Percy Jackson)

How To Get Away With Murder

Wes Gibbins


Wonder (Xmas Themed)

I Don’t Have To Meet Them


Leave Me Alone  


Wesley Gibbins Name Edit

Frank Delfino



Connor Walsh


Random Stranger  


Sebastian Smythe


Different Person


Dating Sebastian Smythe Would Include  

Mike Chang


Let Me Go

Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson Avery



Owen Hunt




Jughead Jones


Two Weeks  




Archie Andrews


Football Players


Football Players  

Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid


Dating Spencer Reid Would Include


Correct, Genius  

Derek Morgan


Dating Derek Morgan Would Include…

Emily Prentiss



Jennifer Jareau  


Finger Painting (Edit)   

One Chicago

Episode Review: Chicago Fire S1 E1  

Connor Rhodes





Ethan Choi



Walking Dead



I Think


Characters:Steve x reader (platonic),Nat x reader (platonic)sam wilson,clint barton,briefly Bucky.

Summary:(Y/N) is finally on her last day of her week long mission.while on her way home she gets a call from her mother and it’s bad news for her dad.

A/N:I’m so sorry for not posting this sooner because of family obligation for my grandmother’s funeral yesterday.but here it is now.hopefully its worth the wait!sorry again.

Warnings:mention of blood,angst,I think that it.


“(Y/N) watch out!”
Nat yells to her when she sees a Hydra agent she thought she took out (knife in hand) come towards (Y/N), who she noticed wasn’t paying attention to what was about to happen. Thankfully (Y/N) Nat’s warning and turned around to block the first attack of his knife, but he was quicker and bigger than she expected and cut her above the eyebrow. Now blood running down her face ,(Y/N) was getting tired but also she was mad now.

While dodging his blows left and right, she started to notice some of his slip-ups in his combat skills .which she used to her advantage ,so she roundhouse kicked him in the abdomen ,like Bucky had taught her to do in countless trainings until it was perfect. Once the man fell on his back and hit his head on the concrete which stunned him momentarily,(Y/N) jumped on him ,and with all the strength she could put in it punched the man hard enough to knock him out for a while. She catches her breath and gets up dusting herself off and takes the man’s knife.(Y/N) walks up to Nat ,who just finished taking down the last Hydra agent.

“Thanks Nat.”
Nat looks at her eyes wide ,noticing the big shiny serrated edge knife in (Y/N)’s hand.

“No problem..I’m just curious.Why do you have that guy’s knife? And what do you plan on doing with it?”

“Nat did you see that guy? Compared to me he was freaking Goliath! But I took him down by myself, and I think I should get a trophy for taking down that Blockhead jerk. plus he cut me above my perfectly shaped eyebrow! I always wanted to learn how to throw knives. I think that would be a great combat skill.”

Nat Chuckles at (Y/N)’s dorkiness and rolls her eyes looks at her cut and sighs.

“ you’re going to need stitches.”

“ do you think Bucky would be into a girl who is an expert at throwing knives?”(Y/N) says totally disregarding Nats previous statement and she rolls her eyes dramatically.

“ why don’t you ask him yourself?”(Y/N)’s cheeks redden at Nat’s statement ,which only caused Nat to giggle in amusement.

“ Nat you know I can’t do that and even if I could, he doesn’t feel the same for me as I do for him.”

“ you never know.” Nat says walking away.

Steve calls you pull over your Kong devices"(Y/N)?Nat? Our mission is complete are you guys a go?“

” Yes Cap, we’re on our way to the jet now.“ Nat informs Steve over her Comm device.

(Y/N) now holding her forehead started to feel the exhaustion from fighting bad guys all week and loss of blood, as she followed Nat to meet Steve and Sam at the jet. When they make it to the jet both men turn around and noticed (Y/N)’s condition, seeing the blood running from under her hand which stains her face ,neck, and hand. Sam is the first one to speak up while Steve stands there in silence taking in the sight of a bloody (Y/N) in front of him.

“Damn girl..You look terrible.Who did this to you?”

