ID #72031

Name: Alana
Age: 15
Country: United States

Hi there! I live in New York and I would really like to penpal with someone again. I miss the experience a lot- I used to years ago with my cousins. I’m excited to try it again, and I’m looking to meet someone from another country so I can see what life is like there, because I don’t really know any other environment other than the US right now- and I can answer an questions you have about here!! I’m very funny to be around.

Preferences: It would be exellent to have someone who is fluent in English, of the ages 14-17. I also feel more comfterble talking to non-males (not to be rude, they’re just harder to relate to).<3

follow my ig @skrstudy pls cos like it’s dead innit since I fuckn forgot the pass to my other account smh i can’t remember passwords or mathematic formulas how am I gonna get on w life?😤😭😭

30th May 2017

i realised that i make different styles of content for my studygram and studyblr HAHA but here’s a flat lay i posted on my studygram (。・ω・。)ノ

currently listening to // re-bye — akmu

taken from my studygram: @charlenestudies ☁️

cloudy afternoon studyblr mood board for @thechemistrynerd (if you want one just ask!)

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