Stay (Daryl Dixon x OC) Part 5/??

Fandom: The Walking Dead Alternative Universe 

I first wrote this story on my wattpad account (LisyDixon066). The song I’m using in this part isn’t mine, all the credits go to the owner of the song. 

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Chapter 5 - Dixon brothers

-Daryl pov-

I tried to stay focused on the road as I drove home from work. It was already late in the evening considering the two hours I spent talking with my boss’ granddaughter. It sounded weird to me… Saying that I was running late because I had a long conversation with someone and didn’t want it to stop. And that ‘someone’ being a girl was even more shocking.

I wasn’t good with girls, they usually prefer my brother over me. Don’t ask me why… They also never seemed to be interested in me so I never tried to get their attention. They only wanted one thing, anyway…

What kind of girl would want a redneck trash in her life? It was evident that I wasn’t good enough for them… I could see it in their eyes. The way town girls looked at me was the way I would look at some animal’s shit when I was tracking them.

In other words, I was irrelevant.

But somehow, Erika was different even if I knew who she was when I first laid my eyes on her. I tried to hate her -God know I tried- but I simply couldn’t. Even if she was the best friend of the girl who destroyed my brother’s life and consequently, mine too.

I shook my head and looked down at the white plastic bag Erika had given me before I left their small farm. She packed me some leftover and a huge piece of an apple pie she had made, saying that she felt guilty that I had to work later because of our little talk.

Yeah… She’s a nice girl and I can’t lie about her beauty. She’s absolutely gorgeous with her long light brown hair -that sometimes seemed to be blond- that fell down her back. Her eyes were sparkling full of life and her pale skin was smooth under my hands.

I cleared my throat and shuffled in my seat, tightening my grip on the steering wheel and turned my head back to look at the road.

I didn’t even know her age… She looked young but she was at university so she couldn’t be under 19, right? God, I could be more than 10 years older than her. And again, why am I thinking that way? The girl is only nice to me because she’s polite and grandfather had surely told her to behave… After all, she said it herself.

“I do, my friend.”

I could hear her sweet voice sing in my head when we talked earlier today. I’m simply her friend.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t deny that I felt something different when she ran into me the first day we met. The way her hands were gripping my shoulders, the way her breath tickled my neck, the way her body felt against mine and the way her skin felt under my calloused hands had woke up something new inside of me.

I still didn’t know what it was. I know that I’m attracted to her and that I like her company but I still don’t know what kind of feelings I have towards her.

Suddenly, thinking about all these mushy stuff made me feel sick and I cussed as I parked the car in the driveway of the small house I shared with Merle. I got out of the car and grabbed the plastic bag before bursting into the hallway of the house and slamming the door behind me.

I didn’t need someone in my life, I was a Dixon for God sake! I don’t need a girl who will only use me during her fancy vacations and forget about me when she will have to go back to her studies. Fuck it!

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Easy lil’ brotha! Don’t need to put yar panties into a twist!”

Merle’s voice shouted with amusement as I entered the small sitting-room.

“Shut up man!”

I growled, making him laugh even more. Merle turned back towards the tv and that’s when I saw the girl who was sitting next to him.

“What the fuck, man! Who’s that chick?”

I shouted at my older brother. I couldn’t have it tonight, not tonight when my mind was on fire and threatened to blow up at any moment.

“She’s a lil’ girly friend I have for the night! Ya should come say hi, Darlyna!”

I shook my head and walked quickly to my room, shouting about how stupid he was and how fed up I was before slamming the door shut and locked it. I plopped down on my bed with Erika’s bag and sighed as I watched the dirty ceiling of my room.

I was lost, not knowing what to do with my life. Indeed, the job the old Buck had given me paid well and I could even keep the half of the meat we would catch but I didn’t know if that was what I wanted to do with my life. I sighed again and ripped the white plastic bag open before starting to eat the food Erika had given me.

One thing is certain, this girl knows how to cook!

I woke up the next day still wearing the same clothes as yesterday and with the plastic bag still opened next to me. I groaned and looked at the sun outside, it was merely starting to rise but I decided to get out of my bed and take a quick shower before changing into cleaner clothes.

It was Sunday and knowing Merle, he would want to go in town for lunch and will spend his afternoon in some biker bar to get drunk. I will go with him for lunch but I won’t stay for the afternoon. I hate it when there’s too many people around, the noise, the stifling atmosphere of the bar full of drunks and smoke. I hate it.

Indeed, sometimes Merle persuaded me to tag along but I always regretted it afterwards. I quickly finished my shower and got dressed before unlocking the door and walked towards the kitchen to find something to eat. I looked in the shelves but found nothing, I sighed and turned away from the shelf to make a pot of coffee. I already missed the sweet piece of cake Erika left on the counter every morning for me. Even if she wasn’t home and already working, I always found a huge piece of cake wrapped in a cellophane paper, a little note placed on top to wish me a good day.

