“I tried to make some money the honest way as a kid. I tried shoveling snow. I tried a newspaper route. I stuck with it for awhile, but one day I was collecting money on my route and these older kids robbed me. There were three of them. They were 16 or 17. I fought hard. I told them: ‘I worked hard for this money.’ But they held me down and took it anyway. It was $27. And that made me feel so powerless. And I remembered that I knew someone with a knife. And I thought: ‘I’m going to steal that knife and deal with this firmly.’ I found those boys at an arcade. Nobody got killed. But I hurt them. I wouldn’t say that I felt proud after stabbing them, but I felt like they got what they deserved. I felt vindicated. Even today, I have trouble sympathizing with them. It’s funny how that works. When someone wrongs us, we want the maximum amount of punishment. But when we do wrong, we want the maximum amount of understanding and forgiveness.”

(Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York)


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black friday 2k15

We all know that the Black Friday of yore is long gone– morphing into an all week shopping experience to include Thanksgiving Day (don’t get me started on that) and the subsequential days leading to Cyber Monday. Here are some great deals happening now (most are good through Monday). Don’t miss this stellar deal on BOB Revolution strollers– currently 40% off on Amazon. 

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Groupon’s now offering $7 for $15 worth of handmade vegan marshmallows and treats from Sweet & Sara. There’s a limited quantity of Groupons available, too, so you better get on it! You can either pick them up from their store in Queens or have them shipped directly to your ass via your mouth.


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I Love Nordstrom, I Love this Bra, and I Love Ebay

There’s a TL;DR at the bottom, but I really think this story is worth reading, 

I normally don’t buy clothing that says “hand wash” or “dry clean” or anything like that on the label because I honestly do not have the time, money, nor energy to hand wash anything or take it to the dry cleaners. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have owned a few items that did say those words on the tag, but they came from thrift shops so I knew they’d already been washed, and obviously could withstand it. A few months ago though I found an AMAZING article of clothing that I just couldn’t pass up, even though it said hand wash only. Naturally, this article of clothing was a bra. 

For me, finding a bra that fits correctly has been IMPOSSIBLE! And I mean impossible for my entire life, not just since after getting pregnant and having my baby. A few months ago I went to the bridal shower of one of my best friends. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but I remembered that she had the same problem I had concerning bras. The last time I saw her, she was an F cup and her bras never fit correctly so she tended to wear looser tops. At her shower though, she was wearing a dress that hugged her in all the right places, including her boobs, and they looked AMAZING! I mean, as a whole she was STUNNING, but I couldn’t get over how good her boobs looked! This was my friend that had worn ill-fitting bras her whole life and constantly complained that nothing fit her and that her boobs were always falling out of her bra, no matter what size she tried. So naturally, after the shower I texted her and A) told her that she looked amazing, and B) asked her what bra she was wearing and where she got it. She then replied and RAVED about her bra. She told me that she’s a 32G now, and was wearing a bra by Chantelle (the “C Chic Sexy Spacer Foam T-Shirt Bra 3585″ in case any of you ladies were interested), which could be found at Nordstrom if I wanted to try some on. She apparently has a few different styles to wear under different things, and recommended that I try a few on and get fitted, since I wasn’t sure of my size after having the baby. 

I trust this girl with my LIFE, so naturally I followed her advice and basically  went straight to the nearest Nordstrom to me (which is actually like a half hour away). I was a little worried about getting fitted, because I’ve gone to both JC Penney and Victoria’s Secret, and both times they measured me incorrectly, but I decided to try anyway, since I didn’t have much to lose. I hadn’t really ever been inside a Nordstrom except once to cut through because I was running late, and so I’d never noticed how classy and elegant the store was. I felt COMPLETELY out of place in my jeans and jacket, but everyone was so friendly. I got turned around twice even though I’d been given specific directions by a super polite and helpful man (the place is huge) before I finally found the lingerie section. The lingerie section was actually pretty small compared to what I was expecting (I shop at Target and Walmart mostly, so I was expecting it to be bigger than that) but the quality was WAY better than I was used to. 

