PRE-ORDER: Self Care To Do List Memo Pad
*** This is a pre-order! They will not be ordered til mid-December or possibly sooner mattering on pre-orders. The image above is a test print from my own printer and so might have slight differences from the final product. *** Notepads will be 4 x 6 and contain 50 pages. Designed for hard days or just days you need to celebrate some healthy self care! Take care of yourself guys

Taking pre-orders for this Self Care To-Do List! Your help and support would be very much appreciated! If there’s enough pre-orders fast I might even be able to get them out by X-mas! 


(23/100) // 4.6.16 // What a great day!! Today, I went to downtown to have some coffee & review chemistry. Slight stressed, but gotta think positive. 😅 Also, talked to a friend for about an hour and a half tonight and it was so awesome!