Habits of My Heart

Hey Guys! I’ve been inspired to write a little James and Sharna fanfic after reading some amazing ones! I hope you guys enjoy because I rarely ever share my writing. Anyway, I’ll be tagging the first few chapters, but later on I know I’m gonna get lazy! Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1.

It’d been a long day of rehearsals and, well, damage control for the whole ordeal she decided to coin, “hand-gate.” As if the rumors of their non-existent relationship wasn’t enough to deal with; now, the press had something to feast on and, to her dismay, mention in every interview they did.

She fell onto her couch and laid her head back, aimlessly petting Duke, who had decided that she needed a little cheering up from all the chaos. Lost in her thoughts, she decided to come up with a set of answers for her partner to regurgitate to the press because who was she kidding? Growing up on a ranch, he wasn’t used to being in the spotlight and, even though the incident was an honest mistake, would inadvertently make matters worse if she didn’t give him somewhat of a guideline on what to say to interviewers.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing, and she was this close to simply hitting decline until she saw the name on the caller ID. It was 11:30, not that she was remotely close to going to sleep, but it still took her by surprise that he’d be calling her at all, given his busy schedule. “James?”

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anonymous asked:

So Chelsea and Normani are good dancers, but weren't getting the votes, so the producers got them into the final with winner takes all cha cha or guaranteed 40s (contemporary + jazz back to back). They didn't get the votes in finals, so they came in 3rd. David and Kirstie weren't great dancers, but had huge fanbases and good personalities, so they were able to get 2nd. Rashad and Hines are football players who won. Hines had Steeler Nation. Rashad didn't have a fan base, but won over the GP.

I would only change one thing and add one more thing. Hines also won over the the GP. And add on the fact that the judges had to destroy Ralph and Simone in the process of getting Chelsea and Normani to the finals.