It was weird for me. I didn’t know how to react to these nice attentions but the old Buck told me that she had always been like that. Erika was a nice and generous girl… But she was confusing my feelings and that got on my nerves. I turned my head towards Merle’s room as little cries erupted in the hallway. I groaned in exasperation and got out of the house to work on my truck.

“I thought it was only for the night, asshole.”

I muttered under my breath as I quickly turned the radio on to mask the sounds my brother and his 'girly friend’ we’re doing.

It was around 10 am when the girl ran away. Literally. I chuckled to myself as I watched Merle walked out of the house, looking pissed and screaming at the girl. Soon after, Merle asked me to use my truck to go in town and I went with him.

The town wasn’t that crowded as everyone was at the Church. Merle and I never went there, it was useless, so we headed to Carol’s diner. But wait… Erika works there.

“Man, I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

I tried to convince Merle as I dreaded the old Buck grandfather’s reaction. I knew that she hated Merle and I didn’t want to be in trouble with her or with her grandfather.

“Why not? Carol has the best pies and roast beef sandwich of the region!”

He answered me, clearly shocked that I was reconsidering our decision.

“I know that… It’s just, ya know, the old Buck’s granddaughter works there, man.”

“And so what? I don’t give a shit about the damn girl!”

“Don’t talk about her like that!”

“Aw! Ya like her, don’t ya!”

“Shut up! I don’t, it’s just that she’s friend with that bitch who ruined ya!”

Merle’s eyes widen slightly but he tried to hide his shocked expression, I guess that he didn’t want to look weak in front of me.

“Well nothin’ is going to keep me away from my roast beef sandwich today! I don’t care about the chick.”

“Don’t… Stop callin’ her names!”

“I’m starting to think that ya’re in love, Darlyna! Yet ya know that nobody except from me, will ever care about ya. She will never look at ya and care for ya.”

I stopped walking as I glared at my brother. I knew that already but I didn’t need to hear it out loud.

“Aw come on lil’ brotha! Let’s eat something! I’m starving.”

“Yeah whatever…”

I looked down at my feet as Merle entered the shop and I followed him in. I looked up and my eyes immediately landed on her. She was absolutely gorgeous in her tight black jeans and dark-blue long sleeved shirt, the outfit fitted her curves perfectly. My eyes wandered to her face, her pale skin softly flushed from running around in the shop and her long ponytail swung from side to side as she walked. I could feel my heart beat faster as I watched her and my face heated up.

Merle laughed at the state I was in because of the girl but he said nothing. We walked to the bar and I greeted Carol. She smiled at me but her smile quickly morphed into a worried frown as her eyes landed on Merle.

“Oh God… Erika is going to flip.”

She said while shaking her head and crossing her arms over her chest. I nodded my head in agreement but Carol led us to a small table in the corner of the room, next to the windows. As we sat down and looked through the menu to find something to order, I brought my left thumb up to my mouth to bit the skin nervously.


I heard her soft voice say behind me. I swiftly turned around to see Erika looking at me with a huge smile on her lips. I got up from my chair to shake her hand but the girl was quicker as she walked towards me and hugged me.

She hugged me?!

What should I do? Pat her back? No! Push her away? Stupid! Do something! Come on!

But the hug didn’t last enough for me to react. She pulled away and smiled up at me.

“It’s good to see you here! How are you since yesterday?”

“Hm… ’m fine. Ya?”

“I’m great! It’s a calm day here, I was actually thinking about…”

Erika stopped suddenly, looking absently past me. I gulped, knowing that she was looking at Merle.


I tried to calm her down as I saw her hands clenched into fists.

“What is he doing here?”

She sounded weirdly calm, despite her now bright red cheeks.

“Well… Hm…”

I searched my brain for an answer when it was actually pretty simple. 'We are here to eat… That’s the principle of a diner, right?’ but Merle got up and spoke before I could.

“What, ya have a problem with me being here, girly?”

“Merle don’t!”

I warned as I turned around to face him but my brother didn’t seem angry, more entertained.

“I have a huge problem with you being here, yes, but it’s not my business. If Carol accept your presence I have nothing to say about it.”

Merle and I looked at eachother ready to jump in action if the tiny girl suddenly decided to charge towards him.

“And… You’re Daryl’s brother so I’ll give you a chance.”

She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose as if staying calm was hurting her deep inside.

“You’re lucky that Daryl is my friend.”

She said before turning around and walking away from our table. We both sat back down, me a bit shocked about how she acted towards me and Merle with a side smirk on his lips.

“The girl like ya.”

He said in a girly voice that made me rolled my eyes.

“Shut up.”

- Erika pov -

Yesterday had been a really interesting day. After having to deal with Merle at work and having to control myself not to hug Daryl every two seconds, I had came back home to find my grandfather sat before my old piano trying to fix it.

