AGE 5:   Mark Wahlberg
AGE 7:   Macaulay Culkin
AGE 10: Stefan Urquelle
AGE 13: Skeet Ulrich
AGE 14: Bruce Willis/Will Smith

At 5 years old I sat on my swing set, truly believing that if I concentrated hard enough Mark Wahlberg would walk into my backyard and ask me to marry him. At 7 I prayed that my Dad would get a new job and our new house would “just happen” to be next door to the Culkins. I wanted to become an actor so that Jaleel White would fall in love with me during my guest appearance on Family Matters. Is it creepy that I was in love with the killer from the first Scream? Because I was. And the Bruce Willis/Will Smith dual ticket? I memorized every word to both Men In Black and The Fifth Element. I dreamed about standing between Bruce & Will as they both asked me to be their boyfriend. That’s normal, right?


Season 5 Episode 8- Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool (1993).

The song playing during the party is “For the Cool in You” by Babyface 


this is my jam right now

and the video. is so simple yet so awesome