The Types and Their Level of Scariness
  • INTJ: At first they might seem worrisome because of their intense stare and nihilistic sentiments, but all it takes is one harsh critique about something important to them and they'll crumble. Their bark is infinitely worse than their bite. Will write a series of salty "blind item" blog entries about you for months. 6/10; too passive-aggressive to be truly scary.
  • INFJ: Hard to get to know, but when they like you, they REALLY like you and you'd better not do anything to break their trust because all of those warm, fuzzy feelings will 180 into pure end-times-level wrath. If you've ever encountered an angry INFJ, you've seen the face of the devil himself. 10/10; scary af
  • ENTJ: While they're capable of verbally disemboweling someone they dislike, they won't actually come after you unless they're bored and feel like starting drama for shits and giggles. Threw a punch once and didn't like it too much. Will tell you to go choke on a bag of dicks with the biggest, brightest smile on their face. 6/10; scary only in theory
  • ENFJ: They love you so, SO much and they want you to do your absolute BEST at EVERYTHING you EVER do like REALLY really, so when you don't meet their expectations, they will get more and more assertive about you achieving your dreams (read: their dreams) until they eventually snap and stab you to death in your sleep. 9/10; file a restraining order and you might be okay.
  • INTP: Too lazy to truly get mad about anything. The only really scary thing about INTPs is their complete disregard for cleanliness. You'll find Chinese takeout boxes from six months ago covered in maggots by their bed, but you won't find nary a discouraging word coming out of their mouths. Only does damage to living things in RPGs. 2/10; scary hygiene but harmless.
  • INFP: Is someone who spends a lot of time writing poetry, getting drunk and crying hysterically about things that happened ten years ago really that scary? I mean, they'll probably throw a whiskey glass or a vase in your general direction and curse you out for a solid ten minutes, but then they'll go right back to crying in fetal position. 4/10; just walk away, dude.
  • ENTP: They'll fuck with you just for the sake of having something to do that day. They'll fuck with you sometimes for no reason whatsoever. They fuck with people because it's just in their nature. Occasionally they'll take things too far and you'll wind up in the hospital but probably never in a morgue. Might send you flowers during your hospital stay. 8/10; scary neurotic
  • ENFP: They're either your best friend or your worst enemy and there is literally no in-between. Sometimes they'll get mad at you for reasons you don't even understand. Rarely ever will they try to physically harm you, though. They'll just whine about "fake people" in their DeviantART journal and mope about for a long time before randomly deciding you're their friend again. 4/10; Super confusing but not scary.
  • ISTJ: The embodiment of "walk softly and carry a big stick". Will sit outside of your bedroom window for days with a shotgun, ready for you to make a wrong move so they can blow you to smithereens. Don't try calling the police, because they're probably a police officer or at least connected to one in some way. In other words, you're fucked. 10/10; lawful evil personified.
  • ISFJ: They love you with all their hearts but they also hate the things you do, ie "love the sin, hate the sinner". Usually harmless, but some of them quickly lose their shit when double-crossed. Might mix poison in your sweet tea and then bury you underneath a bed of roses in the backyard. Prays for your certainly-damned soul every night before supper. 7/10, only scary when provoked.
  • ESTJ: Their big mouths and intense, confrontational attitudes can put the fear of God into you, but for an ESTJ to truly be scary, they'd have to physically harm you and they don't want to jeopardize their careers over something that foolish. Will judge you hardcore from afar but that's about it. 5/10; talks shit but you won't get hit.
  • ESFJ: They're the undisputed champions of guilt-trips, and they'll guilt-trip you over things so incessantly that you might suffer a loss of self-worth in the process, which could lead to severe depression and no will to live. Will attend your post-suicide funeral in a really expensive dress and tell mourners how you could have "really been something". 6/10; scary shady
  • ISTP: No chill towards people they dislike. They will straight-up brutalize your ass in one-on-one combat and you will lose. Will put you in the hospital, wait until you've been released, and THEN put you in a morgue. Probably will laugh about killing you over cold ones with the boys for decades to come. 10/10; cold-blooded killers.
  • ISFP: There is no such thing as a scary ISFP. They might get hurt with you but they just let that shit go after a while. More likely to channel their negative feelings into an artistic outlet than something destructive. No time for pettiness or holding grudges. 0/10; anti-scary saviors
  • ESTP: Also has no chill towards people they dislike, but their hair-brained schemes at revenge are often poorly executed. Will threaten to "beat your ass" for months but won't actually do it unless they're drunk or high. Once they do get physically aggressive towards you though, you are deader than dead. 7/10; flee town before things escalate.
  • ESFP: Often incorrigibly shallow, they'll start rumors to sully the reputation of their enemies before they'd actually consider getting their hands dirty. Rarely ever starts fights but they sure do love jumping into other peoples' fights and finishing them. Will get one of their besties to film the entire beat-down and put it on Snapchat. Hair and makeup somehow stays flawless the entire time. 3/10; more petty than scary.

