SMTM4 Semi-Finals: Fear. Mino feat. Taeyang

This was my favourite performance from SMTM4. Respect to Mino, Zico and Poptime for writing and producing this track. Whatever negative comments people have about it is fine. A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep. 

The important thing is that it resonated with me and every time I listen to it, I always hear the hunger in his voice. I honestly think the SMTM4 result did him a favour. I hope he stays hungry. I think it makes him a better performer. 

Jump when it feels scary, never stay in the same place and stay hungry ;), this hottie @moorea.moonbeam by an @ohrangutang @ohrangutangsjungle H&M @cristinapilo (at OHRANGUTANG’S JUNGLE VEGAS )

Dear all

Just a quick note to let you know that my mom has been diagnosed with a very aggressive kind of cancer. I wish I could spend days on end here with all of you writing ficlets and reblogging stuff from the Hannibal Season Finale, which I saw and I loved, but I can’t. My life is upside down atm, and idk when I’ll be back to something remotely normal. It really saddens me because I’m 100% invested in Hannibal and Hannigram, but I need to be elsewhere rn.

If I don’t get back to you, or answer yours asks/propmts, please take this into account ;_;

I miss you all already <3<3<3 Stay hungry and kinky, my lovelies ^=^ Hopefully we can talk and interact soon!!

Remember The Governator

In the early days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sports career body-builders were usually regarded as narcissists and homosexuals. It took time for Arnold and other sportsmen to make things different. Schwarzenegger maybe didn’t succeed in his political career but he proved that even the boy from poor Austrian village is able become an influential person in the Western world. It was democracy. If Americans had more sentiment to hard-work instead of superficial pastimes, then America could be a better place.


Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell

Listening to all the oldies today. This is, by far, my favorite Twisted Sister song. That intro tho.

my mom was in my room and i just turned to her and asked ‘guess what i’m gonna do’ and she just replied automatically ‘you’re going to go to sleep’. she knows me well. 

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Just came home from work.

Hopefully my brother had a great birthday with the famfam.

Oh man I had a great wedding at work today for this same-sex couple~ they loved everything which is super awesome!

Ngl, I thought of HaruMako all day since they reminded me of them–one super tall but adorable while the other was short and only saying quick short sentences…

Ahhhh they got married on my cruise boat yes that’s so how harumako should do it–that or by the sea or idk pool maybe lmao

Ok gonna go sleep cuz I work tomorrow too for another wedding~


Too many things going on in this world at one time. And we’re constantly being fed this information to the point we forget one thing going on because we’re focusing on something else. And that’s alright. Don’t feel bad because you failed to know something sooner or whatever. Its not ya fault!
Just try to stay informed and updated on problems and situations etc (especially ones that interest you a lot) going on not only in this country, but around the world.

Stay woke, stay hungry, keep doing you.