15 things students should appreciate

1. the first time you use your new markers and stationary 
2. sitting outside in the sun during a break between classes
3. a good coffee-to-go in your hand during a long lecture at uni
4. unlimited free books in your university library
5. student discount while shopping in many big shops (like forever21)
6. a neatly organized and healthy filled lunchbox, prepared the night before
7. classical music in the background while studying
8. walking through the university hallways surrounded by busy crowds of motivated young people with big dreams
9. being fortunate to be able to study
10. professor’s with quirky personalities and jokes
11. endless possibilities, still waiting in the future
12. cosy study sessions with friends
13. creativity in fashion, food and home decor because of little money
14. sleeping in and spending time at home/in your dorm because you don’t work a full job yet
15. dinner nights that involve cooking with fellow student friends and drinking cheap wine on weekdays 

Hey everyone! We wanted to take the chance to thank you guys for helping us reach 17K followers. When we started this blog as a way to motivate one another despite our ‘long distance friendship’, we never dreamed that it would become so big! We can’t even begin to express how much this means to us 💖


We’ve recently been getting a number inboxes asking for suggestions to a perfect studyblr starter kit. So we’ve decided to brainstorm, and compile a beginners list to some basic/typical studyblr stationary ^_^ 

The list doesn’t include ALL the stationary the studyblr community uses, but simply the stationary that we personally love and use, and would 10/10 recommend for anyone 🌟

30th May 2017

i realised that i make different styles of content for my studygram and studyblr HAHA but here’s a flat lay i posted on my studygram (。・ω・。)ノ

currently listening to // re-bye — akmu

taken from my studygram: @charlenestudies ☁️

Weekly spread for the last week of August and first week of September! Hooray! Been productive lately and happy with the inspo words i have sticked here! Also i want to remind you (yes, you who’s reading this). You don’t need to have a super beautiful notes, “you are your own aesthetic” u create your own beauty and the right people will appreciate it. Let’s support each other and uplift everyone! ╰(。◕‿◕。)╯


the iconic mildliners™!! as much as im obsessed with them, i gotta have some real talk here. yes almost all studygrams/studyblrs have them, they look so aesthetically pleasing, and they might seem like they can change your life forever but tbh you don’t have to spend $11 on 5 of them, you can get 10 for $4 in Daiso for the same exact colours (yes, i bought the Daiso ones just to compare and i can guarantee you the cool and the fluorescent sets are identical.) AND YOU DONT NEED THEM TO START A STUDY ACCOUNT!!! it was super hard to search for especially in where im from, but if you dont live in the US, get it from eBay and i promise you i searched for days for the cheapest place and eBay is where you can get all 4 sets for $30! this wasn’t sponsored, but i just thought id help everyone who desires to buy them to get a cheap deal. anyways i hope all of you have a good and productive day or night! 

  • Those Studyblrs: my favorite pen is this $420 amethyst-gold-plated-crusted-ruby angel pen that only writes in platinum ink straight from heaven
  • Me, a Poor College Student: my favorite pen is that one free pen someone gave me at campus fest freshman year that I have lost about 7 times, and yet it somehow miraculously always turns up again in my bookbag


Since my manager is in the hospital I didn’t have work today. I got up early and went to Target with my best friend, and then we spent the rest of the day studying in my apartment. We studied quietly and alone for a little while until my roommates woke up and came into the living room to do homework with us. Even though our kitchen table got pretty cluttered, it was kind of refreshing to be able to sit back and see all the productivity. 

We started planning a spring break trip to Maine and somewhere along the way we ended up sharing stories of good winters and sledding incidents from when we were younger. It was a really good day, and I was glad to have extra time to get work done. 

Last week I didn’t work out as much as I wanted to and I didn’t eat very healthy. Even though I was already down emotionally, not maintaining my health didn’t help with my mood either. This week I’m hoping to get back on track and find my balance again.  


Good day everyone! I still have one more week of vacation and I’m excited to go to school coz I’m on my 3rd year pre-med! Currently I’m studying the psychology of music from @mypsychology. It got my attention since I also love listening to music esp.when I’m on a trip, studying and even before I sleep! It is good to know what are the effects of music in our body. Wishing all studyblrs to have a wonderful day! Stay hydrated everyone.