Stephen Frears


There’s been much discussion about the symbolism behind the stag. Early in the film when the royal family is watching TV, Prince Philip notes that the stag he saw that day had 14 points, and the Queen Mother is pleasantly surprised, noting it had been years since the estate had seen a stag that big. Later, when the stag is killed, the Queen expresses concern that it “didn’t suffer too much.” Many viewers feel that the stag represents Princess Diana or, at least, the Queen’s hidden emotions regarding Diana’s death. Some see the stag as representing the demise of old English values and traditions in the face of Tony Blair’s “modern” goals and ideals. Another interpretation is that the stag represents the Queen herself – proud and vulnerable. In the DVD audio commentary with Peter Morgan and Stephen Frears, Morgan says that the stag was meant to represent something that had survived, that had lived beyond its expected lifetime (x)

New film by Lee !!
For August 2015 will be released at the cinema .. “Icon”
Here’s some of the things pertaining to “Icon” :
- A sports journalist Irish becomes convinced that the performance of Lance Armstrong (Ben Foster) during the victories in the Tour de France are powered by banned substances - doping. With this conviction, he began to look for evidence that Armstrong then exhibit a real cogna media.
Lee plays Bill Stapleton, Armstrong’s agent.
The cast is also Dustin Hoffman.
The director Stephen Frears who also directed The Queen, Dangerous Liaisons and Philomena.