Klaus: “Where have you been all day?”
Stefan: “Why would I tell you that?”
Klaus: “Because I heard from one of my hybrids that you were spending time with my sister”
Stefan: “Yes, I was. What are you gonna do about it? It’s not like you are gonna kill me”
Klaus: “You think I won’t kill you?”
Stefan: “We both know if you do that, (Y/N) will never look at you again”
Klaus: “Maybe, but at least I’m rid of you”
Stefan: “I know that you’re her big brother, but I will never hurt her, you have my word on that”
Klaus: “fine i’ll give you one chance, but if you hurt my sister, You have to deal with me”


Stelena + Reluctant Smiles

I said this to one of the anons in my inbox: “The whole point is that [Stefan and Elena] make each other happy.” And it’s a simple concept but a powerful one and that made me think about how Elena smiles with Stefan. There are many instances throughout the series, in every season, where Elena is in a bad mood or an anxious mood or an ‘over it’ mood and doesn’t feel like smiling but Stefan says something, does something, looks at her in their own private way and she can’t help but smile, she even tries to contain it but can’t because Stefan just naturally makes her happy.

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Morning Routine // Stefan Salvatore - Prompt

Morning Routine
#48 “You think I need you? Because I don’t.”
Stefan Salvatore x Reader

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There you stood in front of the large cabinet that held everybody’s dishes, in the Salvatore Boarding house. Frustration was the only word that could describe how you were feeling in this moment and nothing could really change that. Someone had put your favourite bowl on the highest fucking shelf while doing the dishes. Finding your things on the highest shelf always happened; you could say it was quite common. This usually ruined your mood and this morning really wasn’t the time to mess around with you, as you didn’t fancy waking up, let alone climbing up on the bench and trying to get your bowl since somebody didn’t have enough brain cells to realise you couldn’t reach that high.

You grumbled as you pulled a chair over to the cabinet and climbed on top of the shelf, before you could even begin to stretch to get your favorite bowl, Stefan you’re boyfriend, walked in with a smug grin on his face. “You need some help, fruit loop?” He chuckled as he heard a scoff in reply. “You think I need you? Because I don’t.” You mumbled, stretching out your body to try and get your favorite bowl. You got on your tiptoes to try to become a bit taller, this small change in stance made you lose balance. Before you even begin to realize Stefan uses his super speed to get over to you in time so you don’t fall. You land in his arms and a sigh of relief is heard from you. Stefan raises his eyebrows and you cross your arms, “Okay, I need some help.” You muttered in annoyance, Stefan just found your stubbornness adorable so he leaned down and pressed a small kiss to your lips before handing you your favorite bowl.


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it blows my mind how elena looked very much happier and more comfortable in her own skin and more in character (!) and more pure and more natural and more healthy with stefan in 5x04 than she did with damon in seasons 5 and 6 combined - and it was never addressed, ever. i lost count of how many times he made her genuinely smile and laugh in just that one single episode.

I had the exact same reaction when watching that episode. I was like, I haven’t seen this Elena in so long. This is why I don’t get when people keep saying that she and Stefan were miserable together because Elena was straight up giddy with Stefan and 5x04 reiterates that:

There’s a certain light quality to her, she’s playful, mischievous and it’s funny because Elena has this kind of great reaction to Stefan where she is entirely confident enough to sort of troll him and get him out of his comfort zone but at the same time he makes her nervous, which actually just makes her giggle more?

She honestly comes alive when she’s around Stefan and that is partly to do with Dobsley chemistry because it’s like they both just react to each other and bring something out in one another that they’re both just 1000 x more animated and then it has to do with the narrative because the core of SE does not change, “You won’t be sad forever, Elena” and “Don’t hide for me”, which are arguably the taglines of their relationship is still at the centre of their dynamic and it allows them to just be free with each other because the whole point was that they make each other happy. That is literally the point of Stelena. He was dead, she was dead inside, together they bring each other back to life, that boils down to they make each other incredibly happy. So when Elena actually “dies” too and Damon is supposed to be the one who made her feel alive even in death I’m always like OK but every time you felt alive, Elena, you were with Stefan:

The one time Elena felt alive with Damon was the frat party in 4x04 and let’s be clear, that was because of the bloodlust and not because of Damon. I swear Damon could’ve been any indulgent vampire willing to teach Elena how to feed and not kill and she would’ve had the same exact time because it was about the high, she was reveling in blood. And that night ends with her saying she’s turning into someone she doesn’t want to turn into so like. 

