Even More Magical Mirai Goods Announced! (Part 1)

With the concert being less than 3 weeks away, there’s more merch announcements. The goods shown above are considered official Magical Mirai goods and can obtained at the event. All prices include tax.

For more goods, see Part 2.

Additionally, there are more goods as you scroll down the page that are offered by various company booths. While I previously did not write about such goods due to image limits, I’ll do a quick brief on some of the recent company additions.


Work T-Shirt: 12,900 yen, Full Color Graphic T-Shirt: 6,400 yen, Pyocotte Clip & Rubber Strap: 1,600 yen

Other Company Goods

p-i-i-t: Baseball Cap: 3,900 yen, TAITO: Stamp: 3,000 yen

(Due to image limits, a Part 2 is available with Gashapon Goods and Convenient Store Goods not mentioned in this post.)

Hey guys,

I’m Ree, a rising senior in high school, I started being a studyblr a while back but I really want to start getting more involved! I’m going to try to post more of my own photos instead of just reblogging, everyone’s notes and photos are so amazing and beautiful, pls teach me!

Some of my fav studyblrs are @obsidianstudy, @revisicn, @studyign, @studyrelief, @notefying, @studybuzz, @sushi-studies, @elkstudies, @hope-studies, @studylustre, @studious-annabeth

I don’t know that many studyblrs so I’m hoping that I can make some new friends and find some more awesome studyblrs to follow!

I also have a studygram @study.ree, feel free to check my account out :)

Also, this is my side blog so I follow people under the username @epitome-of-flaws 

Hoping for a good school year :)


Ingenious Leaf Stationery by Jay Lee

Korean designer Jay Lee has created a clever pen, bookmark and other stationery items which resemble real life leaves In forest green, spring green and yellow green, each piece is composed of silicone rubber.

The modern pieces are quirky and beautiful. The concept behind Lee’s piece is conceptually intelligent, as well as beautiful for interior decorating. Find the pens in their Etsy shop.

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Pages for your bullet journal
  • Highlights of the week 
  • Places you wanna go 
  • Shopping list for next week (stationary, clothes, etc.) 
  • Sketch something! 
  • Write down phone numbers as a backup 
  • Write a poem 
  • Brainstorm anything 
  • Sketch your bedroom! 
  • Go through your morning routine 
  • Test out lipsticks, paints, pens or anything of the like! 
  • Tape things like ticket stubs, polaroids or any other momentos on it 

20th april 2016 :
[68/100 days of productivity]

taken from my ig: @study.relief // ugh i really don’t want to sit my first exam, on monday, sick 😷 however i’m doing my best to get better whilst revising ft. my quick biology recap notes. i’m kinda loving this paper too since it’s huger than A4 and it’s more like a poster however on a google search, it looks like the pad is discontinued !

+ black pen / amber brush pen / textbook ✨✨

☆ apr 232016. | mood: distracted. 

studying in a place with natural lighting is great. doing early reviews for upcoming final exams and the ap exams, only realizing that blue is apparently my color scheme for all my classes. while reminencing how pretty haruku and michiru are in the remake.