Is anyone interested in RPing?

My RP blog’s slowed down a lot so I thought I’d put out a call over here. You know the kind of writing I do; if you’re interested in plotting out a Sterek RP with me (and you’re over 18, I’m not comfortable with writing shippy stories with younger people for reasons) please come message me! I have a Derek RP blog but I’d be willing to try my hand at Stiles if you’d rather.

For those of you who don’t know, RPing (roleplaying) is basically cowriting a story with someone, where you each control one character and trade off writing the story from that person’s perspective. Ex: you have Stiles walk into the room and say something, I have Derek pour a drink, hold it out to Stiles, and respond… and so on.

I’m not really into omegle/IM RPing, where you trade back and forth every sentence or just write in dialogue –– this would be 1+ paragraph literate responses that we play out over a series of days or weeks.

Send me a chat or ask if you’d like to plot, or if you’re curious about RPing in general and aren’t sure how it works. You know you want to!

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Idk if you're still even active at all, but... e4a464e9e08752c1

You know something I have been wondering about untagged fem is why it is so obnoxiously easy to find in slash tags but NEVER found in femslash. 

I believe the reason for that (or at least my hypothesis) is that the people making these prompts are not in any femslash fandoms. They don’t roleplay things like clexa or wayhaught or hollstein. Hell, they have likely never even watched a show like Carmilla.

That leads me to believe the majority of people doing this are straight girls. That is why they aren’t accepting of turning both characters into girls and I never encounter their bullshit in F/F tags. Because they aren’t there.

Thinking of it this way it truly shows the audacity of these people. They watched Teen Wolf and recognized the subtext between two of the main characters. Great. 

But because they aren’t LGBT themselves they probably didn’t think much further then this. 

They don’t recognize queer baiting. They don’t understand why so many LGBT people are in fandom. Why it has been this way for years. They don’t get why we want representation on screen. Why avoiding stereotypes like bury your gays matters. So none of them see why it is so important that a gay ship isn’t made into a straight one.

Tl;dr fem assholes (or at least most) will never understand why they are in the wrong.

I love how blunt you were. That is exactly what we need to be right now. Or this plague will never get any better.


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In another world, in some foreign version
of reality, they’re probably meant to
melt together like this;
but not here, not now, not as them.

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I haven't been on omegle for a while and what should greet me in the sterek tag but fem!stiles. Logs(.)omegle(.)com/fa458cff91c21cdb

Right? How difficult is it to use the right tag?

For anyone who was unaware the tags for fem are fem!sterek and/or fem!stiles. Both, to my knowledge, are rather active. 

It must suck this had to be the first prompt you encountered when going back into fandom roleplay. At least you still have a sense of humor though. If it’s any consolation I found this reply you gave hilarious. I wish you the best in finding better roleplays in the future.

        ~original lifeline~

“Maybe Void is your wolf, and the thing that
pulls you back… that’s your anchor. It’s not
exactly the same, but it’s not as different as
you’re making it sound, either. It is you, a part
of you, like the wolf’s a part of me. And I’ll help
you focus it, help you control it and harness it. 

“But if you’re looking for someone to judge
or punish you for it… I’m not going to.”

          @master-nikoli || @haletheking

Seeking for RP partners...

So, I’m back to rping after leaving it for a while! For now I’d be using only Dylan O’Brien (TW tematic) as a muse, but if I find people willing to rp with me other ships, I’d be thrilled to do it. I’m seriously considering using Harry Shum Jr., too, but we’ll see, I’d still put him in my ‘about’ page.

If you want to roleplay with me, build a plot or something, like this post/reblog it/send me an ask. I’ll be soon posting open starters.

[ Not only looking for ships, too, friendships for my baby(ies) are def more than welcome. ]

trust the instinct || closed


The sounds of the forest rang distant in Derek’s ears. They were familiar, the light steps, chirps, and rustles, welcoming in a way that should have been a homecoming. He couldn’t count how many times he’d lain awake in the deafening city wishing for this. Quiet. Peace

And now he was back, standing outside a charred house that smelled like death, staring at a pile of disturbed earth and wishing he were back in Brooklyn with the city screaming outside and Laura singing off-key to some top twenty hit in the next room.

The world was too quiet here.

Part of him just wanted to claw the earth open again, drop down beside her and let the dirt swallow them both. His hands itched from the echoes of wolfsbane-laced rope. Twitched faintly, edging sharp.