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What if the ‘theme’ for #Steroline in season 8 is inspired from TVD 615?

Hear me out:

 Caroline’s song: 

“Let us go into the dark.. not afraid.. not alone..” 

Let us hope by some good pleasure, safely to arrive at home”

These are the lyrics of Caroline’s song, the one where they focused on Stefan while she sang. While at the time it was foreshadowing of her switching her humanity off and dragging stefan into the dark with her, what if this season its about Stefan being forced to go ‘into the dark’? it was revealed earlier that Stefan is forced into this woman’s life and she’s supposed to be evil herself, hence the “let us go into the dark.”

What if the words that followed - ‘not afraid, not alone’ signifies that unlike season 7 where he was completely cut off from Caroline, this time around, he has her to hold on to in spirit. And she’s out there trying to figure this whole thing out.  

Let us hope by some good pleasure, safely to arrive at HOME:

TVD has already established that Caroline is his home. So while he is forced to enter this woman’s life, he has hope that after this is over, he will be back home to Caroline. 

“Bright light in a sea of DARK”

The villain Stefan faces, the one who takes a liking to him is EVIL HERSELF. She is capable of manipulating people, getting into their heads and making them do all sorts of deplorable deeds against their will. 

Julie Plec at SDCC said that Denzo is faced with a rather difficult predicament and its almost as if they feel that this is it.. and theres no way out.. one way out of the push and pull of fighting this entity is to just turn it off and not feel anything. 

Julie Plec also told us that “She (caroline) is a powerful touchstone for Stefan”

What if Caroline is ‘the light’ stefan holds on to, to keep his humanity intact ? or in the alternative , what if he is sucked in and goes DARK and Caroline is the one who pulls him out of it?

“ I think this could turn INTO SOMETHING EVEN BETTER (than his previous ‘loves’)”

What if all this is ultimately leading up to the fulfilment of the prophecy from 6x15 - that what Stefan has with Caroline is something even better than what he has had with anyone previously?

Considering that Julie Plec herself wrote this line and that this is the final season where she can bring this line to life, it is quite possible that she will endeavour to prove that Steroline is better than true love.

One way she can do this is by letting stefan lose himself and having caroline bring him back. When he was the ripper Elena couldn’t bring him back. She in fact admitted to Damon that Stefan would come back because of the love he bears Damon.

Stefan admitted to Caroline in 622 that he needed Damon way more than he needed Elena.

In season 8 however, instead of Damon, if Caroline brings him back, that would bring to life the “something even better”  prophecy because no ‘love’ has had such an impact on stefan’s life before. 

And one reason why this has gotten me excited is because 722 in a way has laid the foundation for something like this to happen. As terrible as season 7 was, in 722 Stefan did leave Damon to face the evil in the vault and ran into Caroline’s arms. This is something Stefan has never done before and it’s more than just about letting this unhealthy co-dependency on Damon go, it also has to do with Steroline and his love for Caroline. His potential relationship with Caroline did play a role in letting Damon go. Which is why it wouldn’t be a stretch if instead of Damon, it is caroline who saves him in the end. 

Of course this is just a theory.. things could turn out to be very different. 

Here’s hoping for a #SterolineJuneWedding finale to TVD (however we get there) !!! 

"This is completely unnecessary, Stefan."

The Salvatore pinched his thick brows together, clearly confused. “What’s unnecessary?”

Bonnie gave her husband a dull look. “Really?”

“Bonnie, I swear this mole was not there yesterday.” Stefan pulled up his shirt higher displaying the unfair but yet sinful display. “Look at it.”

