What’s in my backpack?

Here’s what I carry with me to all my classes every day:

- my big pink two-pocketed pen(cil) bag | purchased from Staples

- my small polka-dotted pencil bag where i keep my Stabilo pens | sewn for me by my little cousin

- my 20 pack of triplus fineliners | purchased from Michaels

- my 50 pack of crayola supertips* | purchased from Michaels

* note: i only bring these around when I’m taking copious amounts of notes, like for my geology and liberal studies classes

Contents of my handmade pen pouch:

- 30 .88 stabilo fineliners | purchased from Amazon

*note: i am missing one here, it’s in another bag of mine!

Contents of the right pocket of my 2-sided pink pen(cil) case

- bic white-out | purchased a very long time ago from idk where

- a sharpie finepoint pen (my favorite black pen!) | purchased from Target

- a black Zebra calligraphy pen | purchased from Daiso

- a chubby tip sharpie | purchased a long time ago from idk where

- a sharpie ultra fine tip marker | purchased a long time ago from idk where

- my 2-pocket flower garden pen pouch | purchased from Aliexpress

Contents of the top pocket of my flower garden pen pouch:

- my mildliner collection (3 of the 4 packs) | purchased from Amazon

Contents of the bottom pocket of my flower garden pen pouch:

- my 11 fine line ballpoint pens | purchased from Aliexpress

*note: also comes with a black pen, but i used it so much it ran out of ink!

Contents of the left pocket of my 2-sided pink pen(cil) case

- my small flowered pencil pouch | purchased from Aliexpress

- a portable solar charger | purchased at my county fair

- a USB converter block | purchased from the Apple Store

- a spare iPhone charger | purchased from Aliexpress (for super cheap - like less than a dollar each - and it works for a couple months at least!)

- a small purple stapler and staples | purchased from Staples

- spare pencil lead, an elmer’s glue stick, peach post-its, and red scissors

- blue glue tape | a gift from our Japanese exchange student

- chick white-out tape | purchased from Daiso

- 32 G USB drive | purchased from Staples

Contents of my small flowered pencil pouch:

- a pink rubber eraser | purchased from Aliexpress

- pink/purple mechanical pencils and spare lead | purchased from Costco

- a ‘mechanical’ eraser | (probably) purchased from Daiso

- a small ruler | “borrowed” from my Marine Biology teacher’s class


Conclusion: I spend way too much money on pens



winter break just started and i can finally go back home to shanghai!! rly wanted to relax these days but then i remembered my history teacher assigned a dbq for break…

and ignore my unhealthy obsession with bts pls 

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