What’s Happening With The Monkees!

By Ric Klein

(from Flip, November 1968)

I’ve been working with the Monkees for more than two years now. I’ve seen them film their television show, their first full length feature, and perform over fifty live concerts. I’ve been with each at home, and while recording. Through all this I’ve been able to get very close to each of them and to know more or less what each is like.
So this month I thought maybe you would like to get to know them better, too. And rather than me just telling you how I feel, I thought you could form your own opinions if I told you from my own observations, what each Monkee likes and dislikes.
Mike loves music. Of the four Monkees he has written more of the songs they have recorded than any of the others. He surrounds himself with music. His house is completely wired for sound stereo components and speakers in every room.
Next to music his love is cars. He has ten of them and, surprisingly enough, uses all of them. Of the ten cars, five are painted chocolate brown, making it safe to assume that that’s his favorite color. Mike loves children, especially his own, Christian and Jonathan. He also likes hunting and fishing, traveling, giving live concerts, privacy, giving parties, sports car racing, and Texas Prairie Chickens.
The two things that Mike dislikes the most are attending weddings or funerals and “hanging out.”

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