Chicken Fight - Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 711
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Rhodey, Thor, Nat, Clint
Warnings: swearing maybe
Requested by anon
Hii! Do you think i could i request a one-shot of the avengers at the pool with Steve x reader and the avengers are playing a bunch of games and stuff and they have dating for a bit but have kept their relationship secret and the team does a chicken fight and they kiss underwater?? You can make the ending what you think is best! 💖💖 Thanks!
Authors Note: i h a t e w r i t e r s b l o c k


“How come we don’t make money from this job?” You asked Steve while the two of you were sitting poolside as everyone else was doing their own thing, most of the team in the pool.

“Is saving the world not enough reward for you?” Steve laughed and lifted his sunglasses.

“How am I supposed to buy all the food I want without getting money?” You argued.

“Look, you know I love you, but I really don’t think we have to worry about money. We kind of know a billionaire,” Steve whispered, making sure no one could hear you.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, but-”

“Guys!” Tony shouted, “Get your asses over here, we’re playing a game because everyone is ready to fight! So I, naturally, came up with the best idea!”

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24 Days of Christmas: Hot Christmas Party*Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Day Four

Summary: Our Christmas party turned tropical themed because the radiator broke, “Damn you look good with no shirt, why did I never notice?” - Friends AU
Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Thor, Jane Foster, Fury, Phil Coulson, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Day Three

“I can’t believe this, not today, of all days!” You heard Natasha yell from the kitchen, you leave your room and look at your roommate oddly as she smacked the heater, it made a loud buzzing sound and you gave a look to Natasha who looked back at you. “Well, that didn’t help it, at all!”

Of course, the radiator had to go on the fritz again, on the day you agreed to host the Avengers Christmas party. Tony had requested someone else throw a small shindig this year due to the events that have happened, he wanted the pressure of party planning taken away from him, for good measure really.

You sighed gently, already starting to feel a little hot and looked at Natasha who was fanning herself gently, holding her hair off of her neck with her left hand. “What are we gonna do? We have a Christmas party to host and everyone will melt.” You expressed, placing a hand on your hip and looking around at all the decorations set out, food lined up all sorted on a banquet table.

Nat looked at you, “I may have an idea but it’s not a good one and we’re gonna need a Hawkeye for help!” You exhaled but nodded; Natasha pulled her phone out and began dialling Clint’s number.

This was gonna be a disaster, from the moment Clint stepped into the apartment with tropical-themed decorations, a blow-up palm tree and a Hawaiian shirt on with obnoxiously bold sunglasses. He started to place random sunny, tropical themed items around, even so far as to throw a beach towel over the Christmas tree. You glanced at Nat who was just as dumbfounded as you but held it together very well.

“Is not one of you gonna explain why Clint has this much tropical stuff?” Wanda asked leaving her own bedroom, a normal handheld electric fan following her around, you envied the fact she could make stuff float! You shrugged as Clint just chuckled from beside Nat, admiring his own work. “I miss Tony’s parties already!”

In under an hour, guests started to pile in, already feeling the baking heat of the broken radiator, all wearing Christmas jumpers. You gave an apologetic smile to all of the guests, a few grumblings of how hot it was in the apartment, you looked at Nat who was clad in a bikini top and shorts with sunglasses. You wore a tank top and shorts, passing out drinks with ice to guests, Tony giving you a knowing smirk.

“What’s happened dear, sweet Y/N?” he asked as you passed a cocktail, you sighed gently and nodded your head to the boiler, he downed his glass and gave it back. “Give me ten minutes.” You nodded and left the kitchen back to the party.

Thor showed up accompanied by Jane and Darcy, Steve tagging along also, towing a Bucky and Sam behind him. You waved and skipped over to the group, hugging Darcy who was already peeling off her cardigan, Jane fanning herself lightly with the Christmas card she is meant to hand you.

“Damn, it’s hot in here,” Bucky yelled, a few people in ear range nodding in agreement.

Sam snorted, “Cause I walked in.” Bucky hit him upside the head making you and Steve laugh at their antics.

You didn’t expect Steve to show up, he wasn’t big on parties, you suppose since it wasn’t going to be as grand as Tony’s then he thought better to stop by. He also brought Bucky which was also unusual, considering Bucky wasn’t big on crowds or people. You gestured to the food and punch table, leaving them to their devices, Clint was already telling everyone the decorating was his handy work.

