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“Oh, sorry about that” a voice apologized after bumping into you. “It’s okay” you assure them, reaching up to run your fingers through your hair. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before” he said pointing at you playfully. “Yeah I’m new to Beacon Hills, I’m Y/N” you introduced holding out your hand. “Scott” he replied, reaching out to shake your hand. “Do you know many people here yet Y/N?” He asked as he tucked his hands into his pockets while you shook your head in response. “If you want I can introduce you to my friends?” He offered considerately. “Beacon Hills can be a…hectic place, especially if you don’t know anyone”

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5 underrated stelena moments? :)

1. Two scenes in 1x17

I choose the first one because it’s actually an example of what Klaus says in 3x05:

Stefan is in the midst of his blood high/ripper rage but the minute he shoves Elena, his humanity returns and he looks absolutely ashamed and embarrassed and scared and it’s a wonderfully acted scene by Paul and it shows just how much Elena means to him and that she directly connects to his humanity.

I choose the second one because Elena is anxious about what she saw in the first scene but when Stefan touches her face, she’s relieved and she’s almost serene, no matter what he is that person for her, like the way she closes her eyes the minute his hand is on her cheek and then she just stares at him basking in his touch, again showing how much he means to her.

2. The 4x05 hug

In one of my older posts I used a quote about Jamie and Claire in “Outlander” to describe SE and specifically their physicality: “When Jamie reaches out his hand toward Claire… They just snap together like a clamshell closing […]” and I think the 4x05 hug is an example of that idea, of snapping together like a clamshell closing:

which harks back to earlier SE hugs:

3. The 4x07 face touch

She sleeps with Damon in this episode but clearly she still loves Stefan, she doesn’t do this with Matt, this isn’t just a friend thing.

4. “Katherine, who?”

The makeout itself is something that’s spoken about a lot but I particularly love “Katherine, who?” because Elena is going on about getting caught and she brings up Katherine’s name and Stefan’s response is literally the best thing he could’ve said at that moment and Elena’s smile proves that and it’s after he says, “Katherine, who?” that Elena switches and is on top, like OK let me lose myself then:

5. The 6x08 phone call

Because they use each other as points of reference for how to love other people, that’s what this phone call is about, but I also think there’s the realization in this pause that they’ll never be able to love other people with that type of devotion and passion.


Familia ❤️.

My Favorite Part of the Steroline Fandom
  • *literally anything happens between Stefan and Caroline*
  • Steroline shippers at first: Awe yes look at my OTP moving forward and progressing, ah I love them.
  • Steroline shippers 5 seconds later: Look who it is, Stefan I-Was-Wrong Salvatore. "Not gonna happen," my ass, looks like it's happening now. Boom Salvatore.
  • Steroline shipper 5 seconds later: Awe sorry Stefan, you know you're my child, but boy were you wrong!