Me when the one English teacher leaves at the end of July and I don’t need to hear him coming into the English teacher above me’s apartment and cackling like a hyena with rabies on steroids holding a megaphone directly into the ground aka the direction of my apartment whenever they watch a show together or when they’re fucking

This is gonna suck. 

I don’t remember if I told you…  but I have a metal blood filter in my inferior vena cava (a groin-area artery that leads to the heart/lungs). Mine keeps blood clots from heading up and becoming pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in your lungs = BAD, can be fatal).

They discovered at what I will now refer to as the Asshole Hospital that mine has been knocked sideways, and I need a CT scan. This could’ve been done when they found it, but I have the tiniest allergy to contrast dye ever, and as usual, they would not listen to me in that all I needed was a shot of benadryl and one of solumedrol right before, and TA-DA, fine. Always works. But no. I had to make an appointment for it for 8 tonight and take a shit ton of steroids, which I HATE. (One dose = okay. Eight doses = look for a crapton of shitposting, because I don’t even know if there’s a medication on earth that will be able to let me sleep.)

What’s really dumb is that I went to throw a comfy shirt on, and I’d just kinda grabbed my Slytherin shirt.

I get treated so shitty sometimes that every little thing matters… down to “Well, crap, I shouldn’t be wearing something with ‘Slytherin’ on it”.

That really pisses me off.

Here’s hoping it goes fast like they claim it will and that I’m not sitting there at 4 AM.

I Need To Get This Out There

I have severe eczema all over my body, including my face.  There are few things that people do/ say that drive me mental.  Let’s go:


You think this would be common fucking sense, but NOPE!  The amount of fucking stares I get when I am minding my own business is unbelievable.  Imagine if you got a really bad hair cut and everywhere you went people were staring at you.  Even when you catch them staring they continue to do so.  It makes you feel like you are two inches.  Now multiply that feeling by 10 and that is what people with eczema feel like.

2) Do Not Point it Out

Yes I know it is there, I can feel it.  I ask you: What good does it do to point it out?  It is not dirt; I cannot just wipe it off to get rid of it.  This also adds to the anxiety that eczema causes and it is flat out rude.

3) Do Not Say: “It’s gross!” or “It looks painful!” or “It looks dry!” etc.

Look I know how it looks like to the public.  I cannot help how it looks.  Trust me it looks gross to me as well.  However, there is nothing I can do to really change how it looks or how long the recovery takes.  Plus, it is painful and no amount of pain-killers will get rid of the pain.

4) “You should cover it up!” 

HAHAHAHAHA! It is not that fucking simple man! First of all, eczema heats up really quickly.  If someone is the cover the area the eczema will burn said person, until it hits the cold.  Secondly, if they were to put say foundation on it both of these scenarios will happen.  When eczema is covered, the patch will look hella dry.  All it will do is make it look less inflamed rather than be a solution.  Let’s say that the person has a lot of makeup skills to make it look invisible, makeup will still hinder it.  like covering it up with cloth, the eczema will burn underneath causing the flare to worsen.

5) “You should try this (insert over the counter drug/natural ‘remedy’)”

At this point just shut the fuck up.  Let’s start with the drug argument shall we.  Do you honestly think I would not be keeping tabs on new products and not testing them out.  I know of pretty much all of the drugs out there and they do not work.  Correction, they work for those who are extremely mild or for people who think they have eczema when they don’t and only have a normal rash.  all those creams do is num the itch so you don’t scratch.  They do not stop it!  Now for the natural “remedy” crap.  Let’s get this clear,  THERE IS NO FUCKING CURE FOR ECZEMA!  For those who says “I used this all natural mixture/oil/whatever that my alchemist recommended and it cured my/baby’s/whoever eczema” That is all fucking bullshit!  Like with the over the counter, it more or less nums it.  A lot of the ingredients they use are mild moisturizers.  Now moisturizers are need to help the healing process of a flare, but like I said before, there is no cure.  These moisturizers just get rid of the dryness which prevents spread, not riding the body of it.  With this said, these moisturizers (more or less they are oil based) are mild.  These oils are primarily used in adding into things like steroid creams.  It adds to the moisture content on top of the pre-moisturized area and working power of the steroid. This argument drives me more nuts than the over the counter one because of my Teta. I know they are trying to help, but you are not a doctor, do not try to act as one.

