Stay posi

Okay, so you need to hear this. Even if you think you don’t need to hear this, you do. If you think this isn’t true, then you especially need to hear this. Because this will be as true as you let it be. You have the power and potential of a big great everything inside you, so please darling, let it out.

I want to

Build things that I can depend on
Friendships, relationships
Where trust and vulnerability exist and are earned and maintained
I want to know that what I have been told will not change overnight
I want to know that my time is invested well
I want to know that I am willing to put in the work the same as those who benefit and ask of me
I want to give and take freely and without reservation as it is understood between us that neither would ask more than we can handle
I want to see that in my every day
I want I see that in those closest to me
I want to be that

Here’s to promises we try to keep