…And why not? What was the point in pushing forward? Smoke and bone at his back, blood and torn flesh in front of him. His whole family gone at the hands of hunters. What was left for him now?

Quiet had never felt this empty before.

A distant voice tore Derek’s gaze from the earth. He looked up, brows pinching, gaze scanning the distance for threat as a second voice joined the first. Not hunters, just kids. Talking lightly, joking maybe, the sound easing his breathing and grating his nerves at once. It was a reprieve from the silence he didn’t deserve. An interruption to Laura’s funeral. No one was supposed to be here.

He was moving before he thought about it, talking away from the house, hands shoving into his pockets against the urge to go clawed as he caught sight of the interlopers, snarling: “This is private property.”

Sterek rp anyone?

Sending this again since I’m still looking for roleplayers to rp with me. I’m looking for a person to rp Sterek with me. I can play either Stiles or Derek; but I’m usually a better Stiles. I have a few plot ideas but feel free to tell me about yours if you have any.

If interest you can email me at goldeneyeswolf[a]hotmail[dot]com

Frantic Familiarity || Sterek


It’s hot. Not the average California consistency but fucking scorching. Stiles’ sweat is sweating if that puts anything into prospective - it is the least attractive thing, well, besides that one time he tried to demonstrate a proper blow job on a cucumber; that resulted in a SnapChat hell.

Yeah, so. Anyways. That’s why he’s standing in the frozen foods aisle with one of the doors wide open pretending to shove around a box of frost bitten pizza every time someone strolls by. Thank god Beacon Hills Grocery is a rinky-dink, East Bum Fuck kinda store, they don’t have security cameras. Which means no announcements for scrawny idiots to step away from the waves of cool air pumping past the glass doors.

Stiles presses his head to the cool surface, happens to let out a long breath that fogs the glass - you know, smiley face drawing fog - when he catches sight of this guy. This really really unforgettable guy.

Deja vu hits Stiles like a slap to the face. He lets the freezer door click shut, stands aimlessly in the middle of the aisle and just watches the stranger start to pass with his brows knit and his jaw hanging slack. Stiles presses his tongue to the back of his teeth to keep from saying anything fucking stupid like, “can I touch your beard?” or, “I love you.” The usual things you say to men in grocery stores.

It’s just…Really Really Unforgettable Guy is somehow intangible, and that feels backwards. Stiles’ fingers are itching to curl into the strangers belt loops, his arms aching to wrap around what Stiles assumes is a sculpted torso.

“Dude, hi,” Stiles is spitting out before he can stop himself. He puts a hand on the strangers chest to halt him, cants his head like an intrigued puppy before continuing, “okay, that was all I had. Hi. And also sorry for touching. Can I touch though? Like, are random people allowed to touch? They shouldn’t be. I don’t…okay. You know what, actually, carry on.”

Maybe there’s tape on sale he can spread across his mouth.

Ghost Town || Sterek

Derek stood on the front lawn of his home, watching as the first rays of sunlight leaked through the edges of the trees. In the distance he could hear members of his pack finishing their patrols, at least one would be bringing back game from a hunt. Things were returning to normal—but only just barely, there was still the matter of the humans living in his home, and the mate somewhere inside his home. Derek had spent much of the past two weeks giving the humans, and Stiles, space. Letting them get accustomed to their new home and surroundings. He’d meant what he’d said that first night, he wouldn’t force Stiles to feel things towards him, or to be anything he didn’t want to be. And that included being his mate or forced to be in close proximity to him. Staying away, giving Stiles space was hard for Derek—his everything called for the human to be near, more than once he’d woken as his wolf, curled up right outside Stiles’ door at night as if guarding him, or pressed as close as he dared to the couch on the rare times Stiles napped there. He sighed running a hand over his face before he tipped his face towards the coming sun rays, letting them warm his skin—he’d spent most of the coldest parts of the night in the woods watching over his land and the sun was a welcome warmth.

Stiles had always been more adventurous. Different from everyone else in his little town. So when he went off into the woods to find his father, no one was really surprised. Which, is why no one stopped him and why he’s also face to face with a terrifying beast inside his castle. He just wanted to find his dad, was that too much to ask?

Unable to breathe out of fear, Stiles hesitated before saying anything. “I’m not leaving without my dad!”

