La fregatura è che ti amo così tanto da non riuscire a guardare un altro ragazzo senza pensare inevitabilmente a tutti i tuoi stupidi modi di fare. Sono condannata a non averti mai, e a voler averti sempre.
—  Federica Maneli
The truth is, I love you. Don’t get me wrong when I say I love you. It means I appreciate you more than anyone else, it means I’m grateful because I have someone like you in this life. It means I’m blessed because God made a way for us to become closer, to the extent that I couldn’t distinguish anymore if we’re just close friends or more of like a family. I just want this friendship to last for a lifetime, I need someone as enthusiastic and jolly person as you are right now. Isn’t it overwhelming that people mistaken us for being a couple because of closeness we’ve pondered? To be honest, I don’t care what will others say, I’m happy having you around. If you’ll ever need someone years from now, count me in. I will always here for you even years will pass. I won’t leave you. You’re a gift. You made me a step closer to Him and I’ll be forever grateful with that. I will always take care of you, check if you are okay, make you laugh, give you endless advice and positivity. I will radiate all of the great things you showed to me. I’m grateful. Beyond grateful. I will always be here. I will stay.

I’ve been listening to Mayday Parade a lot this weekend. Especially this one. I don’t know why. It’s sad song, but I love it


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steps to moving on:
step 1: stop telling people about them. i know you want to tell the world how they broke your entire being. your reason for existing and now you have to exist without them, but stop telling people. it helps i promise. it helps you forget. and though you don’t want to forget. you have to. you’re getting there. keep your head up.

step 2: cut ties off, talk to them less. don’t check their social media everyday. just try to distance yourself. i know you’ll miss them. but it will get easier as time goes on.

step 3: don’t think they are coming back, they most likely aren’t, even if they say they are. don’t let them rule over you when in your heart you know they don’t even want you. you have to accept that they are not coming back. im sorry. this is one of the hardest steps.

step 4: don’t tell them things. i know when something happens they are the first person you wanna tell it to. i know when you’re breaking you wanna call them and hear them say it’s okay, but don’t. you can do this on your own.

step 5: if they tell you they miss you, DON’T SAY YOU MISS THEM. let them miss you. let them see what they lost.

step 6: stop arguing w them, i know it gives you a chance to talk to them and that’s all you want but stop. nothing you can say will bring them back. if they want to come back, they will.

step 7: don’t let them call you baby or babe. the false hope will hurt so much in the end. be strong. say no. i get it if your heart leaped out of your chest when they said it, but your hearts gonna crush again if you believe they love you and much as you love them. honey, if they loved you. they would be with you, case closed.

step 8: hang with friends. getting out and being productive will put your mind off the fact that they aren’t there anymore. & if your friends are busy, take a you day or week or as long as you need. get some snacks, turn on your old favorite movie you haven’t seen in forever, turn off your phone, and enjoy the present.

step 9: get rid of it, you know what im talking about. the stuff that reminds you of them. the stuff you cry over or lock away hidden. throw it away, burn it, rip it to shreds if you can. just let it go. let the memory of them go, sweetie.

step 10: make yourself your main priority, look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself “it’s their loss, im amazing.” because you are. learn from their absence. learn how strong you are for getting through this.

—  from a broken girl //
Scusa se a volte ho degli atteggiamenti freddi, distaccati o mi comporto da stronza.
Scusa se la mia risata è sempre troppo forte e la mia voce sempre troppo squillante.
Scusa se mi comporto da bambina o se molte volte mi allontano per starmene sola con i miei pensieri.
Scusa se sono un casino, ma ti prego resta.
—  Credevoinquellostupidotiamo