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ɴᴏᴍᴏʀᴇғᴀʏᴛʜ┊ OMG! SO I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE AND– NO BUT SERIOUSLY, thank you llama buddy. You’re such a cutiepatootie. Thank you for being my friend for so long even though I’m a huge idiot who doesn’t remember to stay in touch with other people. Stay golden my friend.~ <3

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There's nothing wrong with having sex. As long as you're a consenting adult there's no shame in having as much sex as you please. Anyone that's sending hate probably can't get any, or they're just trying to be jerks. When guys have a lot of sex nobody says anything about the integrity of their penis. If you think it's cool to slut shame you should probably grow a pair and get a life. 💁🏼

Hey anon I like you a whole lot! Stay golden, my friend.

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in all honesty, I know you're amazing. I'm glad to call you my friend and I really look up to you as a person and as an artist because you inspire me so damn much <3 you're amazing, beautiful, bubbly, interesting and so darn cute and passionate about the things you like and love. Thank you for being you and thank you for existing <3

I know who you are and all i can say, other than thank you so much for existing yourself you golden sweetie, is please keep being as precious as you are. Not only do you make a lot of people happy with your awesomeness and your kind presense but you for one make this  squiggle meister very happy whenever I see your comments and support . I cannot thank you enough for your generous words. Thank you for being precious and thank you very much for being one of my dearest friends as well.

Stay golden <3 



I love being friends with everyone, but i’m close to Vanillalotti and RuubixCube as they were my first Deviantart best friends and it’s been about three years of our crazy friendship! I wouldn’t change the WORLD if they were gone! I won’t want to change a thing about either of them because they’re amazing enough, 10/10, 100%

Stay golden my friends <3