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Hello, there darlings!  Julie @guardehn and Joel @kartuzi (omg our names are going so well together lmao!) and we are here to present an Indie showcase together to celebrate the different styles of indie blogs on tumblr! This is our second time presenting an awards page together and we are so excited to present this idea to all our followers for a second time! ♥

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"N-no, please," Lance trembled. "Keith! You promised promised this wouldn't happen!"

“N-no, please,” Lance trembled. “Keith! You promised promised this wouldn’t happen!”

“I’m sorry, Lance. I-I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t thinking.” Keith replied with a frown. He genuinely felt really bad. This was so important to Lance, he knew that, and yet he still did this to him. Even if it was really was an accident caused by him just not thinking at the time, he still felt quite horrible about it. 

“Now how am I supposed to keep my skin staying flawless without my skin care products that you used up!!” Lance whined in distress. 

“Can’t we just.. Go get more?” Keith suggested, hoping that the answer would be yes.

Lance sighed in response, “yes, but I guess I have to get double the products now since you’re apparently using it all too!”

“I can’t help it. You showed me the light. My skin has never felt softer. It feels like a soft blanket.” Keith replied as he pet his face.

Lance gave another sigh, “You know, I love you, Keith, but this is not okay. Please don’t do it again.”

Keith froze, “wait… Did you just-”

Lance’s eyes widened as he realized what he just said and he hurriedly ran out of the bathroom, “well, I better get right on getting those products before something happens that prevents me from getting them, goodbye, Keith!!!”

Keith stared at the doorway, “oh my god….”


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Hey there lovely people! Lots of new blogs are coming up here and some of them are so good, that I want to give them the chance to join my faves! So here’s Guardehn’s faves 6.0, to give other amazing blogs a chance! :)

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You know what I like?

Mundane magic in urban fantasy stories.

Like, people who definitely possess magical abilities, but they’re really mundane.

A witch whose specialty is potion making, but she really only uses it to perfect tea.

A forest witch who can’t control plants but can speed up the growth process of flowers, flowers literally bloom wherever they walk- it gets annoying during hide and seek and the witch can’t control it.

A warlock with ice magic who makes delightful snowmen and ice rinks,

Or whose only ice magic is to make pretty frost designs on glass windows.

a magic user who can only make bread rise faster.

A metamorphamagus whose appearances change only very slightly and also very slowly throughout the year. So like in fall they’re a light blonde, in winter they have platinum blonde hair - nearly white actually- in spring they’re a light blonde again, but in summer their hair is straight up golden blonde, like you could make money out of that shit.


PLL Wishlist: How I Hope Pretty Little Liars Will End


After a 7 year rollercoaster of plot twists, multiple fake deaths, creepy A/A.D. messages and a lot of lies, Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end. Although I am sad that it’s over, on the other hand I’m glad it is. It was starting to get a bit messy if you ask me. Here’s how I hope PLL will end.

The Couples

Let’s get the least important stuff out of the way. I always feel with shows like this the mystery comes first, all the romance second. Who would I love to end up together?

1. Haleb (Hanna & Caleb). They have been my favorite ship since the beginning. Now, they’re actually married! Wasn’t how I ever expected Hanna to get married, but it was cute.
2. Spoby (Spencer & Toby). Love them! Although they hooked up like 2 episodes ago after Toby was engaged to Yvonne, who is now dead (another irrelevant character created by the writers of this show) and Spencer dating Caleb (why?). I just don’t see Spencer with anybody else, but with Toby or nobody at all. They are perfect for each other. 
3. Emison (Emily & Alison). I don’t know about these two. I feel like I liked them together in the early seasons of the show, but now it’s just so messed up. The whole Ali being pregnant with Emily’s baby, because somehow Emily’s eggs were planted in her uterus (we still don’t who the father is and I honestly couldn’t care less). I think it seems a little forced these two. But I don’t see both of them with someone else (except Emily with Maya, but she’s dead).
4. Aria. I’m not big on Ezria at all. Why? First of all, the teacher dates the student. It’s just inappropriate. Even if they met before he was her teacher. The moment he became Aria’s teacher, it should have ended. Secondly, the book. Ezra literally used Aria for information since the moment they met. Yes, he fell in love with her, but that doesn’t make it okay all of a sudden. I still can’t believe Aria forgave him for that and is now engaged to the guy. Aria gave up so much to be with this guy, while he has been lying to her since the start. Pretty sure Ezria will get married in the finale, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be throwing a party. Can Aria just be with Jake? You know, her martial arts teacher back in season 4. Or alone #IDontNeedAMan

Unanswered Questions?

