After Stefan lost his memories and got them back, it seemed like that’s when he shifted his attention to Caroline instead of Elena.  It’s like he needed that to clear his head, to make him realize that he doesn’t love Elena anymore, or even really like her as a person.  And it let him see how important Caroline is to him and how she’s always there for him.  I feel like that was the major shift-over from Stelena to Steroline. 

Steroline Fanfic | I Can Handle That

Multi-chapter fanfic (12 chapters).


Everything was different since the wedding. They had not only lost the opportunity to start something together, but their friendship had finally broken completely. Stefan was miserable. Despite having had the courage to tell her that he wanted to try, she, with a broken face, had rejected him.

And now, every time he saw her smiling, he felt as if someone stabbed him in the chest. Was he selfish? Probably, but he could not help it.

The worst part of coping with it was that Bonnie had moved to the boarding house and since then, Caroline used to spend time there too. It was in those moments when Damon reminded him something he hated.

If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, she will find it, but with another guy.

Stefan, frustrated, could not stop thinking. Thinking about everything he had lost. Guilt had wrapped them after regaining their humanity, but when the weeks passed, Stefan could not deny that he needed to forget everything and just be with her.

Because he missed her in all the possible ways a person can miss someone else. And she, she acted as if nothing had happened. After weeks and weeks of running away and avoiding him, she had no choice but to wear the mask of “nothing has happened” and pretend. And Stefan did not know what was worse.

When she knocked on the door of his room that summer morning, Stefan’s heart jumped. He quickly sat up in bed and Caroline peeked behind the door.

“Hey… You know where the corkscrew is? Bonnie and I have been looking for it in the kitchen, but we can’t find it.”

Stefan felt disappointed, again.

“Yeah, uh…” Stefan reached out and grabbed the corkscrew, which was under his bed. “Here you go.”

Caroline grabbed it without touching him and looked at him with a frown.

“Why was it there?” she asked.

It was there because last night I got drunk. Because of you, of course.

“The other day Damon and I… Well, you know, boy stuff.”

Caroline nodded and left the room. Stefan followed her with his eyes, remembering the warmth of her skin and the taste of her lips against his. He took the glass from the table and looked at it, realizing that he had drunk almost everything.

Just something I wanted to say

A week or so ago I was in the Steroline chat and told everyone I wanted it to be Caroline’s mom to bring her back. And I love that it happened and that it was parallel to Stefan’s. And that they went through it together in the latest episode and the dedication Stefan has to her.

But can we talk about how Damon and Stefan were lowkey triggers? Lily may have said words but Damon brought her to him and made her said those words. Stefan showed Caroline a memory of her mother and him talking about their future. Caroline’s grief at loosing her mother brought her back, but Stefan was the one who brought that to her.

I just thought that was super cool.

A Crazy Year (2/3)

Prompt By Anonymous: steroline normal teens au - stefan secretly in love with his best friend caroline
Also shout out to emilachay and iluvsteroline for being so excited about this series.

Part One

Stefan had never been so excited about going back to school after christmas break. Normally he was like any other kid and was dreading the classes, homework and how hard coach would be in practice, but this year all he could think about was a certain blonde.

Ever since Caroline had returned to Mystic Falls, the pair had been inseparable. Caroline had quickly risen up the social ladder and Stefan couldn’t go a day without hearing someone mention them dating. But Caroline always rolled her eyes and asked him why people couldn’t mind their own business.

Stefan would force a chuckle and nod in agreement, as his insides stung. After all, how could he tell her that he agreed with everyone? How could he tell his best friend that he thinks he may have been in love with her since they were kids? Why else would he have ignored every girl that looked his way when Caroline was gone?

“Earth to Stefan,” Caroline giggled, waving a hand in front of his face.

Stefan looked around, they were sat in his porsche, in the school parking lot.

He turned to look at his friend in the passenger seat. “Sorry Care, I was just thinking.”

“Yea well you seem to be doing that a lot lately. Don’t go all broody on me,” she joked, playfully slapping his shoulder, making the skin burn.

Stefan just rolled his eyes, as they jumped out of the car.

Eyes followed the pair as they walked, laughing and smiling, up the path and through the front doors. As always Stefan walked Caroline to her locker and said that he would see her at lunch.

“What about history?” she asked, confused.

“We have a football meeting and a quick practice,” Stefan said, in an apologetic voice.

He knew that Caroline hated history because of ‘creepy Klaus’.

“But Stefan we are starting group projects today and you know who I’ll end up with if you’re not their!” Caroline whined, stomping her foot like a six year old.

Stefan couldn’t help, but smile, which put him on the receiving end of a Forbes’ death glare.

“Let’s go tell Mr. Saltzman that we are partners, okay?”

Caroline nodded and they walked down the hallway to the history room. The teacher agreed and Stefan left Caroline with a kiss on her cheek. But he couldn’t tell if it was for her or him.

All through the meeting and the rest of his classes Stefan was harassed by all of his teammates and his friends about Caroline. He had been told to ask her out so many times that he’d officially lost count.

But the only thing that got him through all the classes was the fact that he was seeing his best friend at lunch.

“Seriously dude she’s crazy about you, you can see it in her eye,” Tyler explained, as Stefan, Matt and Tyler sat down at their lunch table. The girls weren’t there yet, so half their table was empty.

“He would see it if he wasn’t too busy drooling all over her,” Matt shot back, Stefan just rolled his eyes.

Besides he was too busy looking for a blonde haired girl. Just as Stefan was about to punch his friends in the face he saw Caroline and a smile just popped up on his face. As usual she was followed by Elena and Bonnie and you could hear their laughs across the cafeteria.

But as soon as she made eye contact with him the world seemed to stop. Suddenly all the conversations, laughter and the sounds of eating all vanished, all that was left was a mixture of blue and green. Stefan couldn’t help, but grin and Caroline gave off her shy smile that she loved.

Stefan didn’t know why, but he suddenly stood up and was on his way to her, when Klaus got to her first. Anyone could see that Caroline was trying to get away from him and Bonnie and Elena were trying to get him to leave her alone.

Suddenly Stefan was behind Klaus and very calmly he tapped on his shoulder. “Caroline asked you to leave her alone,” he said in a steady voice. The whole cafeteria was silent. “In fact, she has asked you to leave her alone multiple times, so I suggest you do that.”

“Or what Stefan?” Klaus spat, getting really close.

The next part was a blur for Stefan. One minute he was looking at Klaus and the next his right hand was burning and Klaus was bleeding on the ground.

“Stefan!” Caroline screeched, looking at Klaus. “What the hell?”

“He can’t touch you Caroline!” Stefan yelled back, gesturing to him.

“And why not? Why are you so protective all the time?”

“Because I’m your best friend!” he screamed.

Caroline shook her head in frustration. “No there’s something more!”

Everyone in the cafeteria was gaping. At this point Klaus had dragged himself away, but everyone’s eyes were fixed on the two best friends that never fought.

“Fine do you want to know why I’m so protective? It’s because I’m jealous,” Stefan finally admitted.

“Why would you be-”

But before Caroline could finish that sentence Stefan had kissed her. It lasted only for a second, but with that little bit Caroline felt like she was on fire and she just wanted more.

“I like you Caroline,” Stefan confessed, as they broke apart, giving her a shy smile.

Caroline beamed at him and reconnected their lips, making everyone in the cafeteria cheer. Yes they may be the two most popular people in school, but they were loved by everyone and they all just wanted them to be happy.

Soon the pair was bombarded by friends, the football team and cheer leading squad. But the whole time they held hands and they both knew that they would never let go again.