In my Winx Club and Gravity Falls crossover, I would like to think this is what Ford would say this when he steps out of the portal and sees everyone:

Ford:  Stan, you didn’t tell me there were children down here. And some sort of large, hairless gopher? *Sees the Winx, Specialists and Wizards* As well as adults, four of which haven’t gotten out of their goth phases?

Wizards: HEY!

Stella: I know right?


No, Winter Storm Stella doesn’t disprove climate change

  • Climate change deniers are at it again. The logic goes, “How could global warming be real when your driveway is piling up with cold, cold snow?”
  • Well, there’s bad news for deniers — research has shown that extreme weather, for example, massive snowstorms, are actually linked to climate change.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has studied climate change extensively winter storms have increased in both “frequency and intensity,” and climate change is “increasing the odds of more extreme weather events taking place.”
  • As meteorologist Eric Holthaus wrote in Slate in 2016, just after a record-breaking winter storm dropped 26.6 inches of snow on New York City in just one day, “there is clear evidence global warming is boosting the odds of recent big Northeast snowstorms.” Read more (3/13/17 6:21 PM)

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FFXV X Persona 5. Noctis and Stella. Flats only for now. I chose Stella cuz’ I think she would be a much better character or a party member than Luna. Luna would probably be more of just a support character; the Futaba of the group or something, but even Ignis is a much better character for that role. So I just turned her into a persona. lol

Here’s Prompto:



Bath Spell to Release Anger

You Will Need…

  • Rosemary [Love]
  • Lavender [Calming]
  • Rose Petals [Love]
  • Chamomile [Calming
  • Salt [Purification]
  • White candle(s) [Serenity]
  • Blue candle(s) [Calming]

Intent: To release anger, to calm down

  • 1. Combine the herbs, salt, and sugar in a sachet. Focus on your intent as you mix them together.
  • 2. Draw your bath. You may want to add salt crystals or Epsom salts. Add your sachet to the water and focus on the healing energies of the ingredients being released into the water.
  • 3. Light your candles and place them near the tub if possible.
  • 4. Step into the tub. Relax. Breathe. Imagine your body absorbing the positive energies of the sachet. Relax your mind and your body. Focus on positivity.
  • 5. In your head or out loud, chant or sing or whisper this:

“I am clean, I am serene.
Anger does not control me.
I will not shout, I will not lash out.
Anger does not control me.”

  • 6. Repeat this as many times as you need, but aim to repeat it at least 3 times.
  • 7. Wash your hair and your body. Imagine that you’re scrubbing away the negativity.
  • 8. Rinse off and drain the tub. Imagine all of your negativity going down the drain and away from you. Now you are open to absorb only good things. 
  • 9. Dry off, get dressed, blow out the candles, but most importantly: breathe.