Isn’t PLL known for this? Just kidding. So much has happened on this show, that I don’t even remember all of it. Which is why I started re-watching the old seasons. Here are some things that I’m still confused about and hope will  be answered in the finale (pretty sure 90% won’t be, but there’s always hope).

1. Whatever happened to Jason?
We last saw him in season 7 episode 7. Which isn’t too long ago, but he is still shady. What does he know about all of this and did he have a part in any of it?
2. What’s Melissa and Wren’s part in all of this?
We know Melissa buried Bethany, but what’s up with her and Wren? Are they together? What are they guilty of? Wren and Melissa are both in the finale, so we’ll hopefully get some answers.
3. What happened to the NAT club?
Back in season 1-3 there was the mystery around the NAT club with Garret, Jason and Ian. Well, 2 of them are death and the other has been pretty absent from the show. So did I miss something or has the NAT club story line been dropped all of a sudden?
4. Why was Archer Dunhill hiding his Britisch accent?
Is he connected to Wren somehow?
5. Who shot Spencer in the mid-season finale of season 7?
We saw Jenna with a gun, but we never actually saw her shoot. My bet is on A.D.
6. What’s the deal with Jenna?
Remember when A.D. got Jenna in a van after Spencer was shot? At the end of the episode A.D. gave Jenna a lot of pages in braille that she was reading. What did it say? Does Jenna know who A.D. is? Is she working with him/her?
7. Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria while she was volunteering in Radley?
Pretty sure everyone remembers Eddie from Radley. But how does he know Aria? Was she a patient there? I still think Aria is shady, she was pretty quick to turn on her life long besties this season. Those “Aria is A.D.” theories aren’t there for nothing.

Till “Death” Do Us Part?

I’m 100% sure someone is going to die. I don’t think it’s going to be any of the girls. I don’t think it’s going to be one of the boys either. So who is? I couldn’t tell you, but it better not be Mona. Mona is probably my favorite character in the show right now. I feel like the girls still see her as the villain. How many times does Mona have to save/help them for them to see she is looking out for them?! Seriously she would die for Hanna and she still treats her like crap. Also how can you not love Mona after how she looked at that game? Find someone in life who looks at you the same way Mona looks at A.D’s game.

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Who is A.D.?

The million dollar question. I think it’s Spencer’s twin, all the theories I have seen are pretty convincing and make a lot of sense. I really started believing in it when “Spencer” was meeting Wren at the airport. There was no way Spencer went from that house she was supposed to meet Mary Drake (but Marco Fury showed up because he followed her) to meet Wren at the airport in that short period of time. Also “Spencer” was really nervous there and asked Ezra (who saw her with Wren) not to mention this to anyone. Now that’s really shady if you ask me.I don’t know who the real Spencer or the twin is, but I definitely think she has a twin and that twin is A.D. I do hope this is not the case. I just feel like it wouldn’t be shocking, but if they do make it fit with everything that has happened I would be ‘okay’ with it. 

What I want is to be as shocked when we found that Mona was A, Toby was on the A team, Spencer was on the A team & when Ezra was A (well not really, but that’s what we all thought). That’s the shock level I want. This is the series FINALE. I want it to be someone we have known throughout the whole show, someone who has been shady af since the beginning. 

Today in the US and tomorrow for me, we can finally say goodbye to Rosewood and never look back to that messed up town. 

But with all the messed up stuff that happened these past 2 seasons I really do love this show and consider it one of my favorites. So it’s bitter sweet that’s ending. 

Thank you PLL for the crazy rollercoaster that was this show!

Stay Flawless!



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PS. Who else will be watching the finale like Pam Fields?

