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Let the games begin

  1. Name: Stephanie
  2. Nickname: Steph, Alligator, Child, Kid, Cap (from Captain America)
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Height: 173 cm or 5'7 ft
  5. Ethnicity: Romanian
  6. Favourite ficitonal character(s): Sheldon Cooper, Victor Vale, Frodo, Gandalf
  7. Favourite fruit: Pineapple
  8. Favourite season: Spring
  9. Favourite book series: The Lord of the Rings
  10. Favourite flower: Hydrangea
  11. Favourite scent: Cherry Blossoms and Coconut
  12. Favourite colour: Red, Baby Pink and White
  13. Favourite animal: CATS
  14. Number of blankets: 2
  15. Dream trip: Going to New Zealand or to Iceland with my friends
  16. Favourite bands: BTS, EXO, Big Bang
  17. Favourite solo artists: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles
  18. The Song stuck in my head: Taylor Swift ft. T-Pain- Thug Story
  19. Last movie I watched: Shrek
  20. The last show I watched: Attack on Titan
  21. When did I create my blog: a few months ago
  22. What do I post: random TS and kpop stuff
  23. Do I have any other blogs: I have instagram accounts do they count??
  24. Do I get asks: not really
  25. Why did I chose my url: Blood Sweat and Tears is the first BTS song that I’ve heard and I thought it fitted my life well and as I don’t really cry I chose to put swiftie instead of tears
  26. Following: 1585
  27. Followers: 529
  28. Average hours of sleep: 7
  29. Lucky number: 7
  30. Instruments: I tried playing the piano and guitar but failed miserably
  31. What am I wearing: sweatpants and an oversized Tshirt that I stole from my brother 😇🐍
  32. Dream Job: Aviation Expert or to be in charge of the control tower at the airport, or just be the manager of the airport
  33. Favourite food: Baked salmon with lemon
  34. Nationality: Romanian (STIGMA)
  35. Favourite song rn: Sign of the Times
  36. Star Sign: Sagittarius
  37. Time: 7:24 pm
  38. Birthday: 18th of December (A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS WOOO)

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Will you ever write a Commandos Pov fic? I can't stop thinking about all the bragging Bucky does lol

“Now that’s a fucking lie,” Dugan says.

“Nope,” Barnes replies. “I swear to God, she let me.” 

“I don’t believe it,” Jones says, and Barnes, that smug asshole, just shrugs, grinning. Dugan rolls his eyes. Predictable, this guy. “I do not believe it.” 

“She got off,” Barnes says, and then pretends to think. “Twice? Twice.” 

“Hey,” Cap says, lumbering in. He drops down next to Barnes, and asks him – not them, Dugan notices, him, Barnes, “What twice?” 

Barnes takes a second, looking at him. Then he says, casually, “Remember Steph?” 

Cap looks blank. “Oh!” he says after a second, nodding. “Yep. Yeah. I remember Steph. Your, uh…” 

“My girlfriend, Stevie – Captain Virgin thinks that’s a bad word,” Barnes whispers. “This is pretty dirty,” he adds. “You should close your ears, pal.” 

“Shut the fuck up,” Cap tells him, squinting suspiciously. “What about Steph, Buck? What about sweet little Stephanie who’s like a sister to me? Hmm? James?” 

“Uh,” Barnes says, chewing at his nail. He takes a drink from his canteen and passes it to Cap, who drinks too. “You know, nothin’ much, actually, come to think of it, I don’t even remember what we were, hah, talkin’ about–” 

“Barnes here,” Dugan interrupts. “Is saying that one time his girl back home let him fuck her in the ass.” 

Dugan has never seen a man choke the way Cap chokes. His eyes bug out and he splutters and water comes out of his mouth and nose, until he’s bent over his knees, wheezing for air and not getting any of it. Barnes slams him on the back, grimacing. “That’s it, Steve,” he says. “Yep. Get it out. I know. I know. Yep.” 

“Jesus fucking Christ, Barnes,” Cap gasps. 

Barnes is cringing with the face of a man who’s in the doghouse. Dugan is suspicious. “Uh-huh.” 

“That was my reaction,” Jones tells Cap sympathetically.

“No,” Cap wheezes. “No, I really don’t think it was.”