“ Wilson don’t start with me, I’ve got the jerks knife and I won’t hesitate to start learning how to throw knives at your dumb butt!”

(Y/N) says while glaring at Sam who stood there dumbfounded at her previous statement ,while Nat and Steve burst into laughter while entering the jet. Now worried and hesitant to ask “ you guys aren’t going to let her do that to me are you?”

“ Not.. unless.. you give us a reason.. too!” Steve gets out through his laughing. Now an exhausted (Y/N) sits down still holding her forehead ,when Nat comes up with the first aid kit in hand.

“ I’m going to have to stitch that closed so it can heal properly. This is going to hurt.” She says when wincing.

(Y/N) new that if she didn’t get it stitched it could not heal right ,so she nodded in understanding. While Nat was stitching (Y/N) up she noticed how quiet and zoned out ,staring at the black screen of her phone (Y/N) was. Clearly she was in deep thought probably about her dad so Nat decided to speak up “ what are you thinking about? You are so quiet it’s creeping me out.”

Breaking (Y/N) from her deep thought of what she needed to be mentally prepared for when she gets to her parents. She looked up at not to just finished fixing (Y/N) injury and cleaned up a little of the blood she could see ,and she finally spoke.

“ Nat I’m so worried about my dad. I’m scared that when I get there I will hear bad news that I don’t think I’ll be able to handle, but I want to hear good news that he’s getting better and will be okay. I just want him to be okay.”

“ he is a strong man and I believe he will be okay. But whatever news you get remember to be strong for him and your mom.”

As soon as Nat finished her sentence,(Y/N)’s phone starts to ring and she sees it’s her mother calling. Now internally panicking that this could be bad news. Why else would her mom be calling? Nat notice is the worried look on (Y/N)’s face and squeezes her hand and gives her a reassuring smile and walks away to sit next to Sam who is asleep snoring.(Y/N) hesitantly answers her phone and here’s her mother so being on the other end of the phone.

“Hey mom..Whats wrong?”

“(Y/N) it’s your father the doctor says… h-he hasn’t got much longer to l- live….p- please come as fast as you can before..before…b- before he’s gone.” She gets out as she gasp through tears.

“ Ok Mom I’m coming. Tell him to hold on till I get there. I’m coming.”(Y/N) says with fresh tears now streaming down her slightly blood and dirt stained cheeks and hangs up the phone.

Steve sees his best friend now with her head on her knees and arms tucked under her torso crying and sniffling. He quickly takes a seat next to her with a hand on her back and Worriedly questions her “(Y/N/N) are you okay? What happened?” He waited patiently but still worried for her to answer him. Once she somewhat calmed herself down after a few minutes of Steve’s question.

“S- steve it’s my dad… my mom just c- called me and said that the doctor doesn’t believe that he has much l- longer to l-live.”

“Oh (Y/N) I’m so sorry!we’ll get you to him as fast as we can.”

Steve says pulling (Y/N) to his body and holding her as she she cried into his chest. Nat seen (Y/N) crying and knew it was bad news so she went and sat next to Steve and (Y/N) and sat in silence rubbing (Y/N)’s back soothingly. Steve and Nat shared silent looks of understanding that they had to get their friend to her father as soon as possible.

“ Clint we need to get (Y/N) to the Medstar hospital Center in D.C. ASAP.” Clint didn’t question it and started changing their course.

“ Copy that Cap switching course. Should be there in three hours.”

Steve knew his best friend Bucky had a big crush on (Y/N) and would want to know about (Y/N) father, and would want to be there for support. Steve texted Bucky

‘Bucky (Y/N)’s dad is dying ,we’re on our way to the hospital now.’
Bucky replied in seconds after reading Steve’s text.

‘oh no ,what hospital?’

’ MedStar Hospital Center in D.C.’ Steve replied while still holding (Y/N). And Bucky replied with a simple.

’ I’m on my way.’

So I hope that was worth waiting.i hope you all enjoyed this part and look forward to the next part.because I am!also if any of you lovelies want to be tagged in this series let me know!


