I’ve been waiting all week for this and it was way better than I hoped. 

Zero proving he does always think of Jude first by blackmailing Terrence and Jelena for him. I wanted to hug Zero like he was so sweet in his own, twisted manipulative way. 

And his face during the Lucas scene I was sure Lucas was about to get punched. He was jealous and furious and protective! And he could have easily just told Jude how big an asshole Lucas was but instead he actually stepped up and wouldn’t let Jude feel bad! And the kiss and everyone’s reactions was perfect like I’m actually weak after this episode 

If I didn’t love Zero before I love him now 

marshalls-adventure asked:

hey in case you care, you know that su "commercial" you reblogged (in which ame and pearl fuse) and you tagged it with "this is CNLA isn't it"? I don't know about CNLA but it definetly airs on the german CN channel! they have one of those for every major cartoon show.

ooooh nice! i know CNLA and CNAsia did custom animated ads, but i couldnt figure out where that one was from :oo neat!!

  • Just had a bisexual girl get excited about the fact that I cosplay Dean and told me she cosplays Cas and that we could get together and stare deeply and lovingly into each others eyes until other people became uncomfortable. And it was the best pick up line anyone has ever delivered to me in the last year and a half.