Imagine your OTP are thieves living on the streets. They meet when Person A is attempting to steal Person B’s car or so they think. Person B pops up from the back seat of the car and it is revealed that Person A stole a stolen car. They become partners in crime after that. 

Friend: I really want to start watching Doctor Who where should I start?

Me: Well you can start from the beginning where the Doctor kidnaps two teachers and takes them back to the Stone Age

Me: Or when he escapes a hospital and steals a car to stop plastic mannequins

Me: Or when the Doctor becomes an Edwardian amnesiac who goes around kissing people

Me: Or when he blows up a department store to stop plastic mannequins again

Me: Or when he crash-lands into a little girl’s yard and forces her to make him fish custard

Me: Or you could start at the most recent season where he abandons his best friend to be killed by clockwork robots

Friend: :0

Me: The Doctor is a great protagonist, by the way. You’ll love him for sure. 


“Why must we walk?” Pietro asked for the hundredth time.  “Nobody will see us if we run.”

“Correction,” you replied, “nobody will see you.  I’ll be a very obvious fugitive.”

Pietro wrapped an arm around your waist and leaned in close, his breath hot against your ear.  “Not if I carry you.”

“Shut up and just walk,” you said with a laugh.  “Natasha always said that the first rule of going not the run is to walk, not run.  So we will be walking, Pietro–at least until we find a car to steal.”

WELL that was an interesting adventure LMAOOO

I locked my key AND my purse WITH MY SPARE KEY in my car when I went to Michael’s. I noticed it as soon as I heard the door click shut and I was just like, “Well. I’ll deal with that when I come back out.”
Mom was busy, couldn’t help, dad was asleep, so I was like “Well fuck it, looks like I have some time to kill” and walked to Taco Bell for a drink and wouldn’t ya guess it, a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in two whole years was there. We chatted for a bit and I was like “So… You wouldn’t happen to know how to break into a car would you?”

And he did

So high school friend I haven’t seen in two years and I embarked on a mission to break into my car together

And it JUST SO HAPPENS that I actually did my makeup today for an errand I thought would take me three minutes. God is with me this day.