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the girl i had a crush on asked me out a while ago!! so we are dating now, the problem is she lives in another state. we met irl once almost a year ago, but we are going to college together in the fall so that's nice!!! anyway i was just wondering if you have any ideas of ways to stay connected and do stuff together, since we are both super busy with school and so far apart. thanks~~~

  • lets you watch movies and shows together! or you can leave netflix and go to whatever you site you want. you can use a mic and/or webcam, or you can just message each other! also good for alone use if you’re a non-american who wants access to us netflix as discovered by me and mod jace
  • synaptop lets you draw, watch videos and share files with each other
  • video games! if you guys like them there are a ton of multiplayer video games you could try. also if either of you have a steam you can use family share and you’ll be able to install each others games.
  • showgoers syncs netflix streams and has a chat window
  • you could try doing a project or something at the same time! maybe you guys could read the same book or make something together!

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Those who wonder how steam’s family/friends sharing works.

Everything works normally after that. You can download and play games that dont have 3rd party DRM. Like I can go and play full game of bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite no problems if friend had them or I shared mine. If friend wants to play them you will get kicked out.

Giving password out discourages random beggars