Day 24: Merry X-mas!

This has been a real labor of love for Cherry. We’re so excited to finally share it with you. Although we are going to miss you guys asking where the Jenny video is. ;)

Last week, during a beautiful fall day, I emerged from the office in Boulder Colorado. I had a bit of a drive ahead of me, but hunger declared importance over anything else. 

Ok, so food it was! I trekked across town to get a burrito from my favorite burrito place on earth, Illegal Pete’s.  I ran inside, ordered my love, (Steak burrito on wheat, brown rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and jalapeños…. mmmmmm).

As I walk outside, burrito in hand, taking that first delicious bite, I looked up. There was a man pulling a large circular object out of a bag.

It was a handpan. 

I froze, took a long look and realized that there was a man, actually sitting there, with the instrument I’ve been dreaming about getting for a couple years now. He starts tapping, and I hear the sounds that my ears and heart so unanimously agree as beautiful. 

I had to speak with him. “Hey man, where did you find one of those, I’ve been trying for years to get one and just can’t find one.”

“I make them” he says, “Want to buy one?”


Turns out, he not only makes them, but he also tunes them and teaches people how to tune them. He also teaches classes on how to play them, and invited me to join.

He also knows Daniel Waples, who is coming to Boulder soon, and  offered to introduce me. 

We exchanged numbers, and I left completely excited that I may actually be able to own the instrument I’ve dreamed of having so recently. 

I can’t wait. 


The annual Carnival steel pan competition known as the National Panorama competition is held in the weeks preceding Carnival with the finals held on the Saturday before the main event.

Pan players compete in various categories such as “Conventional Steel band” or Single Pan” by performing renditions of the current year’s calypsos.

Preliminary judging of this event for “Conventional Steel bands” has been recently moved to the individual pan yards where steel bands practice their selections for the competition.