if you’re forever bitter that casserole clam didn’t have magnus’ dad take his immortality away so he and alec could grow old together when it was the perfect opportunity to do so and instead decided to give mortality to simon so one of her many het couples could have a happy ending raise your hand 🙋🏻

To the boys who have worked hard these past three years, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents and personalities with us agasae. Thank you for always putting so much passion and dedication into your work that we’re fortunate enough to enjoy. Thank you for always being bright and for being complete dorks 90% of the time. Thank you for for every song you sing, every word you rap, and every move you dance. Thank you for always picking each other up and being such a solid and hardworking team. Thank you for all the love you’ve showed us fans over the years. Most of all, thank you for being yourselves and for never failing to brighten up my days. I hope this year you will be even more successful, but even more so, I hope that you will have time to rest as you have done so much and deserve to take some time for yourselves as well. Happy third year, you losers.

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Hc for klance during finals (:

  • Keith and Lance: “FUCK FINALS WEEK!!!!!”
  • Lance is the guy who literally procrastinates until the last minute. He’ll stay up all night on the day before just to study while furiously making cheat sheets.
  • However, Lance has photographic memory, so the cheat sheets are somewhat pointless but he does it for two reasons:
    • He wants to look like he’s studying whenever his family checks on hims
    • The cheat sheets might come in handy sooner or later during the test.
  • With Keith, his diet is coffee. Straight coffee.
  • Keith does sleep, but he sleeps 2 or 4 hours a day and he stays up most of the night to study his ass off.
  • Keith gets onto Lance about studying, and as usual, Lance ignores him and just goes to parties just to get his mind off of the stress and never learns the regret of studying earlier.
  • Keith wears reading glasses while he studies and he puts his hair up in a pony tail.
  • Lance usually looks at a book and stares at a page for minutes just to make it seem like he’s studying when really, his mind’s out in space.
  • Somehow, Lance always manages to pass his finals no problem along with Keith.
Coffee Break and Can I Borrow Your Notes? Sam x Reader AU #97

               You were always up by 5:30 am to make sure you had everything for school, take a shower, and get to your first class by 7:45 am on time. So, when 9 am rolled around and your Classical Art teacher would go on a 45-minute spiel about how precious each and every piece was, you couldn’t help but to doze off.

               Today was no different; you’d stayed up almost all night studying for your finals and all you wanted to do was sleep. As you dozed off, you felt the all too familiar end of a pencil poke your back gently. You inhaled deep and slow as you sat up, glancing back at the shaggy haired boy named Sam, who always made sure you didn’t fall asleep in class. You gave him a tired smile and turned back toward the front of the class. After a couple of minutes, a note was put on your desk; you looked back at Sam who just smiled and continued taking notes.

               You opened the folded piece of paper and read what he’d wrote, ‘I take it you didn’t sleep well? Fourth time you’ve fallen asleep today.’ You smiled as you wrote back and folded the note handing it to him. ‘I stayed up all night studying for finals.’  A few minutes later, the folded piece of paper flopped on your desk again and a smile appeared on your face as you opened it and read it. ‘Well, how about after class we go get a cup of coffee and study together?’ He was inviting you for coffee? You grinned responding with a ‘Yes’ and smiled back at him. You then turned, while your professor wasn’t looking and with the best innocent smile you could put on, you whispered softly, “Could I also copy your notes?”

