I Need To Get This Out There

I have severe eczema all over my body, including my face.  There are few things that people do/ say that drive me mental.  Let’s go:


You think this would be common fucking sense, but NOPE!  The amount of fucking stares I get when I am minding my own business is unbelievable.  Imagine if you got a really bad hair cut and everywhere you went people were staring at you.  Even when you catch them staring they continue to do so.  It makes you feel like you are two inches.  Now multiply that feeling by 10 and that is what people with eczema feel like.

2) Do Not Point it Out

Yes I know it is there, I can feel it.  I ask you: What good does it do to point it out?  It is not dirt; I cannot just wipe it off to get rid of it.  This also adds to the anxiety that eczema causes and it is flat out rude.

3) Do Not Say: “It’s gross!” or “It looks painful!” or “It looks dry!” etc.

Look I know how it looks like to the public.  I cannot help how it looks.  Trust me it looks gross to me as well.  However, there is nothing I can do to really change how it looks or how long the recovery takes.  Plus, it is painful and no amount of pain-killers will get rid of the pain.

4) “You should cover it up!” 

HAHAHAHAHA! It is not that fucking simple man! First of all, eczema heats up really quickly.  If someone is the cover the area the eczema will burn said person, until it hits the cold.  Secondly, if they were to put say foundation on it both of these scenarios will happen.  When eczema is covered, the patch will look hella dry.  All it will do is make it look less inflamed rather than be a solution.  Let’s say that the person has a lot of makeup skills to make it look invisible, makeup will still hinder it.  like covering it up with cloth, the eczema will burn underneath causing the flare to worsen.

5) “You should try this (insert over the counter drug/natural ‘remedy’)”

At this point just shut the fuck up.  Let’s start with the drug argument shall we.  Do you honestly think I would not be keeping tabs on new products and not testing them out.  I know of pretty much all of the drugs out there and they do not work.  Correction, they work for those who are extremely mild or for people who think they have eczema when they don’t and only have a normal rash.  all those creams do is num the itch so you don’t scratch.  They do not stop it!  Now for the natural “remedy” crap.  Let’s get this clear,  THERE IS NO FUCKING CURE FOR ECZEMA!  For those who says “I used this all natural mixture/oil/whatever that my alchemist recommended and it cured my/baby’s/whoever eczema” That is all fucking bullshit!  Like with the over the counter, it more or less nums it.  A lot of the ingredients they use are mild moisturizers.  Now moisturizers are need to help the healing process of a flare, but like I said before, there is no cure.  These moisturizers just get rid of the dryness which prevents spread, not riding the body of it.  With this said, these moisturizers (more or less they are oil based) are mild.  These oils are primarily used in adding into things like steroid creams.  It adds to the moisture content on top of the pre-moisturized area and working power of the steroid. This argument drives me more nuts than the over the counter one because of my Teta. I know they are trying to help, but you are not a doctor, do not try to act as one.

6. “Have you tried taking cold showers?” or “Have you tried moisturizing?”

Of course I have! I personally hate cold showers, but because of the eczema, it is the only option I have unless I want it to spread.  It is one of the advices you receive from the doctor along with the application of moisturizers once your eczema starts flaring. 


No shit sherlock! I know they are bad for you, however they are all I have right now.  There is no other way to really treat it currently without harmful medication.  So unless you are researching a cure for eczema, do not preach to me about how bad they are and what they may cause, because I already know.


I already know that.  However, it is a mental issue.  Role-play time again!  Imagine that you have a feather lightly going over your skin.  After a while, you want to bat it away.  Now imagine if you were not allowed to bat it away.  It would eventually dive you nuts and you will knock it way.  Again multiply that feeling by ten and that is what a person with eczema had to deal with.  The point of which we need to scratch is our breaking point.  Eczema legit will drive us mad, to the point we will do anything to stop it, even if it means worsening it.

Those are only some of the thing people with eczema have to deal with.  I probably missed a tone of comments that drive us nuts.  If you know of someone with eczema DO NOT do/say these things to them.  If you have some things that dives you nuts feel free to add.  If you do not have eczema and have questions please feel free to ask me.

Why the Mario Badescu "rosewater" ain't shit

First of all, let me set this clear this is NOT rosewater and no one from the company has every claimed that its rosewater. Even the name of this spray is “facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater”.

Everyone got so easily tricked into thinking its pure rosewater because of the color. Which is caused by the colorants in it, which also are mildly comedogenic and completely unnecessary in skincare, like the whole bottom part of this ingredient list.