6. “Have you tried taking cold showers?” or “Have you tried moisturizing?”

Of course I have! I personally hate cold showers, but because of the eczema, it is the only option I have unless I want it to spread.  It is one of the advices you receive from the doctor along with the application of moisturizers once your eczema starts flaring. 


No shit sherlock! I know they are bad for you, however they are all I have right now.  There is no other way to really treat it currently without harmful medication.  So unless you are researching a cure for eczema, do not preach to me about how bad they are and what they may cause, because I already know.


I already know that.  However, it is a mental issue.  Role-play time again!  Imagine that you have a feather lightly going over your skin.  After a while, you want to bat it away.  Now imagine if you were not allowed to bat it away.  It would eventually dive you nuts and you will knock it way.  Again multiply that feeling by ten and that is what a person with eczema had to deal with.  The point of which we need to scratch is our breaking point.  Eczema legit will drive us mad, to the point we will do anything to stop it, even if it means worsening it.

Those are only some of the thing people with eczema have to deal with.  I probably missed a tone of comments that drive us nuts.  If you know of someone with eczema DO NOT do/say these things to them.  If you have some things that dives you nuts feel free to add.  If you do not have eczema and have questions please feel free to ask me.

Please fire me. I am sure my next workplace would love to know you wrote me up for giving a man, who was going into anaphylactic shock, some benadryl.  Yep, it says “dealing drugs” in the write up.


How Possible is Broly’s Physique in Real Life?

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck  Love him or Hate him he is one of the most well known ANIME characters of All time, Blessed with GODLY GAINZ!

 Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan is FAMOUS for his incredible size and muscles but what If I told you becoming a size similar to that was not as impossible as you think. 

Today we cover just how much work it would take to reach Broly’s Body so I hope you enjoy!


sometimes it’s best not to think about the fact that Xion, Naminé and Roxas only existed as independent beings for a year (okay, not quite a year for Xion, and a few weeks over for Naminé, but still), and in that time they were used, manipulated and abused (Naminé especially, to the point that she had no idea who the good guys were because both sides had been horrid to her and the only ones who were kind to her were in similar positions of being used and manipulated)

this series is fucked up


Like a rom com on steroids cheesy!

“Cheesy lines like Baby you complete me”

credit to the owner

“He doesn’t get injured, because he is on drugs”

So today I was at the gym talking to one of my friends. He told me that the floor under one of the squat racks was uneven.

I’ve been squatting there several times and I never really noticed until he told me. He also said he got small injuries because of it.

At this point of the conversation, I quickly get to the fountain to get water. Then when I came back my friend looked me straight in the eyes and asked me “Honestly, have you ever taken steroids?”. So I naturally said no, but I was confused why he asked me this question.

Then I noticed he was talking to a guy who I particularly don’t talk to. When I said no, he turned to him and said “I told you he was not on it”. Apparently, while I was at the fountain this guy told him ​“He doesn’t get injured, because he is on drugs”.

It’s not the first time someone thought I was on steroid. It’s funny how 4 years of consistent hard work can do and my physique is not that impressive. I’m not planning on doing steroids, ever. Unless I’m 50 and my doctor tells me I need it.

I don’t think drugs should be taboo. We’re in an industry where most professional “have” to take them to be competitive. I’m not here to judge, people do whatever they want with their bodies.

When I was younger and I remember thinking about taking them: mainly because my friend were using them. I remember being dedicated 24/7 to this lifestyle, outworking everyone I knew. But they would always be bigger / leaner / stronger … than me. That was very irritating.

Then after years of training, I realized that fitness is not just about being the most muscular guy in the room. It’s about being the best I can be and have a healthy relationship with my mind and my body.

The bottom line is don’t do steroids, they’re bad for you and don’t judge people who do them it’s a waste of your time.