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Welcome to the world Hal Auden Cumberbatch born on March 3rd! Congratulations Ben and Sophie on baby number 2!

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Just Like Her

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You move away from the two mischievous brothers and go over to help the cook.

You haven’t really talked to Bombur much. Well, you never talked to him. You always stuck around with Bilbo and sometimes Kili and Fili. He seemed like a reasonable dwarf to you.

“Do you need any help Bombur?” you ask and he looks at you in surprise. No one has ever approached him asking if he needed help. It was a chore, cooking for 16 people especially when the other fifteen never helped out.

“Sure, lassie. Why don’t you cut the vegetables?” he asks and you nod, taking a seat on the log. He hands you a knife and the vegetables and you begin to cut them into pieces.

“What’s your life like back home?” you ask him. “Well, I have a sweet lass waiting for me. She’s the most amazing dam I’ve ever met,” he says, smiling brightly and that causes you to smile.

You liked hearing about the lives of the other dwarves. Being a hobbit, you never really got out much and anything new was pretty amazing. Your favorite story so far had to have been Thorin’s recollection of babysitting Kili and Fili.

“How did you two meet?” you ask. 

“Don’t get him started on that, lass. He’ll bore you for days,” Bofur ays, laughing at his brother. That makes Bombur’s smile disappear and you can tell he’s hurt by his brothers words.

“You’d do well to respect your elders Bofur no matter how much older he is,” you snap and Bofur looks surprised at your outburst. You glare at him again and he walks away. You turn back to Bombur with a smile on your face.

“Well tell me about the lass then, master dwarf,” you say and his smile returns.

“You remind me of her, sometimes. She always stuck up for me. Dwarves are usually stocky, but I’m fat and everyone knew that. They teased me about it all the time. That’s when I met her. When I was about ten, there were a few dwarves that were picking on me because of my weight and she came out of nowhere with her sword and Bifur right behind her. With a bit of teamwork, they scared the dwarves away and since that day I’ve been in love.  She never once judged me about my weight or eating habits and she never once left my side and I can never thank her enough for being by my side,“ he says with a glassy look in his eyes.

“She sounds like a lovely dwarrowdam and I would love to meet her one day,” you say kindly and he smiles at you again. “And I would love for her to meet you too.”


The group photo actors received as a present at the end of filming.