TRUE LIES chapter four.

“Faster.” He pressures, eyes set on her as Aurora picks up the pace only for a few seconds before her arms start hurting so much that she has to slow down again. “I said faster!” Harry raises the volume of his voice this time and it’s enough for her to stop and take a step back.

“Stop yelling at me!”

“I’ll stop yelling when you’re focused on this.”

“Forgot to take the stick out of your arse today?” She spits back, that strange feeling she now recognizes as anger building up inside her.

“Did you think this was gonna be easy, princess?”


“Pocket Mortys” takes place before “Close Rickcounters“

That’s my theory, and it can be yours too! In just two easy steps! And by steps I mean Ricks. Let me explain. (spoilers obviously. C’mon people.)

Evil Rick:

Whether he’s a complete robot or a mind-controlled cyborg (I prefer the latter), before Evil Morty was safe enough to go around killing Ricks, he needed a lot of Mortys for human shields/camouflage for his Rick (which is another reason I’m set on Evil Rick being a cyborg and not a robot). This dialogue makes it sound like Evil Morty is taking advantage of the Morty craze to inconspicuously collect his early Mortys.

If you’re thinking this can’t be the same Evil Rick as the show’s because his scar is on the wrong side, then AHAA!! Cool it, cuz that’s just a result of his image being flipped. It’s like Punk Morty’s tattoo being written backwards on the stats screen because the image is flipped.

Besides, his sprite has the scar on the proper side. And the image is flipped the other way before battle.

The other Rick of note is this guy:

(Everyone’s favorite line.) Yeah, this guy’s whole premise is that he is a parody of Prince. In the episode “Close Rickcounters of the Rick Kind” Rick calls him “The Scientist formerly Known as Rick” a-la Prince’s “the artist formerly known as Prince” deelio.

Not only is this guy dead by “Close Rickcounters”, but it also appears that he has yet to become “formerly” known as Rick. He is still known as Rick during this game. Sure, they probably just didn’t have room for the full name. But, y’know, there’s still the fact that he’s alive, so I’m going with it. He hasn’t changed his name yet.

And thus we can see how Pocket Mortys takes place either before season one or early in season one. Isn’t that interesting? (I think so.)

jikook-daily asked:

fellow bts trash! how are you? thanks for following me :))

hello friend!!!! omg pls you say jikook i am thERe in a heartbeat jikook won’t let me breathe so ofc i follow any fellow jikook trash i find we gotta stick together

i have spent my weekend in a haze of alcohol, midterm notes, and my 9k jikook WIP so i’m oKAY all things considered 

how are you? <33333

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this is up your alley, but I just need some help from SOMEONE. I'm a straight girl who's getting married to the man of my dreams in 6 months. To make a long story short, I was adopted when I was young, but got contacted by my dad when I turned 18. I then moved to the US to live with him and his husband. I want both my adoptive dad, biological dad AND my step dad to walk me down the aisle. Do you think this at all possible? Any idea as to how it would work?

ooo haha this is not the kind of advice I give but I will try.. hmm I think you can talk to them about this and ask for their option. I have seen it before with step dads and dads so yeah I think it is possible but it is about three people so yeah I dont know maybe they can all do a few steps. , but you have to talk to you wedding planner or someone who is in charge. 

anonymous asked:

I'm always surprised when you bring up being Christian. I spent 21 years of my life as a Christian and I couldn't help but turn away from it. And I didn't have to put up with even a fraction of what you would have to deal with as a gay woman. The faith and strength that you must possess are so commendable. If more Christians were like you, I probably wouldn't have been pushed away. By that I mean your kindness, acceptance of others, the fight you show for those that society steps on, etc.

First, let me say a heartfelt “thank you”. This message means more to me than you know. More than almost any other message I’ve received. It touches me to know that at least someone has really SEEN me and noticed who I am and has taken something from that. …I mean it. :’)

Now I’m gonna take this opportunity to go off for a minute. ..What you said, it is one of the single most frustrating things in my life. Being both gay and a person of a western faith is a unique position because BOTH sides are pretty consistently, whether overtly or subliminally, somewhat pushing for you to reject that other side of your life. Pick one, you can’t have both. And I say that’s bullshit! No! I still believe in God (and also Jesus) and I’m not going to forsake my God or my faith just because quite a few loudmouths, that claim to be of the same faith or similar faiths, are assholes. Fuck that. I’m not going to blame God for human’s mistakes. Likewise, I will never again hide who I am to people of faith, a few of whom may be these assholes, just to avoid a real conversation or to make them feel more comfortable. I will always stand up now and say, “No, you’re fucking wrong. It isn’t sin. Any more than women speaking while in church is sin. Any more than wearing cotton and wool at the same time is sin. Or whatever the fuck other legalistic bs you wanna say. I know God loves me and created me this way”.

And I encourage every single one of you reading this who are lgbtq people of faith to do the same, as much as possible. (Because I know it isn’t always possible. Some aren’t in a position to be able to do that.) I know it’s hard. But I never have regretted being fully who I am to others, either way.

The day before the Superbowl is hell when you work in a grocery store . . .

Within the first hour and a half of my shift today, I encountered:

1. Some obnoxious jackhole who told me I was “working too hard”, (please fuck off forever and let me work at the pace I need to work at to get my damn job done, you fucking jackalope.)

2. A woman who tried to yank my step stool away from me so she could use it

3. A semi-regular old man customer who comes in every 1-2 weeks and buys 50-100 cups of yogurt at a time (who the fuck needs that much yogurt?! Is it his main source of sustenance? Seriously, if you’re going to buy that much, just have us special order it for you instead of buying out our entire shelf!)

4. A boy (probably about 12 years old or so) who held a bottle of Snuggle fabric softener in front of my face and asked me “what does this juice taste like?”. (I’m pretty sure he was trying to play a prank/joke on me, and I was not amused.)

5. Someone apparently deciding that right on top of the eggs was a perfect place to leave a tray of 80 frozen shrimp, despite the fact that they have to walk right past the seafood department again to leave the store.

Not to mention all the screaming children, beeping motorized carts, and being called up to help sack groceries over and over, and of course all the lovely customers who don’t see the need to either push their carts forward so you can get their sacks off the register, or god forbid put their own damn sacks in their cart.

So yeah. Today was fun.

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How to make me love you for the rest of my natural life, in 3 easy steps:

1) Take me to a trampoline park with ninja warrior course and set me loose until I collapse in a heap of noodly limbs

2) Feed me as much as I can eat

3) Engage me in conversation about Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) until I tire of running my yap.

Repeat as desired.

entry #8

Sometimes the fingers cover my shoulders; bracing the current of the outside so that I only feel the faintest brush of the wind

Sometimes they take hold of the soaring arc of time and keep it stationary, the image of a great, roaring flood of light and ink and cries and tears and the will to fight and the will to stand and the will to step upward, for me to watch

Sometimes the arm is merely extended, expectantly, waiting for the miniscule pressure of my own ponderous body before it extracts it from this fickle, changeable, meaningless, subjective now and lead me away

I know not where; my eyes are usually closed