“We can tell, Barton,” Coulson exclaimed from the doorway, looking around with amusement at the tropical set up, Fury towering over him with Maria holding a bag of presents. “Hate to point out the obvious but it’s a little hot in here, mind turning the temp down?”

“We can’t, Phil.” Wanda mused, in a summer dress with her hair up, not like her usual do with her hair down and wavy, “the radiator is broken and Stark is trying and failing to fix it, it’s amusing wanna watch?” She asked Phil, who nodded and gestured for her to lead the way.  

Bruce turned up, Natasha had already texted him what was up, since he showed up in a short sleeved top and some shorts that cut off at the knee. The party was going horribly, Thor and Jane had retreated to the balcony, Darcy and Bucky soon following their lead. Thor even casting his shirt aside, which wasn’t a bad sight. There was a line of people wanting to shove their heads in the freezer, Bruce being part of that line!

You ended up stood next to Natasha as she fanned herself and you with a paper fan, you glanced at the other guests, Maria had somehow snuck out with Fury without saying goodbye- didn’t stay for longer than ten minutes. Sam was sat on the floor with Wanda, who had given up watching Tony with Phil, who was now trying to help Stark but you could hear them both nearly admitting defeat.

You glanced at Steve who exited the kitchen your breath hitched. Your mouth dropping open slightly at the sight, it sure was a damn sight, you thank Santa and Jesus for this turn of the events. He too had taken his shirt off; opting for just his jacket on, as a way to maybe, be modest?

He held a beer bottle in one hand, passing the other to Sam who smiled a thank you, he remained standing laughing at something Wanda had said. Goddamn, he looked hot, why did you never notice how good he looked before? You watched as he took a sip from the beer, condensation droplets dripping off of the glass bottle and landing on his chest, they slowly trailed down his pecs and abs. This was slow moving porn to you.

“You’re staring!” Natasha pulled you from your staring, you blushed and sipped your drink avoiding her judgmental eyes. “Will you just go over and do something, my God!” She pushed you forwards slightly and you gave her a glare.

You gave yourself a small pep talk before walking over to Steve, who smiled as you stood beside him. Obviously, you had been harbouring a crush on Steve for a while, anytime you did see Steve shirtless before today was because of injuries, you were too worried and injured yourself to really appreciate the body.

“Hey, Steve, you liking the hot party?” You chuckled as Steve nodded, chuckling himself as he turned to face you properly.

“I mean, despite the baking heat, that I already feel because of the serum plus the heat added from this room… no, really it’s great!” His tone laced with heavy sarcasm, you nudge him playfully as he chuckled, you forgot the serum pumped his blood faster making his natural body heat be well over a hundred. “Kidding but it is hot.”

Yourself and Steve remained to talk through the rest of the party, your drinks long forgotten and the grumblings of the other Avengers long forgotten, till Maria and Nick turn back up with electric fans. You all plug them in, small groups setting around some, except yourself and Steve who leave to the empty balcony where you continue talking.

“You know, I had a really great time tonight,” Steve smiled, you blushed since he only talked to you through most of the night. You nodded in agreement, the silence washed over you both and it’s not awkward but it’s filled with unresolved tension for one another.

You look back at Steve who leans down and slides his lips over yours, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer to you if that was physically possible. His hands rest on your hips, fingers looping in the belt loops of your shorts, smiling into the kiss when you deepen it yourself.

“GO STEVEN!” Is shouted from the window, you both jump apart as everyone stood by the window, Bucky being the one to yell with his thumbs up. Everyone clapping, Natasha was smirking from beside Darcy and Wanda, you sighed gently. 

Steve chuckled nervously and scratched his head awkwardly, cheeks tinting pink like your own, as you both avoided eye contact. “Sorry about Buck.” He mutters to you, you shrug and interlace your fingers together.

“AWWWW THEY’RE HANDS,” Clint yelled, him and Bucky yelling ship names of you both, both clearly having too much eggnog.

Thor congratulated both by hugging you as you came back inside, Jane chuckling with Darcy at the sight.

Tony rushed from the kitchen, “I FIXED IT.” He yelled with a grin, it falling when everyone was crowded around you and Steve and not him, “what did I miss?”

“Steve and Y/N, FINALLY hooking up!” Fury says to him with a deadpan stare.

