When I was little, my favourite Winx member used to be Flora. But as I grew up, I have come to appreciate Stella much more to the point where she has become my favourite character. If you analyse her, carefully watch her behaviour and listen to her dialogue more, you will come to realise that she has much more depth to her than people give her credit for. And what I mean especially is season 2-3 Stella. 

By Anonymous

After his travels to North Africa and Barbados, artist Joseph Stella was inspired to create a series of works on paper featuring tropical birds and flowers. In this life-size work, “Red Amaryllis,” Stella captures the intense bright reds and lush greens of tropical flowers against a wall of darkness, creating a still life that is at once natural and supernatural. It’s on view now in the installation “Contemporary Art on Paper from Marion Boulton ‘Kippy’ Stroud.“

Red Amaryllis,” c. 1929, by Joseph Stella