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  • a self-proclaimed china prince who’s brimming with over-confidence and charisma.
  • he’d take one look into the mirror and flips his brown fringe from his eyes and he’s already like, “i’m so beautiful that even aphrodite will be so jealous of me.”
  • and other times, he’s like, “how can i pull off these clothes so well? they look so expensive since i’m wearing them.”
  • and looking at fashion magazines like, “i’ve probably walked out from these magazines.”
  • yEAP.
  • though he may look like all he cares about are his face and hair and clothes and basically HIMSELF,,
  • but really, he is actually very compassionate and loving.
  • especially when it comes to you, his dear girlfriend whom he loves so dearly.
  • like he’d love you so much that most of the time, he forgets to love himself.
  • “gongzhu, i plucked some pretty flowers on the way here. they reminded of you, so here you go, beautiful.” he’d grin while handing you these beautiful yellow flowers that you didn’t even know of.
  • awed, you take the flowers from him with a touched smile, “oh, jun. you didn’t have to — wait, whAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HANDS?”
  • apparently, the guy got himself injured while trying to pluck the flowers off and now he has small cuts all over his palms.
  • and you’re like freaking out because jun literally cares about his well-being because quotes him, “i need to stay beautiful and flawless so the world could appreciate this art.”
  • “junhui, you’re hurt! why didn’t you say anything?!” you exclaim, holding his hands to examine the flaws that are now etched on his palms.
  • and jun just has this gentle, reassuring smile on his face as he says, “i’d go through sharp thorns and vines to make you happy, gongzhu.”
  • and you’d end having to treat this selfless boy before class starts.
  • “you know that i meant it when i said i’d go through anything for your happiness, right?”
  • “jun, value your safety before my happiness, pLS.”
  • “i can’t. i just love you too much.”
  • “well, try loving me less, maybe?”
  • “but that’s impossible.”
  • (-_- )
  • only god knows just how huge jun’s love for you is. and it’s not like you don’t appreciate his feelings, it’s just because of his love to you that he couldn’t take care of himself well.
  • like also this one time when he walks you home in the rain with his umbrella held over you only and he ends up drenched from head to toe.
  • “i can’t let you be wet, gongzhu.”
  • “oh, god. not again.”
  • and the next day, as you expect, he’s down with the cold and couldn’t get off the bed without having to complain of his bad headache or his sore throat.
  • but he couldn’t help but to imprint this huge, happy beam on his face when you come visiting his room with a sigh released.
  • “i told you to share the umbrella with me. but you never listened.”
  • “gONGZHU!” literally throws himself all over you.
  • and again, you’d wind up having to take care of this guy again.
  • like when you’re feeding him his porridge, he’s smiling like an idiot and says, “have i ever told you how lucky i am to have you?”
  • “for like a millionth time, yes. sIGHS. but you should learn to set yourself as a priority instead of me, jun. because you keep on taking care of me first, you always end up getting hurt.”
  • “are you worried for me, gongzhu?”
  • “yES, YOU IDIOt!”
  • “oh, gongzhu. i love you so much. i’m sorry for making you worried.”
  • “you should be POUTS.”
  • “… i think i have recovered by the sight of that adorable pout.”
  • not only you who is well-aware of jun’s priority of you. even his friends are worried by how much he pampered you like a queen.
  • chan: “junnie hyung, y/n noona has hands. she can feed herself.”
  • you: “i couldn’t agree more…”
  • jun: “but i want to feed you. say ahhh.”
  • you: щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
  • jun likes bringing you to his apartment just to cook for you some traditional chinese cuisine and hopefully waiting for your reaction as you eat.
  • “it’s delicious, jun. thank you.”
  • “… come again?”
  • loves having you in his bed — not to do anything nasty nOPE. he just likes having you next to him so he can be as close to you as possible and watching you sleep.
  • like he LOVES watching you sleep.
  • at one time, he snaps a photo of you asleep and posts it on sns like, “she’s so beautiful ♥ i am the luckiest man alive.”
  • seungcheol comments: “what happens to posting your selfies and claiming yourself as beautiful?”
  • hoshi: “guys… i think he’s falling way too deeeeeeeep.”
  • seungkwan comments: “junnie hyung. SNAP OUT OF IT.”
  • wonwoo: “is nobody going to comment how he takes a picture of y/n sleeping on his bed…?”
  • jisoo: “oh my lord.”
  • seokmin comments: “why do i feel like you’ll get smacked in the head once y/n noona sees this…?”
  • and you did.
  • “trust me, gongzhu. you’re still beautiful to me.” (✿◠‿◠)
  • but the picture has already been viewed by the whole school and everyone’s just like, “THIS COUPLE IS GOALS!”
  • and you’re like, “no. stop. please. take down the picture.”
  • make-out session with jun can be described with one word: FIYAHHHHH.
  • being a passionate person in everything he does, he’s even more passionate when it comes to kissing you.
  • like he rarely gives any room for you two to breathe. he just wants to feel the pressure of your lips on his longer while he cradles your face like some valuable vase.
  • and it’s just so hot and furious when kissing with jun.
  • but v v pleasurable wink wonk.
  • loves it when you wear his clothes like he always think you look adorable and small in his sweaters.
  • and he just couldn’t stop hugging you because of how cute you look.
  • and you’re like, “jun, i need to use the toilet. jun, let me go now. wEN JUNHUI.”
  • and cuddling with jun be like,
  • “god, i love you so much. how did i get so lucky?”
  • “i think that’s my line, junhui. thank you for always loving me.”
  • “… i think my heart just exploded.”

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