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It’s past my bedtime but how can I possibly be expected to sleep now after #HamildocPBS? I’m so emotional for so many reasons. I can’t even express how thrilled I am that Lin has had this success and continues to gain even more love and support every day. I’m so moved by how much this musical makes us feel, not just in parameters of the show itself but now throughout our lives. It’s hard to describe the specific type of patriotism it ignites, suffice it to say it’s the way patriotism should be defined, with people of all backgrounds celebrating together. The world is truly a better place for having this musical in it and, once again, I have to express my undying gratitude for everyone involved.

Lastly, I am incredibly emotional about the shot towards the end of Lin staring up at the Hamilton statue in Central Park. For several reasons, not the least of which being the fact that I stood in that same spot and stared up at him the same way in August of this year. ;0;💖

tl;dr: I love everything and Lin deserves every bit of praise thrown his way and then some.


if anyone ever asks you what hippo campus is show them this

        ❝ wanna make a monster ? take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable  —-  your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities,  &  hungers  —-  &  pretend they’re across the room.  ❞


Caring for the void-le


Fall was never at all subtle in Eremite’s forest. Once it had arrived, it had arrived in full force! If one didn’t take care, winter would be upon the unknowing before they could even begin to prepare for it.

Which was why Eremite had already taken note of hiding his winter things in the same spot so they would be easy to find this year.

Not having to sleep another night in the cold beneath his spring and summer pelt was a blessing all its own when he awoke naturally bundled in his fall and winter garb. 

The troll let out a yawn and began work fixing the fire before rising to approach the bundle he had safely hung up on the cave wall.

Eremite was big. Very big. Nothing would dare even think of going after him in the night. But her? Something would go after her. Which was why he made absolutely sure the little carrier he had made for her would keep her safe.

with one tug on a makeshift rope the bundle dropped harmlessly into his hands, and Eremite gently sat it down near the fire before lifting the flap. Demi still slept soundly within.

He had to admit, it was odd seeing her with three eyes and a strange hybrid of purple fur and scales. But it was still Demi. He blamed her new appearance on the strange “sickness” that floated about at the beginning of fall. It would change most things until almost unrecognizable. Perhaps it had caught on in the north.

Eremite snuffed and turned the little fur carrier to where the fire would begin to warm her face. He didn’t want the sudden shock of cold to scare her awake. The constant cold and the Freljord and the suddenly bone chilling cold of the changing seasons of the forest were two highly different kinds of cold. It could catch anyone off guard.

By the time the fire began to wake the tiny friend, Eremite had already collected enough scraps of last night’s dinner to start working on breakfast. He didn’t know how she’d feel with tasting a troll-based broth when she usually had warm, thick soups and stews back home in the Freljord, but he knew from experience that it didn’t taste horrible- that, and it would help her retain warmth as the day went on.

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Thanks for replying! This is the anon who went back to the fandom after 10 years :) I totally agree regarding the accessibility, and I do think that you are doing a great thing for skating fans and fans to be! Thanks for the streaming links as well!♡

Thank you so much not only for the compliment, but also for watching and engaging! ♥ Accessibility of figure skating is something that’s definitely a problem these days, but we’re glad you find us helpful in remedying that!