Late.  Well, that wasn’t terribly unusual, all things considered.  The musician who had invited him out was, if nothing else, one for dramatic entrances.

Sergio had a seat at the table that Luciano reserved at Le Triangle d'Or, making himself comfortable and perusing the menu.  The restaurant was positively sumptuous, tastefully done up in white and gold with chandeliers that cast dancing light across the interior.  Nearby, a duet was being played between a cellist and a pianist.

The re-educator grinned inwardly at the selection on the menu - seafood featuring prominently in dish after dish.  Naturally.  Luc would have the cedar plank salmon, of course; it was ever his favorite.  

Considering his own potential selections, Sergio mentally went through wine and food pairings as he waited.

The signs as Orange is the New Black characters
  • Aries:Red
  • Taurus:Stella
  • Gemini:Pensatucky
  • Cancer:Sophia
  • Leo:Nicky
  • Virgo:Poussey
  • Libra:Piper
  • Scorpio:Alex
  • Sagittarius:Taystee
  • Capricorn:Gloria
  • Aquarius:Soso
  • Pisces:Suzanne