Steve Burton


Jason: Do you remember the night on the bridge?
Robin: There were a lot of nights on the bridge.
Jason: Yeah, I mean, it was the night that you were really upset because a girl with AIDS had died.
Robin: Jenetta.
Jason: And you told me that it was only a matter of time before it was you and you didn’t want to go through that.
Robin: [Sighs]
Jason: So, we stood on the side - and we were holding hands. Do you remember what happened?
Robin: We didn’t jump.
Jason: What if we had? Think of all the things we would have missed. You never would have become a doctor. You never would have met Patrick. You never would have had your baby girl. It’s too soon to jump.

Since their inception, Jason and Sam’s intense and tumultuous relationship has captivated audiences for years. The deep rooted past history between the Quartermaine and Cassadine families, along with the distinct personalities of Jason and Sam have made them a very unconventional pairing. The couple’s story began as a love-hate relationship, where the characters shared a mutual dislike of one other. Overtime, this relationship evolved into a friendship and later into love. Sam, the more outspoken of the two, has a tendency to ramble, while Jason is more of the stoic and silent type; but the couple found that they shared other similar personality traits, such as their “daring, adrenaline junkie” attitudes, that bonded them together as kindred spirits. This relationship stuck out amongst Jason Morgan’s others, because Sam was the first woman to completely accept him and not try to change him in anyway. “Sam is different in the way that she is the first character who isn’t stopping Jason from doing what he does. He hasn’t had that before. It’s a great element. The whole fight is not always, ‘Oh, your work is too dangerous. Your lifestyle is too dangerous,’ like his last few relationships. It’s a whole new level.”
—  Steve Burton

Steve x Kelly

Candid Camera Pick Me Up!

Monaco didn’t want the usual standing and smiling shots. She wanted something a little more spontaneous. You want spontaneity!? Burton obliged! “Okay, maybe something like this,” the Emmy winner said as he scooped her up.

“Kelly was of great assistance, because I didn’t just get the usual out of Steve,” Warren said with a chuckle. “I didn’t have to go into my bag of tricks to make him laugh. Usually, I know a couple of things to get him out of his hard-ass Jason look.”

Even though these two are seasoned professionals it’s hard for them to keep a serious face once they start laughing! “We cant even look at each other [at that point] without cracking up,” Burton said. “We have to laugh!”

“During photo shoots, Jim makes it fun,” Burton noted. “He puts on music that we might like… or not. Once Kelly and I start laughing, it’s hard to stoop.”


Jason: You know, your mom and I were friends a long time ago. She taught me a lot of stuff I didn’t know.
Emma: Like what?
Jason: Like how to play checkers and how to cook spaghetti, actually, and how to say goodbye. She went to Paris once, and I missed her a lot.
Emma: Mommy’s in heaven now.
Jason: Yeah, I know. You know, sometimes when I miss your mom, I just close my eyes and I picture her smiling. And then I try to hear her voice and all the things she taught me and all the things she told me.
Emma: Like how to cook spaghetti?
Jason: (chuckles) Right. Like how to cook spaghetti. And I remember how she said she loved you and how she’s always gonna be with you.