‘ okay, okay, but hear me out on this, he paused, wiping his hands on a towel. let’s not do that.marlo turned towards the other, sticking a hand into one of he pockets of his joggers. ‘ i will literally do anything, probably base jump off a mountain, before i ever step foot in the same place as my mother. it may be the holidays and all that jazz, but she didn’t want to see me before now, so why does she want to ? a better question: how the hell did you find her ? ’ 

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“common ground” 

Being sent outside to the hall wasn’t all that bad, Emilia thought to herself as she took a seat on the floor beside the classroom door. The halls weren’t noisy during class sessions and she had the liberty of doing whatever she pleased until the teacher fetched her again. Emilia leaned back on the wall, taking out her poetry book, composed of a series of pieces from her favorite writer; eagerly she opened up the novel, picking up her place in the poem “The Raven” 

What the hell is this, Shauna? You put skull drawings on the project?” She heard a voice holler from down the hallway. “This is about a revolution not an epidemic!”


It was a rather lukewarm day; the skies were a beautiful mixture of deep blue and gray, clouds looming above, warning of coming storms. People could hear the distant thunder, rushing through the streets to get home before the rain started to fall. 

Lafayette was walking along the road, leisurely, not worried about the rain. He nods at a few carriages that pass by, aside from that, he doesn’t see many people. He smiles up at the sky, sighing softly. He felt as though the storm hid positive things to come; most people saw storms as negative. Lafayette, on the other hand, saw them as a sign of good things on their way. There was always good, after storms. 

As he walks, he pauses, glancing around, seeing no one. He wondered why people were so fearful of storms. Shrugging, he glances back up at the sky, turning a corner; and bumping right into someone.