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sheila I messed up on a quite a few things today. little things, like hemming the garnet wrong, and then big things, like ruining armor beyond the point of salvage because I wasn't paying attention. any advice to get in a calm place when bad luck strikes?

Stop working on it. 

No seriously. Stop it. 

Put the needles and heat gun down, and step away from the cosplay. 

It is now movie night. I recommend shitty action movies. Anything with Jason Stathem is good. Watching something reckless will not only make you feel better, but also make you realize its okay to screw things up. 

Give it a day. Take a breather. Somtimes its just NOT  a cosplay day. So take a break from it for however long you need. (YES, even if your on a deadline.) After the movie, take some time to go back to the drawing board. Check out some armor tutorials. Ask yourself if it would just be easier to start over, rather than trying to save it. (Sometimes its good that we fuck up, because it means you can start over with better knowledge the second time.) 

Also ask yourself if you are making the process to hard on yourself. Does it need to be hemmed? Would gluing it give you less stress? Does the armor HAVE to be two layered of worbla or can you just wrap it over some craft foam..? Etc etc. 

Remember that cosplay doesnt HAVE to be hard, in order to be good. 

Also action movies. Lots of shitty action movies.