Short List of random Text Memes sfw/nsfw mix

[text] “You want to come over?”
[text] “Oh my god I’m so horny right now and there’s no one attractive in sight..”
[text] “He/She asked me if I was even old enough to be out this late…”
[text] “This party is boring can you come and get me out of here?”
[text] “I just realized how much I hate tomatoes.”
[text] “Let’s go for a ride.”
[text] “You wanna go on a road trip. Like right now?”
[text] “Hey! I’m right outside your window. Let me in.”
[text] “I’m in the driveway. I got chicken nuggets.”
[text] “I’m upstairs in your room.”
[text] “I’m waiting in bed for you.”
[text] “I’m waiting in bed for you naked.”
[text] “I’m bringing home a kitten.”
[text] “I think I"m d;arunk. the mabr wont let me in.”
[text] “Let’s go camping this weekend.”
[text] “Send me a pic.”
[text] “Send me a sexy pic.”
[text] “I know it’s four am but are you awake?”
[text] “Hey….hey. hEY. HEY. HAEY. HeyY!”
[text] “I got this weird package in the mail and when I opened it it was some sex toy. I never ordered this.”
[text] “Let’s go to the strip club.”
[text] “wanna hook up?”
[text] “I wanna be in the D-D-DANGER ZONE!”
[text] “Shut. Up.”

“All alone so I will not turn like you want me to.”
“All the pain I wanted it to end.”
“Don’t say that it’s over you can’t live without me.”
“How can this be love if you are leaving me?”
“I am not letting this story end.”
“I can’t be near you right now because I know you are no longer mine.”
“I couldn’t face a life without your lights but that was when you refused to fight.”
“I don’t know if I can stand another hand upon you.”
“I don’t know who I am without you.”
“I knew who you were from the start but now I don’t know who you are.”
"I said goodbye because I love you.”
“I won’t show mercy on you now.”
“If you still want me, please forgive me.”
“Is it worth all that I have gained?”
“It has to be this way cause I am not right for you.”
“It’s over now.”
”I’ve been waiting for someone like you.“
"Once upon a time we had a lot to fight for.”
“Remember when I swore my/your love was never ending?”
“Save your mercy for someone who needs it.”
“Say something I  giving up on you.”
“She/He dares to stand where I stood.”
“She/He will love you more than I could.”
“Something is getting in the way, something is just about to break.”
”The fight inside is breaking me again.“
"There is a curse between us.”
“Time can heal but the scars hide only the way you feel.”
“We both know how it will end.”
“What have you done now?”
“Why did you choose to lean on a man you knew was falling?”
“Why does fate make us suffer?”
“Wish I had other choice than to hurt the one I love.”
“Would you mind if I hurt you? Understand that I need to.”
“You are sleeping away.”
“You are the one that Iove and I am saying goodbye.”
“You have turned into my worse enemy.”
“You meant to me more than anyone I ever loved at all.”
“You still speak of day old hate though your whole world had turned into flames.”
“You thought you were standing beside me, you were only in my way.”

text message starters, part 1/?
  • [MSG]: If you come home and see an ambulance outside, don’t worry. I’ve got it all under control.
  • [MSG:] One time I thought I was heterosexual.
  • [MSG:] Just get in the fucking blanket fort.
  • [MSG:] I think the only option is to smoke so much weed I pass out for 3 days.
  • [MSG:] I am going places. Maybe not college, but places…
  • [MSG:] I don’t think meeting his drug dealers counts as a relationship landmark.
  • [MSG:] We’re making a scrapbook of dick pics, you want in or what?
  • [MSG:] Can you pick me up? The threeway turned into a twoway while I sit here alone in the corner…
  • [MSG:] Every time you mention the threesome around him I will high five you. Do what you will with this information.
  • [MSG:] You know, my friends think I make these stories up…
  • [MSG:] I’m bonding with your girlfriend. I like her. We’re plotting your demise.
  • [MSG:] My cute new neighbor has a cast on his leg. How sad is it that my first thought was, “Hey! This one can’t run away!”.
  • [MSG:] OMG he dropped his pants for me. Granted it was to show me where he got stabbed but still…
  • [MSG:] I started the day with dreams of getting laid and ended it with the reality of eating Taco Bell in my bed with my dog.
  • [MSG:] I just walked into the room at this party and someone shouted “dibs!”
  • [MSG:] He held my hand in public and I nearly came. Like he needs to be inside of me yesterday.
  • [MSG:] Uh, I almost got the bride to go down on me. I’m the smoothest maid of honor ever.
  • [MSG:] Somehow a ride to Walgreens turned into a threesome.
  • [MSG:] Yeah, don’t like to call her my roommate. Too cordial. I prefer to call her “the whore that was assigned to live with me.”
  • [MSG:] Why does every bad decision I make end up with at least 100 likes on YouTube?
  • [MSG:] I feel like I don’t show you my boobs enough. And you deserve to see them like all the time.
  • [MSG:] I told you not to buy lube from a tourist shop!
  • [MSG:] He must be a special kind of stupid to cheat on a women who works at a funeral home. Does he not understand you can get rid of dead bodies easier than most Americans?
  • [MSG:] There were containers of weed in the piñata.
  • [MSG:] So far today I’ve had six shots of tequila, one joint, I’ve hit three parties, made out with two people and been chased by security. It is spring break.
  • [MSG:] I understand why animals eat their young in the wild after watching your kid this afternoon.
  • [MSG:] Uh, I think that pic was for someone else. At least, I hope so…
  • [MSG:] My gaydar is infallible. Trust me.
  • [MSG:] I’m actually kind of scared about the prospect of us living together. We’re just going to eat pizza and drink wine before retiring to our rooms with vibrators.
  • [MSG:] See, remember when you wanted to get an Ashley Madison account and I told you not to and you hated me? You. Are. Welcome.
  • [MSG:] Would you accept a fantastic blowjob as payment?
Batman: Arkham Knight starters
  • “You look spooked.”
  • “You sound just like him.”
  • “You will bring death to all who follow you.”
  • “There is no savior. No hope.”
  • “This ends tonight.”
  • “I want you to imagine a city. A city broken and crushed under our feet. Take that picture. Hold onto it. Go make it happen.”
  • “Time to die.”
  • “I had him in my sights! I could have ended it right there!”
  • “What’s the matter? Lost for words? I expected more…. I’m hurt.”
  • “You can’t hide from me! I will hunt you down!”
  • “There’s no helping me!”
  • “Don’t pretend to understand!”
  • “Don’t call me that! That’s not who I am!”
  • “Look me in the eye and say that.”
  • “Stop! Stop talking to me!”
  • “You did this to me!”
  • “Nice of you to say, but you of all people should know, there’s plenty wrong with me. “
  • “Tell me something, dear. Have you ever had a really bad day?”
  • “It’s been you this whole time.”
  • “You don’t have to worry about us, or feel responsible. We’re fighting with you, not for you, ok?”
  • “No where to run. No where to hide. You’re all alone.”
  • “Do you see them? All the monsters you created.”
  • “Nature always wins.”