Tony sighed, “I should ahve hosted the party, I miss out on everything when I’m not involved!”

 (I remember this being requested last year but can’t remember with who but I am Steve trash, big time. So, here it is with Steve Rogers. - Rosalee)

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 22/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 21

“Why did you join this war, Sergeant Barnes?” Sam barked out, trying to jolt Bucky out of the trap he had fallen into within his own psyche.  He took the chance that if he played along with whatever Bucky was seeing, maybe something inside his friend’s mind would at least let him follow orders and move.  “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

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  • Vision: Clint, you can't overpower me.
  • Clint: I know I can't,
  • *looks at Wanda*
  • Clint: But she can
  • Wanda's brain: wtf clint, why you dragging me into this, what'd i ever do to you? did i ever throw you under the bus? no. frick you.
  • Wanda: okay
The Sky Comes Crashing (Series Masterlist)

Teaser / One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Epilogue

Enchanted (One-Shot) Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by deainsana

Request: where Bucky, reader and Avengers are fighting Loki and reader gets too close to Loki and his sceptre, resulting in her being under his control instead of Clint, and the reader is ordered to kill Bucky.

Warnings: swearing, violence, feels (AGAIN sorry if I didn’t do it justice, I’m really new to one shots!)


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The Sky Comes Crashing (Chapter Thirteen)

Summary: Your relationship with Tony Stark faces the ultimate test when the Sokovia Accords are presented to the team. Sometimes, compromise just isn’t an option.

This takes place during the events of Captain America: Civil War, so spoilers for the film will be rampant throughout the series.

Word Count: 2,492

Warnings: Language

A/N:  We are so close to the end of this! I think there will be one more chapter after this…stay tuned. As always, thank you to @alientheatre for this request because I’m in love with it and also her. Also, not my gif. 

“I didn’t expect to find you out here.”

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can everyone take a moment to consider what it would be like if the avengers got pokemon go:
  • the day of its release, natasha disappears for a full week and comes back at level 16, with nine different rare pokemon. nobody asks what she did
  • clint uses the vents to track pokemon around the tower, and often jumps down into bedrooms at random moments to catch one. sometimes he loses signal, and you can hear him yelling in frustration through the air vents
  • tony programs the suit to alert him when there’s a pokemon nearby so he can fly there instantly, and he does the same for rhodey. after three days of this, the rest of the avengers confront them and accuse them of cheating. (”you’re supposed to walk, tony.” “shut it steve you’re just jealous that i got the snorlax before you.”)
  • steve catches onto the game lingo surprisingly quick, despite never hearing of pokemon before. he hatches the most eggs.
  • one time on a run, sam and steve saw a jigglypuff appear on their grids. that was the only time sam managed to run faster than steve.
  • the game won’t count pietro’s steps when he runs fast, so he’s taken to figuring out where the pokemon is and directing wanda and vision (and sometimes clint) to it.
  • all the electric-type pokemon show up near thor, so hes become the target of many phones pointing at him. he often thinks theyre taking pictures of him so he smiles, no matter what hes doing.
  • bruce has a small army of eevees, despite rarely leaving the lab
  • when bucky is taken to the tower, its after the game’s release, so he’s startled when everyone drops what theyre doing and grabs their phones when someone yells “SQUIRTLE.” he thinks its code for something and starts keeping a list of the different pokemon names he hears. it takes three weeks for someone to correct him.
  • during a debrief, everyone’s phones vibrates, including fury’s. they all stare at him while he catches a clefairy.
  • the real civil war: tony is team valor and steve is team mystic. the tower is a gym, so they constantly battle over it. one morning, everyone wakes up to find that the gym is now a team instinct gym, with a 3000 CP gyrados guarding it, owned by a player with a russian username. tony and steve stop fighting over the gym. 
The Sky Comes Crashing (Chapter Ten)

Summary: Your relationship with Tony Stark faces the ultimate test when the Sokovia Accords are presented to the team. Sometimes, compromise just isn’t an option.

This takes place during the events of Captain America: Civil War, so spoilers for the film will be rampant throughout the series.

Word Count: 2,103

Warnings: Language, violence

A/N: Someone isn’t gonna be happy with Ross… As always, thank you to @alientheatre for this request because I’m in love with it and also her. Not my gif.

“Well, this looks cozy.”

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