Interview: Milestone 2.0′s Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan (Pt. 1)

Yesterday morning I spoke with Milestone Media co-execs Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan about the return of Milestone, the new live-action Static Shock series, Marvel’s Hip-Hop covers, Black Panther, and much more! Here’s the first part of our interview!

At this years San Diego Comic-Con, Hudlin and Cowan revealed just a few of their plans for Milestone 2.0, including close collaboration with DC Comics’ Jim Lee! They shared more about their recent meetings here:

Hudlin: We had a great meeting with Jim [Lee] last week where we started mapping out the first year, year and a half of new Milestone. At the end of the meeting we kind of looked at each other like: ‘That’s a lot!” [Laughs]

Hudlin says they’re “playing with the format” this time around:

Hudlin: We really started talking about focusing on graphic novels, mini-series, one-shots, doing things in a way that make it more accessible to the casual reader as well as the hardcore fan.

Put simply, “It’s a lot of work”:

Cowan: We’ve worked out a lot of the storylines…we have more ideas than we have space for.

Hudlin: [We’re] world-building. It’s Earth-M. It’s not the DC universe. It’s not quite the Milestone Universe folks are used to. When we first got back together, long before we sat down with DC, we said: “This is not a nostalgia company.”…We’re going to make books that are accessible…and relevant to people right here right now.

The focus on accessibility means it’ll soon be easier than ever to read everything Milestone, old and new:

Cowan: We plan to release all of our stuff digitally, [including] our back archives. There’s a program being set up to make all of that available to our readers.

Hudlin: Our name is Milestone Media. We’re working on comic books, we’re working on digital series, Denys is doing art for figurines. We’re working in a lot of mediums simultaneously.

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