A No. 2 train approaches the Bronx Park East Station.

ATL Girls Represent & GOT7 loved it

Okay so here’s my fan account. So the journey to concert hall was really a lucky one lol. So I got a lucky trip to the monorail by a passing by bus because the man said it was too hot for walking to a train station. Then I caught 2 monorails, rode 20 mins on a bus and took a 15-20 short cut on foot in wedges to get there but I finally made it! The entrance was like super packed and I had arrived and hour early. My group all showed up we were just split up to the end of the show. So when the concert began I’m a very observant person and noticed a lot.

Firstly, Youngjae was still sick from Dallas. Second, Mark accidentally might’ve bumped Youngjae mic onto the top row of his mouth. Thirdly, Jr. had lost his breath for a moment and was beating his chest for oxygen - I was really worried about them😞 but the show went on.

So Mark twerked and I was like YAS shake dat ass 4 Sprite, shake dat ass all night 🙌🏾 , and the guys were hella excited about there first visit to ATL. They visited the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Museum and BamBam was hype about the chicken and waffles. JB actually spoke in ENGLISH for the FIRST time on tour in ATL then continued in Korean which was sexy as fuck. BamBam quote “We Atlanta has lot of beautiful people.” JB was so lit and playful, Mark kept biting his lip and I lock eyes with him once and he smirked.

So BamBam was very funny but playful. They came through the crowd on my side and touched some of he girls. They went over the time for concert and did an encore to the encore of the last song, where there was this surprise dance mission and one of he girls from our group was caught on the camera. My friends found it funny how they lost it at the concert but I was so chill no bs.

So tonight Jackson was it. Like I kept making eye contact with the whole time. I got up to go to bathroom and make eye contact with JR. I thought I was crazy but my friend next was like “Jackson is still looking at you” looked up and sure enough he was looking no hat this time dead in face I point to my friend and then pointed at myself and Jackson kept nodding and waving and bowing kisses in our direction. I was calm in the sea of pandemonium and he lost me for moment and met my eye sight again on more than one occasion through the rest of the concert. I’m not mixed or light so when Jackson Mark JB and definitely BamBam acknowledged me I wanted to cry and I went to the Bathroom and I did because I thought with the lights out - I was too dark for them to notice me.

They gave some words about loving yourself and not caring about what people have to say about you.

Okay now jackson was keeping me grounded and he noticed I was so chill. So I had bought a group photo ticket months ago but told the staff while I while sitting there but when to guy bc I didn’t have my wrist band and he had been help with that.
Girl this Asian guy was hella cute and gave me a once over, held my hand and personally escorted me to the lobby for my group photo wristband and he didn’t have to and on the way back. I was blunt and I said “So they have fine asian employees working for them?” He smiled and said “thank you. You’re attractive yourself.“and walked away but I told him bout my wristband and he knew they have me a high touch instead of a group photo I was like okay today I’ve been a little too lucky.

So I get to the high touch and everybody around me is still freaking out so its my turn and I touch and I SWEAR THIS TO BE TRUE! first, was JR who smiled when he saw me, then Mark who was very smiley and reached out and touched my hand, then JB who gave that smile when I gave his hand a squeeze, Youngjae I said “Get better honeyBamBamkeep dabbin” and lastly Jackson. Jackson and I looked at each other in the face and he gripped my hand for a moment, like I was his bae and smiled, and i did the same to him but then he says ‘stay healthy and be safe’ and I said ‘thank you’ and my friend behind me says “oh my god!” I asked what says “Jackson looked at your butt when you left!” I was really happy but chilled. Made me love my skin color more when I left.
And they definitely want to return to ATL for vacation or tours in the future. We were the loudest crowd they’ve had so far

KM & BW: YASSS LOVE THIS! You go girl!

The 219th Street Station on the Nos. 2 and 5 Lines.


Tyler dancing and singing along to “My Girl” on her birthday at Station 2 in Richmond. This is totally normal behavior. 

Station 2

We got together tonight for a nice friendly dinner and one final outing before winter break. The four of us (welcome aboard, August!) headed out to Station 2 in the Shockoe Bottom area to unwind from all the stress of finals week.

It was a busy night in Station 2, as there was some sort of holiday party going on. However, the atmosphere was excellent. Their target crowd is definitely late 20s, early 30s yuppies, but we still managed a good time despite sticking out so blatantly.

Let’s get to the food.

I (Randi) went for the BBQ Barista burger and sweet potato tots. The patty was lightly rubbed with espresso and topped with bacon, gouda, lettuce, pickles, red onion, and a tangy BBQ sauce. The quality of the patty itself was superb, The only problem being that the espresso taste was missing for a majority of the burger. At first, I wasn’t even certain that I was eating the right burger. The BBQ sauce was a bit overwhelming in how tangy it was, but tasty nonetheless.  The sweet potato tots nearly stole the show for me. I’ve never had sweet potato tots that tasted so fresh. I also found out that you can get a bucket of sweet potato tots, which is almost definitely happening on my next visit.

Darren had the New New Mexico burger, which came with pepper jack melted over a whole roasted green chile,pickled jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, red onion, corn salsa, & chipotle aioli. Rather than going with the classic brioche bun, he opted for the Carter’s/Devil’s Backbone Spent Grain bun; essentially, a beer grain bun. The patty was cooked to perfection, and the cheese was melted just the perfect amount.  The jalapenos added the right amount of spice to the burger.  The fries were also a standout.

Colby went for the chili cheeseburger and fries. The burger was topped with homemade firehouse chili, bacon, homemade chips, cheddar, and red onion.  The patty was incredibly juicy and the bacon was perfectly crispy. The firehouse chili made the burger and was good enough to be eaten on its own. The red onion added an extra je ne sais quoi and was quite tasty.  Once again, the fries were a standout. Colby argues that when fries don’t need ketchup, that’s when you’ve got a good fry. And these fries did not need ketchup.

August’s picture won’t upload properly…but he had the Grecian Island burger. This was a garlic & oregano seasoned black bean burger with kalamata olives, feta, Manakintowne pea shoots, & tzatziki sauce, served on Texas toast.  He described this burger as elegant, unique,  and the best black bean patty he’s ever had. Once again the fries earned accolades as the standout portion of the plate.  August asserts that a restaurant with this many impressive bread options and one that serves Gouda cheese is automatically a good restaurant. We don’t know about that.

Randi - 4 stars
Darren - 5 stars
Colby -  5 stars
August - 5 stars

Station 2 was the perfect place the kick off this tour. The burgers exceeded our expectations, and the sides were even better. I expect we’ll return here a few times before the end of the tour.  We’re excited to be pumping out new content regularly at the start of our next semester. Feel free to send in questions or make recommendations on where we should take our tour to next!


August ordered a fried moon pie for dessert and it took a long while to get to our table so our awesome server made sure it was on the house.  It was delicious, along with the orange cream milkshake Colby ordered, the banana milkshake Darren ordered, and the classic rootbeer float I ordered.  All the shakes and floats are made with ice cream from the local Homestead Creamery. Extremely fatty but extremely tasty.

The Gun Hill Road Station on the Nos. 2 and 5 Lines.


Yes, I went to Station 2 again this weekend.  They are close, open late, charming, and I like them. Plus when it’s the only meal of the day, it’s cheap.

That’s the Ballpark, with an Amerikreiner sausage on it, grilled onions, smoked gouda, and habanero mustard, medium well.  Side salad with the Italian dressing again, although the chunks of Feta weren’t as big this time.  Brownie a la mode.

Delicious, never misgendered, simple, seamless.