As soon as I started looking at bras a saleswoman named Sierra came over to help me. She was super polite and was probably only a couple years older than me. She asked all the standard questions: “Is there anything in particular I can help you find?”, “Would you like to be measured?”, etc etc. When I told her I’d been previously measured at both Victoria’s Secret and JC Penney she actually said to me “Did they give you two different sizes?” and chuckled and nodded her head when I said yes. She told me that she’d be happy to fit me, and I followed her into the fitting room. Getting fitted at Nordstrom is a COMPLETELY different experience than getting fitted at Victoria’s Secret or JC Penney. At those stores they have you leave your bra on and fit you over your clothes. They take the measuring tape and measure multiple areas and do some cool math formula, tell you the size they came up with, and send you on your way to find the correct bra size in their store. At Nordstrom it was COMPLETELY different. I actually kind of felt like I was being treated like Mia in The Princess Diaries. She was super polite the whole time and respectful of my privacy, even when I was completely topless. On her way into the fitting room she not only grabbed her measuring tape, but a plain tank top as well. When we entered the stall she had me take off my shirt and bra, and put on the tank top she brought. She then measured around my boobs (at their peak) and under my boobs (where the strap would sit). Unlike the other places, she did this with my arms down, not straight out to my sides. I asked her about this, just because it was different from what I had experienced before, and she told me it was so that she could get a more accurate fitting, since I probably wouldn’t be walking around with my arms out at my sides in airplane stance all day. That made me laugh. Oh! That was also something that was different! The other girls that had measured me seemed to take their job too seriously. Of course I was uncomfortable, they were touching my boobs, so I tried to joke with them, and they didn’t acknowledge it at all, but were very short in their responses. Sierra actually started making jokes herself to lighten the mood. though! It made me feel WAY more comfortable, especially since I was standing there practically half naked. Anyway, moving on. 

After finding out my band size and my approximate cup size, she went off to get me a few bras to try. Seconds later though, she returned and handed me a robe to put on so I’d be more comfortable. I think she could pick up on my self consciousness. The robe was SUPER soft and so nice. I kind of wish I had bought it. (I might actually go back this weekend and see if they still have it. I’m a sucker for soft, cuddly robes.) Several minutes later she came in holding about ten bras, all from the brand I had mentioned to her about twenty minutes earlier. She asked if I would prefer that she wait outside the stall while I put on the bras, but honestly I was fine with her being in there. I went through them and picked out the ones I knew I wouldn’t care for without even trying them on. I just don’t care for push-up bras, thickly padded/lined bras, or anything that seems like it would show too much through a shirt (like beading or lace). In the past, I’ve had salesladies (or my mother) tell me “But you haven’t even tried it yet!” or “You should at least try it before you say no!”, but Sierra just smiled while nodding her head and saying “okay”, and hung them up on the back of the door. I was about to hand her another bra that was unlined and lacy, because I was worried my nipples would show through it. I guess I should mention that when handing her the “automatic nos” I verbalized the reason I handed it to her, such as “I don’t care for push-ups”, “This clasp is going to be too complicated for me to do with my shoulders”, and “My nipples are totally going to show through that”. At this last bra though, the one I said that my nipples would show through, she topped me. Very politely she told me that she didn’t think that a “nipple debut” would be a problem, and that she was wearing the same bra, and she loved it. Usually I don’t let someone else’s opinion change my mind, especially a salesperson’s, because the fact of the matter is, if I don’t love it, then I am not going to wear it. It doesn’t matter if they love it, because ultimately they aren’t the one wearing it, I am. But she’d been so helpful and sweet, that I decided to at least try the bra. What did I have to lose? 

