• Stephanie: I won't abandon you, Skulduggery. You say you don't need anyone? This is proof that you're lying. You want people to think you're a selfish bastard so that when they walk away, they won't know how badly they've hurt you. But I know it hurts, Skulduggery. No matter how much armour you put on, it still hurts.
  • Skulduggery: I really wish you were somebody else right now.
  • Stephanie: Why? Oh. Well, I'm not, but I'm here, so you're just going to have to make due.

Skulduggery Pleasant Series : The Reflection (Stephanie)

There’s a story about a wooden boy who is granted life, blood pumping through his veins, a body that will rot, but not in the way he expects it to, riddled with woodworms and time.

This is not a story about a wooden boy. This is a story about a reflection of a girl who thinks she knows everything, who steps up to take a name long abandoned, who is grateful for the things her other isn’t.

(Family. School. First kisses. Normalcy- Something Valkyrie cannot understand.

But Stephanie has long ago stopped being just the Reflection. Just the image of a girl with a worldbreaker in her head and a heart so damaged it stutters with every beat.)

This is a story about Stephanie, of Haggard. This is a story about a girl who loves her little sister, her parents, her friends, who will live in a world without magic and monsters, without knowing she will fall back into glass.

This is Stephanie’s life now. And she’s not about to give it back.

Do Valkyrie’s parents ever find out about Stephanie? Like I remember in TDOTL, Valkyrie just told her parents that she missed out on school here and there to go on missions with Skulduggery, because she didn’t think they could handle knowing that a reflection of her had been playing the role of their daughter for many years. But do they know about Stephanie now? Do they know about the girl who was at first merely a reflection, but then turned into a person with thoughts and feelings of her own? Do they know about the girl who in the end was neglected and ridiculed by many, but evidently deserved more than that? Do they know about the girl that wanted them as parents of her own and wanted nothing but to keep them safe, but then ended up dying on her own? Just do they know about the girl who deserved so much more than she ever got?

  • The Reflection: If you had unleashed Darquesse, you'd be guaranteeing that people would die.
  • Valkyrie Cain: Skulduggery would have stopped me.
  • The Reflection: You can't be sure of that.
  • Valkyrie Cain: I trust him.
  • The Reflection: And that's the problem
  • Valkyrie Cain: What? What's the problem?
  • The Reflection: China told you once that Skulduggery would kill you without hesitation if he had to. He'd sacrifice anyone for the good of the mission. When you realised you were Darquesse, this was practically a comfort. You knew that if things got bad enough, you could rely on Skulduggery to put a bullet in your brain to stop you from killing your parents.
  • Valkyrie Cain: That's ridiculous. I never-
  • The Reflection: You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me.
  • *Valkyrie stays silent*
  • The Reflection: But things have changed. Your relationship with Skulduggery has deepened, you know it has. You know the lengths he would go to for you, and that's the problem. Valkyrie, he would sacrifice the world to save for you.