“I don’t need to look at it.” Bonnie hurriedly pulled the vampire’s shirt back down. “It has always been there. Nothing on your body has changed for centuries. Now all the sudden a mole grows out your body?”

“It wasn’t there yesterday, Bonnie. I’m telling you.”

“Even if it did, what do you want me to do? Push it back in your skin? Do a spell to make it disappear?”

Stefan pouted not liking the sarcasm dripping from his wife’s voice. “Don’t get cute.”

“Don’t get annoying.”

“Bonnie, would you just look at it?”



“Because I don’t want to, Stefan.”

“You’re supposed be a supportive wife. We took vows.”

“Oh please! I hardly think the vows consist of dealing with an overly dramatic vampire husband over a little mole.”

Stefan points at her. “Remember that.”

“Remember it then!” Bonnie pointed back. “Remember until you can’t remember anymore.”

The couple of seventeen years remained quiet for a moment…until -

“Bonnie, please.”

“Stefan, I’m getting too old for this.” She really was. She may not appear as a thirty something year old mother of five pushing to forty, but she was. Thank goddess for slow-aging spells. “That mole has been on your body since literally forever.”

“How would you know?”

Bonnie opened her mouth to speak but immediately closed it. Her gem-like eyes gleamed playfully with mischief. The sight made Stefan swallow the lump in his throat.


“How would I know?” Bonnie questioned ignoring the breathy warning from the vampire. “How would I know?”

Warmth spread throughout Stefan hearing the sickly sweet voice serenading his ears. “…Bonnie…you know -”

“I know what, Stefan?” Bonnie leaned her body into his. Fingers gently crawling up his sides, candy apple red nails raking up the black cotton fabric. “Do I know your body?” She carefully lift the hem of Stefan’s shirt. “Do I know every line…?” Pad of her fingertips caressed the skin rippling over his ribs to the deep grooves of his abs. “Do I know every blemish…freckle….” Bonnie stands on her tippy toes to kiss the patch of freckled skin under Stefan’s ear. She adored them. “What do I know, babe?”

Leafy greenish eyes were blown and glossed with undeniable lust. Unable to help himself, Stefan leaned down to kiss the softness of his wife’s lips. A groan clawed from his chest feeling the plushy flesh parts pressed so nicely against his. They fit perfectly.

Bonnie’s fingers splayed over her husband’s chest as the other raked through his hair pulling him impossibly closer. A moaned vibrated through her deliciously as her tongue slipped easily into Stefan’s mouth.

Stefan gasped breaking his heated lips away from his conniving evil wife’s. He moved attention elsewhere as he traveled downward to the witch’s defiant crooked jaw down to her throat. “That was completely unnecessary.” He mumbled against her heated skin feeling the blazed sensation seep into his cold ones. “Absolutely…unnecessary.”

Bonnie tilted her head back looking up at the Salvatore. “We have exactly forty minutes before the kids come home.” She steps back unbuttoning her blouse slowly.

“We have three hours.” Stefan stalked closer to Bonnie. “Hope and Alex are taking the kids to the movies.” He still couldn’t wrap his head around his son dating Klaus’ daughter. “Seeing some weird fish movie.” He scooped the tiny witch into his arms.

“When was this? And why didn’t I know?”

“Come on, Bon. Does it matter?” Bonnie scowled down at him. Of course it matters. They were a overly dramatic pair and over dramatic parents. Why wouldn’t it matter? “Last minute change of plans.” He wraps Bonnie’s legs around his waist, making sure to grip her thighs then round backside. “Alex texted me, I gave him the okay.” Stefan kissed the pout off Bonnie’s lips. “We have lots of time.” Stefan whispered before kissing the top of Bonnie breast. “Lots and lots of time, hun.” He muttered in between kisses.

“Good.” Bonnie lifts her husband’s head to kiss his nose satisfied her children were having fun and she was about to engage in sexy time with her vampire. “Now take me to bed and let me take a look at that mole.”

They never got a chance to look at the mole.

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