After trying on three of the four bras that remained after eliminating the “automatic nos”, I finally got to the one that Sierra had convinced me to try (okay, so convinced isn’t the right word since all she’d done was tell me that she really liked it).  With every bra that I tried on Sierra adjusted it to fit my body, and would get me a different cup size if needed. We figured that I was between a C and a D, but since no bra is created equally, I often had to try on both sizes (so instead of there being 4 bras left, there were actually 8 bras left). I decided to start with the D cup for this last bra, since I had fit better in the D cup more often with the other bras. After getting all adjusted, I was awestruck. This bra made my boobs not only FEEL fabulous (a rare occurrence actually, because a lot of bras feel uncomfortable as soon as I put them on and adjust them) but it made them LOOK amazing too! This bra fit me PERFECTLY! And by perfectly I mean that it hugged everything it should, covered everything it should, the little piece of fabric in between the cups nestled flatly against my chest right between my breasts, just like it should! It fit me as if it had been made just for me! Later, my roommate would describe it by saying “That fits you like a glove! Wow!”. 

With every other bra, I had tried them on and looked at them without anything over them, but then I would put my own shirt on over them to make sure they’d look okay under clothes, so naturally I put my shirt on to see how the bra looked. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I actually gasped when I looked in the mirror. Not only did this bra make my tits look STUNNING by itself, but it made them look AMAZING under a shirt! Even though this bra was unlined, you couldn’t see my nipples peaking out from under it (even though it was frigid in the fitting room and my nips had been standing at attention the whole time). It held everything just like it should, and there weren’t any bulges or dents or anything. My boobs didn’t look lopsided, and there wasn’t any extra space in the cups, nor was there any extra boob spilling out of the cup (quadboob is a thing and it sucks). This bra was AMAZING!

After getting dressed againI looked at the tag on the bra, and it was pretty expensive (almost $100) but I figured it was a reasonable price for a bra that fit me so well! But then I looked at the care instructions, because I refuse to buy anything that needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned, as I do not have the time, energy, money or strength to do that. Unfortunately, there on the care instructions tag, in nice black stitching, were the words “hand wash only”. I briefly debated with myself about buying this bra. I was worried that if I tried to wash this delicate article of clothing it would fall apart and be a total waste of money, but I couldn’t just NOT wash it, so I resigned myself to taking time to hand wash this piece of clothing. I mean, it was only a tiny bit of material, so it shouldn’t take that long. 

When Sierra came back to the fitting room (she’d gone to find out if they had any more of the bras in beige, since I felt like that would be a better color to start out with, since it goes under everything, unlike black) she noticed that I was looking at the  care tag. Well, she thought I was frowning at the price, so she helpfully reminded me that it was on sale. When I explained what I was really looking at, and why it was a problem for me (reminding her of my joint problems that I had mentioned earlier to her when explaining why the clasp on one of the “automatic nos” would be too difficult for me as succinctly as possible), she put all my worries to rest! I had forgotten that when I had chosen this particular bra she said that it was the same one she was wearing right then, and that she loved it. She politely reminded me of this fact and informed me that she had never needed to hand wash any of the multiple she owned. She said they were a lot sturdier than they looked, and that as long as I put it in a garment bag and hung it up to dry, it would last for years. Yes ladies,  she said YEARS. She apparently had six of this exact same type of bra (there are only 2 colors in my size, but there are four in hers), and three of them are going on 2 years old. I was ecstatic! Not only because I could wash them in the machine without worrying about them falling apart, but also because they could last so long if taken care of properly! The bras I used to buy ran between $30-$40 and only lasted a few months (six at the most), even when I took care of them properly. Not only that, but I could never find one that fit, no matter how many times I was sized or what combinations I tried. So anyway, of course I bought this bra! It was a pretty expensive purchase for me, but I have now had it about three months, and it fits me just like it did the day I bought it. The only thing that shows any wear is the coloring, and that’s just because I wore a beige bra under a brand new black dress that hadn’t been washed yet. Oops.

I wear this bra EVERYWHERE, even on dates! It makes my boobs look so fabulous that I’m not as self conscious about my body anymore. My mom no longer tries to fix my straps or tell me that my bra doesn’t fit or that my boobs are “ugly” either, so that’s a major bonus! 