So I really like the idea of an AU where Stiles is older than Derek. Not in a creepy way like he’s 40 and Derek’s 17. But like, if Derek was 18 and Stiles was 21 or something. I’ve seen some older!Stiles prompts on omegle and I get really excited only to become disappointed because the younger!Derek is always OOC in a really annoying way.

(Basically like how Stiles is almost always rp-ed. So out of character it might as well be an OC))

Whatever…. anyone else agree? Disagree?

Like the Land Split by Sea

Stiles had never been so miserable in his life. Not when he took the fall for Malia. Not when his worst enemy had come to break him out of jail only under the condition that he became a lap dog for the people who had hunted him down for years and put him behind bars. Not even when he realized he was in love with the aforementioned asshole and hated himself for a good week straight. He cried himself to sleep and denied anything that reminded him of Derek. He had no one to talk to since his only friends were the people who worked for Derek. Sure, Scott would play Switzerland and be there for Stiles, and the rest of the team cared about him too, but it wasn’t the same. Argent called the next day and told him he was still banned to doing work from home, but when he came back into the office, he would no longer be working over Derek.

Stiles dragged himself out of bed Monday morning and cried in the shower before turning up late to a new floor and a new set of faces. Agents who didn’t know him and probably still thought he’d stab them in the back or steal their wallets if they weren’t watching him diligently enough. He knew the Mahealani kid from tech, but the others were strangers. The new man he was working under, Harris, was a real prick. Nothing at all like Derek had been. Stiles certainly wasn’t going to start sleeping with him. Thanks to Harris, Stiles got stuck with the worst possible work, and couldn’t leave the office until late. Argent still refused to give him a final date in which he’d be released and would no longer be working for the Bureau, but he knew his sentence had been extended because of the entire mess with Kate and Malia.

It was three weeks later, getting close to Christmas time, when Allison stepped out of the elevator, simply waving at Stiles. He cut a glance over at Harris who just told him to go before he packed up his bag and quickly left the office. “Thank god,” he whispered, hugging Allison tight as soon as the doors shut. “I hate it up here. I miss you guys– Not all of you but–” he sighed deeply, running his hand through his hair which was messier than usual. “Sorry, it’s been a long week.” Allison just chuckled and hugged him back, rubbing in between his shoulder blades in a way that was almost painfully reminiscent of his mother. “Derek’s been in interrogation with your unc– the Benefactor for hours now. He hasn’t gotten anywhere and almost broke a chair over the guys head. I’ve never seen him so rattled,” she shook her head. “Scott finally suggested we come get you, and my dad was reluctant but then agreed since the Benefactor said you were the only one he’d talk to.”

“Can’t you guys just tell him I’m not available for this little family reunion?” Stiles asked bitterly, frowning. It felt weird not being on the same cases as the team anymore. They had become like a family, and even though they were all close and Stiles was somehow stitched into their misshapen little quilt, he hadn’t seen them much outside of work ever since his break up–if it could even be called that–with Derek. “How has it been, trying to weed out the rest of the Benefactors little minions?” he asked. The doors opened on the bottom floor then and Allison’s grim expression was answer enough. Stiles sighed, still angry that her father couldn’t just let go of their personal issues and let Stiles help. Soon though, he’d be let go from the FBI and would be able to lead a normal life. He would start teaching at NYU come January, despite bitterly wanting to abandon that idea just to spite Derek. Stiles knew there was no returning to his life of crime by this point, so all there was to do was move forward.

Stiles hated the way his heart began to beat faster when he opened the door and saw Scott and Derek talking quietly on the room on the opposite side of the two way glass. As soon as Derek looked up at him, Stiles’ gaze couldn’t cut away fast enough. “What do I need to do?” Stiles asked quietly, looking at Scott rather than Derek. Scott was silent for a moment, glancing once towards Derek before he briefed Stiles on the situation. Stiles didn’t spare anyone in the room another glance before he stepped into the room “Oh wonderful,” the man greeted, leaning his chin on his cuffed hands. “My beloved nephew came to see me after all. Just in time for the Holidays.” Stiles just glared and took a seat opposite, glancing towards the mirror before cracking his knuckles and getting back into the mindset of his usual, charming self, utilizing both his own skills along with the interrogation methods he had learned while working at the Bureau. He was a confident, unstoppable force, the man who broke his heart on the other side of the glass be damned.