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When I was in elementary schoo,l my mom told me I could get one book from the scholastic book sale. She got p mad cuz I bought a manga but tbh that poor book has followed me everywhere and everytime we move it had a spot in my room I loved it so much///
Yesterday I was just site hopping and I finally found a site with the rest of the series. It’s called +anima and I love it so much I stayed up all night to read it and I’m so happy it’s so good/// I’m sad it never got an anime because heck it was phenomenal and so cool/// I’m so happy I love it so much I’m gonna read through it again///

damn i get bored of games so fast nowadays like i was staying up all night every night playing Stardew Valley for a while and now I just don’t feel like playing it anymore

dating julian brandt would include..

dating julian brandt would include (requested)

julian x reader 

a/n: literally he is the biggest ray of sunshine to ever exist and he’s so pure i love him

- poking his adorable dimples 
- always stealing his hoodies ( 😍😍 )

- helping him workout
- post workout mirror selfies
- him trying to play football with you
- him giving up
- cuddles. all. the. time.
- getting a puppy 

- forehead nuzzles
- kissing you when you’re ranting/fighting to shut you up
- holding hands 25/8
- him blushing when you whisper ideas in his ear
- dancing around your apartment at 3 am
- staying up all night talking about your life together and your ambitions
- tracing shapes in his chest while cuddling
- him playing with your hair
- him being distant with his games and busy schedules
- “call me, i miss your voice.”
- waking him up with kisses
- cuddles and giving him massages after a bad day/loss
- him holding you by the waist while you make breakfast
- him resting his head in your neck, leaving sloppy kisses on your collarbone
- being close with his family
- his little brothers flirting with you
- “y/n is my girl, get out of my room.”
- mY giRL
- him pulling you close and wrapping his arms around your waist when other guys are around you
- him being obsessed with taking selfies with the snapchat filters
- playing fifa, and you failing miserably
- being best friends with lars
- “princess”
- piggyback rides everywhere
- heated makeout sessions before his games to pump him up
- hugging his sweaty body after working out just trying to get in the shower with him
- running your fingers through his soft hair
- coffee dates
- “you look so good today jule.”
- going on dates and him being a gentleman
- his morning voice OH MY FUCK
- shoulder kisses
- lazy julian being your favorite
- teasing him about his baby face
- giggles
- “look how pretty you look.”
- sitting on his lap, and twisting his hair
- jealous julian
- “if that guys look at you one more time, i swear to god.”
- jaw clenches
- wearing his big t-shirts
- “i love you so much. you’re my everything.”

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Echo Fives and Wolffe reacting to their s/o who is an artist who draws all the time and is up at 3am most of the time working on their art? Thanks😊 your blog is 👌🏽🔥✨ btw

Thank you love!

  • It would worry Echo a little, while he supported them and their art, he really wished they would get more sleep. If it got too bad he’d probably use gentle reinforcement to get them to go to bed. “Hon, you really need to go to bed. You can finish in the morning. Do it for me, please?” Despite that he thought their art was beautiful, and spent any little bit of credits he got buying them new supplies.  
  • Fives would be enchanted by it and loved to look at their look. He’d make sure to tell them all the time how amazing it was. Despite how much he loved it, though, he would become easily annoyed/jealous if they stayed up all night on it. He knew it wasn’t healthy either. “Baby…come to bed, its lonely without you. We can make something more beautiful together.”
  • Wolffe would be the most into it, and would ask to see their work often. He could spend most of his free time flipping through their sketch book. One of his favorite past times would be watching them work. This does not mean, however, that he would tolerate them staying up late. He’d be the type to physically pick them up and carry them to bed if he had too. “Enough. Its time to sleep.”
8tracks alternative

hey, so mourning the slow death of 8tracks, a lot of people are looking for alternatives. i know has been suggested a lot but it doesn’t have any built-in community interaction as of yet,, BUT!!!  is RLY GREAT and it has all the basic fuckin features that 8tracks always should have had like:
- see the entire tracklist
- start the playlist from any point
- unlimited skips and listening
- see how many playlists contain a certain song
- see top listeners of a playlist
- collaborative playlists!!
etc etc !!!  plus while it does have a “subscription”” it Only allows you to upload music files directly instead of linking from youtube and soundcloud. doesn’t add more than that or punish you for not paying

this sounds like an advertisement but i just want a community to start building there so we can rise above 8tracks’ tyrannical management :^)
p.s.  yes it does have a mobile app!!