Last year I made 3 posts featuring some of my favourite blogs that a stumbled upon in 2013. Since I got such great feedback from it, I decided to do one again this year!

So here are some of my favourite blogs I came across in 2014.
Make sure to check them out if you haven’t already!
Enjoy + have a Happy New Year!

1. Kayla Seah of notyourstandard
2. Nichole Ciotti of vanillaextract
3. Meric Kucuk of maritsa
4. Yvet van der Naalt of yvetvdn
5. Stéphanie of  haveafashionbreak
6. Stephanie Toms of cocochic
7. Jayne Min of stopitrightnow
8. Jamie de Leeuw and Silvy de Jong of thegirlsbehindthecamera
9. Sarah Mikaela of framboisefashion

( PART 2 + 3 )