Yuanfen - Part 4

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1985

Warnings - None

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ Again, just building up, establishing personalities and whatnot before getting to the meat of the story.

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Bucky’s lips gravitated toward yours slowly and for a split second you almost let go. Quickly snapping yourself back into reality, you jerked back, only to feel Bucky’s large hands grip your waist.

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Imagine Steve sleeptalking/walking around the tower during his nightmares. The others draw straws for who has to watch him to make sure he doesn't leave the tower or go to the roof Steve never remembers any of it in the mornings

When it’s Clint’s turn, he’ll admit, he has a lot of fun.  

He’s realized what none of the other Avengers have (yet): you can get Steve to talk while he wanders around the Tower.  

So far, the others have only caught him walking.  Or dancing.  Or (poor Sam, though he was probably the best equipped to handle it) screaming and thrashing in a nightmare.  

Clint discovered it on accident: Steve asked a question and Clint had answered without thinking (or, to be fair, realizing Steve was asleep at the time.) Usually it’s nonsense or, once, hearing an outrageously off-color-un-Cap-like joke.  

It always starts the same, though, so Clint’s not all that surprised when Steve starts with a pretty normal question:

“Can you hear it?” 

“What?”  Clint checked the volume on his hearing aids and he hadn’t turned them down at all. Maybe they needed new batteries?

“The stars.”

Oh.  Oh.  Steve was asleep.  “What about them?”

“They’re singing.”

“I thought I heard someone playing More Than A Feeling.”

Steve grunted, indignant.  “No.”

“What are they singing, then?”

“I know what you’re doing. Listen.”

“…Don’t Stop Believin’?”

Steve groaned.  “Buck, come on.”  Steve was definitely asleep.  “Just listen.” 

Clint waited.  And waited.

And then Steve started to sing.  “I’ll be seeing you, in all the old, familiar places that this heart of mine embraces all day through—

“—Steve!” Clint had a tree branch in his eye.  He was decidedly Not Crying.  He’d gotten Steve to stop singing, so he spoke again, louder this time. “Hey, man! Hey.” Steve blinked, and looked around dazed.  Awake. “Looks like you were sleepwalking again. Want me to get you some water?”  

Clint didn’t wait for a response. He got Steve some water and himself some whiskey.  

“Thanks. Sorry.”  

“No apology necessary! I was up anyway.  Go on back to bed.” Clint could hear the hysterical edge in his own voice and hoped Steve was too tired to catch it.

Steve went, contemplating his glass of water.  

Good god.  Clint wasn’t sure he had the stomach for that kind of heartbreak.  Old Dudes (even if they looked 30) Having Feelings was not in his skill set.

Clint waited until he was sure Steve was asleep again to throw back the whole measure of whiskey he’d poured himself in one gulp and wipe hastily at his eyes.  

The Way You Look Tonight

Steve x Reader (Because my little marshmallow needs some love. All of them do, but I’ve been paying special attention to Buck, so Stevie is feeling a little left out.)

Prompt: Oh and I would have an idea: maybe there is a 40’s themed party( because Tony was feeling like it), so Bucky/Steve and the reader go together but Bucky/Steve loses his composure when he sees the reader in 40’s style? with dancing maybe? rest would be up to you 😊

Requested by: @anoril

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: Slightly sad Steve, besides that, the amount of adorableness may just kill you. I went overboard.

A/N: I spent the whole time writing this listening to Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. Want to step back into the 40’s??? Listen to them. I’ll be linking songs throughout the fic so you can click and hear what will be playing in the story. Please enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3  (P.S. Even though the title of this story wasn’t used, it totally reminded me of this story after I wrote it. You can find the title song here)

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  It was Christmas time again, and everyone around the tower wasn’t feeling in the holiday spirit all that much. Things were slowly being patched up after everything that had occurred, but tensions were still high: especially between Steve, Tony, and the newly unfrozen Bucky.

  You weren’t much, just a low tier agent that happened to brighten up everyone’s spirits. Everyone loved when you were around, since you just seemed to brighten things up where the healing process seemed to be going well. You biggest challenge were the three boneheads that were being absolutely stubborn.

  Tony was your brother; he was always a pain in the ass to you. Bucky was starting to warm up to you in his own way, and you two had become very good friends. Your problem laid with Steven Grant Rogers.


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