Marvel Masterlist of Masterlists

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Avengers Preference – Young Avengers











A/N: They’re actually so cute i can’t!

Waking Up

waking up w your avenger boo

Bucky: Most of the time you were awoken by Bucky himself shifting around in the bed, and petting the dog who managed to place himself on top of both yours and Bucky’s legs. The Great Dane seemed to think he was a small lap dog, and tended to do whatever was necessary to reach Bucky’s hand that was willing to scratch his ears. The next thing you always took notice of was the creases in your face from having your cheek pressed to his bare shoulder all night. Which also explained how your hair became a tangled mess, and one with Bucky’s long hair. But the overall best thing was Bucky’s sleepy face; hooded eyes, and a smirk that could make your pants fly across the room. Not to mention the raspy, sleepy voice that you adored more than anything. Waking up next to Bucky is the best place to be in the world.

Steve: It seemed like he donned a halo each and every morning that the sun came shining through the window panes of your bedroom. Even on grey mornings, Steve seemed to have an aura about his sleeping body that brought a smile to your face. Every morning you reach out to brush your hands over his cheeks, then place a kiss on his nose before he wakes up only to pull you closer. One thing nobody really knew about him was that his body temperature was so out of whack, so most nights he spent only sleeping in boxers because he was so warm. (Not that you minded one bit) Steve also really enjoyed having the news on in the morning once the both of you were awake, because this way he knew what was going on in the world all while having you in his arms.

Natasha: Since Natasha absolutely despises being sweaty, she “fixed” the thermostat in your room to always be a chilly 65 degrees. So waking up next to her, more like on top of her, is the best part of the day. Both you and Natasha are always bundled up with plush blankets that have been collected from various missions, and presents from over the years. To be honest, your bed could win a competition of the comfiest in the Avengers tower. But waking up next to the Black Widow was incomparable, red hair splayed out on the white pillow case, face scrunched from the dreams she was having. It was rare for you to wake up before her, since Nat’s wake up time was normally about 5 am. But either way, being with Natasha was the greatest time in your life.

Thor: The giant teddy bear you’re lucky enough to call your boyfriend was the best cuddler of all time. No one could ever come close to his soft skin and big arms pulling you to his side. However, Thor always ended up naked in the middle of the night, even if the previous night’s activities weren’t all that crazy. You often climbed on top of him and used his whole body as the bed, because he was honestly the comfiest person ever. He beat the bed’s comfort level by a long shot. If not for his horrible morning breath attacking your nose every damn morning, you would stay sprawled out on him all day. Thor adored seeing your sleepy face every morning, which gained you even more cuddles and kisses.

Bruce: He had developed a habit of scrunching himself into a ball while he slept. Bruce felt secure this way, and small enough to keep his destructive nature contained so he couldn’t hurt anyone. But the truth is, he hated it. He wanted to stay spread out so he could hold you, but his constant inner conflict kept him balled up. You always tried to lay on top him, hoping to keep him in one place for the duration of the night. It never worked, because you always ended up rolling off of him in your sleep. Which then started the chain reaction of him giving in to the reflex and curling up into a ball. It happened every night, without fail. Bruce craved contact with you, though, so he grabbed your hand and held it close to his heart. Waking up every morning without feeling in your hand became regular, because he gripped it in his sleep so unbelievably tight, like he was holding on to you for dear life.

Tony: If Tony is sharing a bed with anyone, there’s a 1000% chance there will be physical contact involved through the entirety of the night. You developed this theory when you had woken up early one morning, with one half of your body almost overheating and the other half cold enough to snap off. Feeling the steady rise and fall of Tony’s chest against your back, you looked over and realized that he had you locked in a bear hug. One of his arms were always tucked around your waist, and the other was underneath your torso, hand gently gripping the side of your stomach. Tony’s embrace is so unbelievably warm, in contrast to the below freezing temperature of his room. It feels like a furnace during the winter, so warm and so comforting. Comforting enough to keep your restlessness at bay until Tony woke up.

