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I love Steve and I love his Jason. And that Jason and Sam pairing will always be very special and important to me.

But I just can’t accept him being the “real” Jason if that’s what it comes down to. Not after everything that has happen with Billy and how he’s made the role his.

Because then Scout won’t be Jason’s, and she’s named after his departed beloved sister. Because Robin gave up almost everything (including her life) to save Jason and bring him home to his family. Because Danny and Jake had their father back. Because Michael has his beloved uncle back after everything he’s been through. Because Jason responded to Sam as only a soulmate would. They finally found their way back to each other and have this real amazing family.

And if BM Jason is not the real Jason and he’s just some guy. I think that will break my heart and my head since it’s just bad writing.

Here’s my thing with Steve Burton returning…

I have been a jasam shipper since day 1. I adore Kelly. Loved OG Jasam. But was happy when Billy took the job. I’ve been a fan of his since he was on AMC.

I just don’t want Billy to get shoved to the side to make room for Steve.

Also, I don’t want a tale of two Jasons. OLTL did it with Todd. It’s been done. We saw it. Move on. Think of something new.

And the thing that bugs me most is what’s happening with Kelly.
She’s finally getting really good material that is about HER character and she’s killing it. But now she’s being overshadowed by the news of Steve’s return.


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Oh GH.

I would take Steve Burton back if he’s just going to be one of Sams hallucinations. It would be really cool and good material for Kelly. She could be struggling between BM (real Jason) and SB(hallucination), totally messing with her reality.

Other than that… No. NuJasam are finally into a groove and getting some good material. Just let it be.

GH Rant

I do NOT understand what is happening on General Hospital rn and I have been watching and enjoying and critiquing soaps for a damned long time now. 

Are we meant to believe that Steve’s Jason is the real Jason? Because they spent a lot of time and effort to make us believe that Billy’s Jason was the real Jason. They gave us so much in the narrative, including medical facts that relate directly to Jason and Billy!Jason eventually remembering EVERYTHING that real Jason should remember. 

So we’d have to believe that somehow Helena and co. not only brainwashed Billy!Jason to forget who he was but also to have buried memories of Jason’s ENTIRE life underneath that memory loss like what kind of? Huh?? And also that they somehow gave Billy!Jason all of the same scars and medical issues. 

I mean, if it had just been a matter of a few personality quirks and a propensity to love and like the same people, I’d buy this whole thing.

But the show spent an enormous amount of time and energy on getting us to not only believe that Billy!Jason was the real deal, but in getting us to accept it, and Billy did such an amazing job of basically being Jason-but-changed-some, which made sense and he and the other actors worked really hard on building up all of the same dynamics and chemistries between their characters and I just am … so … angry about this??

Because if they wanted to bring Steve back, that’s awesome. I adored Steve’s Jason long before I ever knew who Billy was from other soaps. I’m elated he’s back.

And the idea of Jason having had a secret twin separated from birth is a classic soap move that I heartily approve of and having that twin connected to Franco finally fills in a lot of previously open plot holes, so good going writers on that score!!

But. Why can’t Steve be Drew??? Like. It would make sense because of course he’d look exactly like Jason!! And probably even have lots of similarities as far as personality and attractions and such. And it would make sense for the Cassadine’s to be all over this mess and trying to cover their tracks.

But now we’re supposed to just up and decide that Steve!Jason is the REAL Jason and Billy!Jason is who??? Possibly the twin but a twin who had his face changed into something else and was brainwashed to believe he was the real Jason but with memory loss??!?! WHY?

Another superb idea would have been for Steve to be Nikolas, which I was really hoping for at first since they both fit the bill for the whole “shot and fell into water” background story. And it would be oh-so Cassadine to just give the guy Jason’s face to mess with everybody. 

But somehow BOTH B!Jason AND S!Jason have all of the memories that the real Jason would have, including stuff ONLY he would know?! I. DON’T. GET. IT.

I’ve been behind on the show for awhile, hence my not posting or reading anything on tumblr so maybe I’m missing something major I should be seeing here, but I’m really quite ticked off and confused about this storyline.