It has WATER listed as the first ingredient, which almost always means that its ay least 80% water, in this case it must be about 95% at least because of its consistency. The second one is propylene glycol which is similar to glycerin.
Meaning YOU CAN MAKE THIS AT HOME using 2 ingredients: water and glycerin. it will cost you about $0.50.
Not to mention that you can make your own real rosewater at home and it costs esentially nothing as well.
This mist contains 5 fragrance ingredients. Which are so unnecessary and highly irritatining to the skin meaning it can cause acne, redness, rashes, eczema flare ups and general worsening of the skin condition. 2 of the fragrance ingredients are geraniol and citronellol, highly irritating allergens which you should never ever put on your face.

Also to add onto this, I would never buy from MB because of their use of steroids in skin care, UNLISTED in the ingredient lists. It caused many people to go through painful withdarwal symptoms.

Also before you add on this post saying how you love this spray and how youve been using it for 822049 years and its amazing; i literally dont care at all. Like good for you, youre literally spending $7 on something you can make a better version of at home for almost nothing stop typing or you’ll end up looking like a fool.

Please fire me. I am sure my next workplace would love to know you wrote me up for giving a man, who was going into anaphylactic shock, some benadryl.  Yep, it says “dealing drugs” in the write up.

Okay can we talk about the look that Ian gives Mickey when Mickey says that Ian had his back more than his family ever did?

 How tragic is that Ian is shocked when Mickey said that because he has realized just how untrue that is? He clearly knows that Mickey is giving him entirely too much credit. He completely recognizes that he wasn’t actually there for Mickey nearly as much as Mickey seems to remember, and he feels bad because if the limited amount of times that Ian backed him up is considered more than his family… Then Ian is finally realizing just how alone Mickey always was. Looking in Ian’s eyes and seeing that regret and that shame honestly made me forgive him instantly because it was made painfully clear that he knew how much of an ass he was and he feels bad for it (though I had already mostly excused him because he was unmedicated, but this took the cake). I feel like this is something that a lot of Ian haters seem to overlook is the fact that Ian clearly knows that he fucked up and clearly knows that he was horrible to Mickey and that he doesn’t deserve him anymore and that is just so upsetting to see him recognize that. 

Who’s to say that Ian wasn’t constantly wrestling with his guilt at knowing that in the end he wasn’t a very good boyfriend to Mickey even before this moment? (Obviously I know it wasn’t his fault, but try telling that to Ian… especially in this moment.) He recognized that he did build a wall between him and Mickey that hurt both of them. That wall was built when he broke up with him in 5x12, I argue to protect Mickey from hurting if Ian decided to remain unmedicated, but also to protect himself from the pain of knowing he would be hurting Mickey, and also to protect himself from Mickey eventually leaving (which I have no doubt Ian saw happening while his plan was still to keep off his meds). When Mickey punched him in the arm for not visiting him, I felt all of that built up pain and resentment for being abandoned and my heart broke so much. Imagine the resentment he was burying deep up until that moment. All of the visitation days he was waiting, hoping, for Ian to show up and never did. The letters he may have started but never sent because he knew he wouldn’t get a response. So literally all he had in prison was the memory of their relationship and his confidence that if he got to see Ian on his meds that Ian would be back to his Ian, or at least closer, and that they could make it work. Then my heart double broke when I saw the shame in Ian’s eyes for knowing he abandoned Mickey… 

Guys, I am so not fucking okay. I am so far from okay.


Millennial experts are over — meet the teenage thought leaders marketing Gen Z to the masses

  • No millennial attracts more mockery than the “thought leader.” These self-described experts, also known as brand consultants, travel the globe engaging in the debatable science of telling companies how a generation comprising over 75 million people likes to eat, work, shop and live, all the while pulling in serious cash.
  • Now, there’s a new crop of teenage entrepreneurs looking to pick up where their elders left off.
  • As millennials march steadily toward middle age and obsolescence, an increasing number of teen-run consulting firms have sprung up over the past year to teach Olds what’s cool.
  • This next generation is known as Generation Z. It comprises around 72 million kids and young adults born between the years 1996 and 2010. Gen Z has been called “millennials on steroids,” and brands are already becoming desperate to cater to their tastes
  • The teens who run these Gen Z consulting businesses are working with big clients — major telecom companies, retailers, auto manufacturers, airlines and Fortune 500 brands.
  • Unlike the millennial thought leaders who preceded them, these Gen Z gurus are extremely young, hyper-connected, fluent in meme culture and armed with a competitive nature that Jonah Stillman, an 18-year-old Gen Z consultant from Minneapolis, said is innate to his generation. Read more. (7/14/17, 2:32 PM)

How Possible is Broly’s Physique in Real Life?

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck  Love him or Hate him he is one of the most well known ANIME characters of All time, Blessed with GODLY GAINZ!

 Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan is FAMOUS for his incredible size and muscles but what If I told you becoming a size similar to that was not as impossible as you think. 

Today we cover just how much work it would take to reach Broly’s Body so I hope you enjoy!