Peter: Sometimes when he came home from long missions in the city, he totally forgets to take off the spider-man suit. So this lead to you making sure that Tony upgraded his suit to the most comfortable material, not only on the inside for peter but on the outside as well. It was a gamble every morning on who would be where, since he formed a habit of flying out of the bed. You tried your best to prevent him from going anywhere, mostly by smushing your face into his neck and hooking your arms around his muscular frame. This usually guaranteed that he wouldn’t be flying anywhere, but there were slip ups. Sometimes, though, the placement shifted and he ended up nuzzled into your side. It was your favorite way to wake up, with his unusually warm body pressed against yours. So you loved to wake up with a faceful of warmth, and Peter.

Pietro: Since you were the closest thing Pietro had to a pillow, you always woke up with his head resting somewhere on your body, his hair tickling your skin. It woke you up every morning, without fail. Sometimes, he had planted his face on your chest, and lazily thrown an arm around your torso. Other times, he had his head on your stomach, absentmindedly rubbing small circles everywhere he could reach, the monotony putting him back to sleep. Most times however, Pietro had his head on top of your boobs, talking about how comfortable boobs are while you were lowkey suffocating. There was even one occurrence when he had completely flipped himself over the opposite end of the bed and had placed his head on your thigh. But it didn’t matter where he had ended up, you always cracked a sleepy smile and ran your fingers through his hair until he woke up.

Scott: This man child always woke up at least an hour before you did, there was never a time when he didn’t. You would have thought that he would just get out of bed and let you sleep. But no, he stayed put on his side of the bed and intently studied your face. Scott admired you like you were a piece in an art gallery. His eyes were drawn to the arch of your nose, then to the soft curvature of your cheekbones. You were in such a peaceful state when you were asleep, it was more than just beautiful. Well, to be fair, Scott thought you were beautiful under any circumstances. Sometimes he would just blurt out how pretty you were when heading home from missions, covered in sweat and blood. But there was just something about when your face was reminiscent of the peace that came with sleep that made you glow. When you finally cracked your eyes open, you immediately met his and uttered a raspy ‘good morning’, causing him to smile like a goof.

Loki: Personal space was very important to Loki. It didn’t matter that you had been sharing a bed with him for as long as either of you could remember. If Loki didn’t want physical contact, then that was that. You still were the only exception, however. Every evening, you would climb onto your respective half of the bed and get cozy, and wait for Loki to do the same. You never pressed him into any type of cuddling or anything, because you knew that you would make your way over to his side of the bed eventually. It always happened, and Loki never complained. He tried to keep the fact that he really enjoyed your cuddles a secret, but that was the one thing he couldn’t hide behind the facade. You discovered his “secret” when you woke up one early morning and buried your face in his hair, and pressed into his back. Instead of gently pushing you back to your half of the bed, he reached behind him, grabbed your arm, and brought it over his torso. Nothing could melt your heart more than that.

Clint: For some odd reason, unbeknownst to the two of you, you were both on the same exact sleeping schedule. The two of you became used to being sleepy at the same times, and opening your eyes at the same time as well. Throughout the night, Clint would wrap his arms around you, and you in turn would knit your legs together with his. The two of you would basically become human pretzels all while sleeping. He wanted to be as close to you as possible, and found that entangling his limbs with yours was the best way, without you two literally fusing together. That’s when waking up at the exact same time was good, because you could spend some time giggling and reclaiming limbs without waking the other. Honestly, you two were so enamored with each other it almost made everyone else sick, but you two were as happy as ever.

Wanda: Wanda’s room is undoubtedly the most cute and comfiest room in the whole building. Starting with the fact that it’s always at a perfect seventy degrees. The pillows are memory foam, the blankets are fleece, and Wanda is the perfect size to cuddle. So it was a given that you would sleep together in her room. In the mornings, the only thing that would wake the two of you was Steve’s incessant pestering about training. He would periodically knock on the door, open it and peek his head in, reminding the two of you that ‘you can sleep after practice’. Wanda just groans and cuddles deeper into your side, while you cover your face with another pillow, effectively tuning him out. Mornings with Wanda felt like a dream, because you never felt more peaceful with anyone else.