I could remember how happy I had been when he came home with it years before. I was so happy that I fell down on my nose and almost broke it.

I chuckled at the memory and sat down on the soft velour seat before the piano. I touched the Do key softly with my thumb and made a quick scale of C to check if the piano was well keyed. Hopefully, it was.

I smiled as a song came back to my mind and my fingers started to move automatically as I started to sing softly.

light as a feather
Thought I knew better
But he puts fire in my veins
Quick glance, swift as a the ocean
Now I am frozen
He takes my breath away
But I’m not supposed to love him
Not supposed to think about his touch when I’m alone”

I’ve always loved to sing. It was like a real stress reliever to let the music take control of your body and your mind, letting your true emotions float out of your heart and filled the room around you.

“The love was a brand-new,
now has a dark hue
I’m still as a statue
But he brings to live
Don’t care if it’s right
Clip my wings
Take everything
Don’t know what’s right
Fire and ice”

My grandfather and Daryl were outside working on the barn. I sang and prayed that they wouldn’t come inside, attracted by the mixed sound of the piano and my voice.

“Keep your blue eyes away from me
I’m mesmerized
And ice
Longing sits behind his eyes
Sits behind my eyes
We’re like clockwork, just in sink
I wanna run and jump in his arms
Let his callused fingers
Run across my cheek
Now I’m weak
Clip my wings
Take everything
Don’t know what’s right
Fire and ice”

I knew that unconsciously, I had chose this song because that was how I felt towards Daryl. I was mesmerized by his personality and by him in general but I didn’t know if it was right. I didn’t know what to think about those feelings. 'God! I know him for only five days and I’m already having feelings… This is so messed up.’ I thought while singing and playing.

“Keep your blue eyes away from me
I’m mesmerized
And ice”

Did I want to stay away from him? No. I knew that already. I took a big breath to finish the song, the sound of the piano resonating into my heart.

He’s draining me of energy
Of everything I’ve known
Is it possible
To need something that is not right for me
But he’s everything I’ve known
He’s everything I’ve known
Clip my wings
Take everything
Don’t know what’s right
Fire and ice
Keep your blue eyes away from me
I’m mesmerized
Fire and ice
Melting right at his feet
Let him into my life
Feel so right
Walls are crumbling at his feet
While he stares to my eyes
We’re mesmerized
We’re fire and ice
light as a feather
Thought I knew better
But he puts fire in my veins”

I sighed and kept my fingers in place into the keyboard. I couldn’t deny that I felt better, the thoughts that were clouding my mind now wiped away to let a bright sun warm up my heart.

I was about to get up when a voice startled me.

“Ya’re really good at it.”

My head snapped to the side quickly to meet Daryl’s blue eyes. My heart started to beat faster, in fear of what he had heard.

“I… Well, thanks. I’m not that good anyway.”

I was embarrassed and didn’t even wanted to look at him but Daryl walked towards me and sat on the long stool, right next to me. Our shoulders and tights were touching but he seemed focused on the instrument.

“Don’t say that, ya’re really good. And… Yar voice is beautiful.”

I blushed at his compliment but smiled at the man who pushed a finger down on the keyboard.

“Well thank you, Daryl.”

“How do you do it?”

“What? Playing?”

He nodded his head and gazed up at me. I smiled again and positioned my left hand on the keyboard, explaining the right position. Daryl tried to copy my movement but his hand and fingers were way too big. He caught two keys with only one finger. I chuckled softly and took hold of his hand to show him the right position.

Once again, a shock of electricity ran up my arm and I cleared my throat.

“Just like that, you see?”


Daryl tried again and this time the sound was perfect. I smiled proudly and squeezed his shoulder. He froze and I could see him close his eyes, as if I would hurt him. I quickly took my hand away and looked down.

“Hm… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Not yar fault.”

I looked at him with a questioning look over my face but he turned away and got up. I watched him walk away, a bit disappointed that he had to leave already but he stopped at the doorway.

“Ya have a day off next Monday?”

He asked me suddenly. I scratched my cheek and played with a piece of hair.

“Yes, why?”

“I told ya I would take ya on a hunting trip, right? So maybe next Monday? If it’s okay for ya…”

“S…sure! I would love to!”

I couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t joking back then in the barn. He really wanted to show me what hunting was like.


He simply answered. I smiled and I could see a small one graced his lips before he turned away and walked out of the house.

'In one week.’ I thought before I got up and climb up the stairs, my heart as light as a feather.


Hi guys!! I hope that you enjoyed this chapter!

Daryl and Erika are starting to be friends! Even if it’s pretty obvious that they feel more hehehe
What did you think about how Erika reacted to Merle’s appearance? Maybe she’s starting to have doubts about what truly happened between Amy and Merle! Who knows hehe.


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