Anyway, I have this bra in beige, but when I go on dates I tend to prefer to wear black lingerie. I don’t know why, but I like it better and it makes me feel sexier. Sometimes I don’t really have time to go to the bathroom and change before things turn intimate, so I tend to have to show up in whatever I’m going to wear to play in, which can be difficult for me. I have an incision right at my bikini line from my C-Section, and low-cut panties tend to rub right on it which can be painful, so I tend to have to wear high-waisted panties that go up to my belly button. The only ones that I’ve found that don’t roll down into my incision (since I’ve got a belly) is a particular kind of Hanes briefs. They come in a pack of three, (one each of tan, white and black) and aren’t really what I would consider sexy. I have found, however, that men don’t really mind that they aren’t sex if they’re paired with a sexy bra that makes my boobs look amazing. So of course I thought “I should get this bra in black because then I could wear it with my “comfy” panties and still look sexy!” I didn’t want to spend $100 on a bra again though, so I decided to look on Ebay. And guess what? People are selling the exact same bra that I purchased from Nordstrom three months ago for $20 or less! WHOO!


I bought a bra that fits me like a glove from Nordstrom where I had the best bra fitting experience of my life. It’s from Chantelle and I swear by this brand and this particular bra (C Chic Sexy Plunge Underwire). Everyone should get fitted at Nordstrom because they do an amazing job, treat you like a princess, and don’t make you feel like you HAVE to buy anything. You can probably find the amazing, expensive bra that you fell in love with while getting fitted at Nordstrom on Ebay for like a quarter of the cost. 

Yo! Heads up! Half-off a dozen Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls sent to your face! Oh, and Daily Gourmet is another Groupon-type service that’s catering toward more natural and vegan shit so might be worth watching. I have a love/hate thing with these services. I mean, I currently have 1 million Groupons and other such group coupons and I CAN’T STOP BUYING THEM. The next time I try to buy a half-off Pilates class, please stop me, because lord knows, I’m not going at ANY price. Now, please excuse me while I go eat at No Worries 50 times to work off that last Living Social deal.

Spotted: Incotex at Daffy’s

For those of you in the Northeast, our friends over at Yellow Baggers (a blog that only covers menswear at the regional discount chain Daffy’s) are reporting that they’re getting in the one product that’s worth visiting Daffy’s for - Incotex trousers. They’ve only seen them so far in the Philadelphia store, where the blog is based, but if you’re in New York or Philly, hopping down to your local Daffy’s and looking for Incos (distinguished by the signature belt prong loop above the fly if the tags are cut) is a great idea right about now. Prices are $20-35, down from $100-200. Yellow baggers also notes that Daffy’s has a 20% off Friends & Family sale going on now through the end of the weekend - the coupon is on their Facebook page.

If you’re not in the Northeast, then look for a flood of Incotexes on eBay and the Styleforum Buy & Sell board, at about twice Daffy’s prices.


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Vegan Pizza Day is THIS SATURDAY! That’s why Walter White is all pissed at that pepperoni pizza. Also, is it July 15 yet?? Head to Quarrygirl for the full rundown of pizza specials all over the United States, check out VegNews’ post on more options, and remember our SF Bay Area delicioso dealios: (<– that’s Wario for “delicious deals”!)

1. Beretta: Deal of the Vegan Pizza Day: broccolini, onion, ginger, olives, capers, and tomatoes, delightful vegan cheese. Plus, COCKTAILS. Love, love, love!

2. Patxi’sBuy one, get one free! Buy one 14-inch vegan pizza, get one 14-inch extra-thin vegan pizza for free deal, which amounts to two pizzas for $23.67 plus tax. 

3. zpizza: Pizza by the slice! Ow!

4. Source: Dude, there’s a VEGANSAURUS PIZZA! And a quarrygirl pizza! And a dessert pizza! And so much more! And if you say you’re with Vegansaurus or Quarrygirl, you get a 10 percent discount! 

Bed stuffs on sale at Target! Perfect for those new college students.

I think imma go pick up a quilt set and maybe some pillow cases and a bed sheet set to take to Oahu (if I find nice ones). Also those bath towels made with 25% rayon from bamboo. They’re sooo soft and for $7, can’t go wrong! I got a Ty Pennington bamboo towel from Sears and I love it but I don’t wanna pay over $10 for another one. Yaay for Target! [^__^]