A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent.

Teenage boys, who are often stereotyped as the biggest gamers, now lag far behind their older female counterparts, making up just 17 percent of the gaming demographic. (x)

25 U.S. States Have Active KKK Terrorist Groups. If they are not terrorist groups, what would you call them? 

All these KKK and skinhead groups out here and people label the #blacklivesmatter movement a terrorist group? That’s really disgusting.

We need to work on destroying those. There should be no hate. The only reason these groups exist is because they start brainwashing from birth. If no one told you who to hate we would have peace on earth. #Love it!

Some ways that statistics can lie to you without ever falsifying their data:

  • Reframing a small absolute difference as a large relative difference. For example, it’s technically correct to describe an increase from 0.01% to 0.04% as a 300% increase - but is a +0.03% bump what you’d assume to be the case if you heard the phrase “300% increase”?
  • Using one type of average while implying that you’re talking about a different type of average. For example, if a company has nine employees who make $10/hour and one manager who makes $60/hour, you can take the mean average and state with technical truthfulness that the average wage is $15/hour, even though no actual person makes that.
  • Reporting accuracy in terms of the absence of false negatives without considering the presence of false positives. A test that returns a positive result 95% of the time when what it’s looking for is present may sound reasonably accurate - but what if I told you that it also returns a positive result 30% of the time when what it’s looking for isn’t present?

What’s Missing in the Film Industry? Women.

The representation of women in the film industry is dismally low. In 2014, women comprised 17% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 (domestic) grossing films. And if you’re guessing that number is creeping upwards, it’s not. That’s the same percentage of women who worked in these roles in 1998.

These numbers come from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, which has tracked these numbers for the past 17 years in their annual Celluloid Ceiling report. As a response to these numbers, the ACLU of Southern California and the national ACLU Women’s Rights Project have requested an investigation into what they call a “systematic failure” to hire women directors.

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Interesting zodiac statistics

(These may or may not be true, but I just trolled around Google to find these facts and thought they were fascinating)

Aries are least likely to marry Leos or Scorpios, and if they do, the divorce rate is high. Other signs that Aries divorce more are: Libra, Cancers and Virgos. Least likely to divorce: other Aries, Sags, and Aquas.

Taurus are obviously more concerned with money. More Tauruses are business majors in college and are involved in crimes like money laundering.

Geminis are very versatile and restless, it seems. More Geminis report being the least satisfied with their jobs, but at least they’re the sign that commits crimes the least, too!

More comedians are born under Cancer, but so are serial killers and murderers. Coincidence?

Rome, France, Los Angeles, Chicago, Romania and Madrid are some locations considered to be Leos. Important people are also Leos: Napoleon Bonaparte, Barack Obama, and Amelia Earhart

More billionaires are Virgos than any other sign, and they tend to be more financially successful

Libras are about 30% less likely to get divorced than any other sign, and generally enjoy longer marriages/relationships.

Scorpios are more likely to become writers, teachers, or scientists. Plus, they’re not as evil as they sound; they are one of the signs that cheat the least, and commit crimes the least.

Sagittarius get lucky breaks, as people born under this sign become famous much quicker, get away with crimes, have less kids, have more sex, and make more money out of all the signs.

Capricorns are the ones who are most likely to have many children in their lives. It’s probably because they’re the sign that is also most likely to cheat on their partner!

Aquarius is the least common sign, but Aquas can become the most well-known since they’re more likely to become famous, more than Sagittarius

Pisces probably have the worst luck in the zodiac. They make the least amount of money and are more likely to get divorced or experience breakups.

You’d have to work fewer than 10 hours a week to be as productive as a 40-hour worker in 1950. The number of weekly hours needed for workers to equal a 1950s level of output has consistently declined by at least half an hour per year ever since - so even if you work 23 hours a week, you’re still more productive than you would have been in 1975. Source