Victuri Wedding Headcanon

When Yuri sees Victor at the altar, he starts running and then Victor immediately starts running and they crash into each other in the middle of the isle, holding onto to each other as tight as they can, crying, and kissing like they haven’t seen each other in weeks. They don’t stop until Yurio screams “STOP MAKING OUT! THE CEREMONY JUST STARTED!” (about thirty seconds later). And Yuri is extremely embarrassed, Victor’s smiling, and they both start to giggle as they walk hand in hand to the altar. Pitchit puts his phone back in his pocket and says “Ladies and gentleman we are gathered here today…”

Today on my run a dog started running after me. I was like oh my damn??! So, I stopped. I stared at it right in the eyeballs and put my hand out and said STOP. He looked at me like I hypnotized him and and came to a dead stop! I was like YOOOOOOOO!!! I GOT THAT POWER! and then! Then! Then, I realized it was behind an electric fense. Bye.

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Hi! Here is a prompt: The seven (except for the ones who already know him) Reyna and Octavian meeting Grover Underwood

Sorry this took my so long to respond to but I honestly love this prompt, so here it goes…

-It’s right after the war with Gaea and Percy’s talking to some people when out of the corner of his eye he spots a familiar satyr. 

-He quickly excuses himself and literally starts sprinting towards Grover yelling “UNDERWOOD!”

-Grover turns around, surprised and when he realizes that it’s Percy that is running towards him he starts running as well and meets him halfway.

-The two hug, and then the rest of the Seven (excluding Leo for now) along with Reyna come and see what all the commotion is.

-Annabeth just smiles at Grover, and says “We found him.” and the two quickly reunite.

-When the three of them realize that the other demigods are there, Percy and Annabeth quickly introduce Grover to the rest of the gang.

-All of them quickly become friends.

-Frank and Grover are labeled the “clumsy duo” since whenever they are together something always seems to get knocked over and gets messed up.

-Jason and Grover, become friends as well, but they aren’t quite as close but they do respect each other and are friendly with one another. 

-Piper and Grover are pretty close, and they usually discuss how careless and inconsiderate some people can be to animals and the environment.

-Hazel and Grover also become close, especially after Hazel tells Grover about her ability to obtain materials underground and Grover trying to help her understand her power more.

-When Leo returns, he sees Percy and Grover hanging out and the two meet. Though Leo definitely likes to mess with Grover once in a while, the two are friendly. 

-Reyna and Grover become friendly with each other when Grover starts to advocate and speak on behalf of the satyrs. At first Grover was petrified of Reyna, however he soon learns that she’s not too scary after all.

BONUS: Though Grover never really met Octavian in Percy he absolutely hated on him, and him and Reyna bond off of that.

Forbidden Love

(A/N): I’m so sorry but I don’t write smut so I did cut that bit of the request out! Also, a bit of a different soulmate AU than what I usually do but I really like this one so :) Also fair warning to anyone who reads this because it’s awful and I’m so sorry

Request: I love your account! I’m so glad I found it! Please could you do a Natasha x female reader imagine where the reader is hydra and Natasha has to take her down and the reader also has to take her down but they find out that their soulmates and start kissing which turns into a make out session and have sex (if you’re not comfortable writing that or you don’t write smut it’s fine) but they forbidden to love each other from their superiors and they go on the run and start a new life.

Warnings: some swearing

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   Natasha Romanoff, Natalia Romanova, The Black Widow. Whatever she was, whoever she was, she was your mission and you were not supposed to stop fighting your mission when she was beaten and bleeding, you were supposed to keep fighting her, killing her and reporting back to Hydra, and you would have done just that but there was only one problem with that plan; the marks on her body weren’t hers. You hadn’t touched her nose, it was gushing blood, there was a gash below her cheek, you weren’t fighting her with a knife, there were red marks around her neck from someone squeezing their awful strong legs around it but you hadn’t even laid a finger on her neck and this could only mean one thing. 

   You weren’t unfamiliar with the idea of soulmates, you remembered learning about them in a school that seemed so far out of your reach that it even hurt to think about it. But Hydra, your handlers, had taught you about soulmates too and you were told you couldn’t have one- you were a weapon, something bred to be used and something bred to kill, you were not meant to have such luxuries. 

   “Oh my-” Nat, Tasha, whatever nickname that brunette man had been calling her, sighs, her hand sliding up to touch at her nose. She rubs it gently, causing you to wince in pain. “You can feel that?” You should start fighting her, choke her like she did to you but you don’t, all you do is stare at her incredulously, your eyes raking over her completely wrecked form. 

   “You’re my soulmate,’ You state simply, swallowing thickly when the redhead nods. 

   “I-I guess I am,” Your hand clenches and unclenches at your side, torn between grabbing this woman and snapping her neck, or taking her hand in yours and gently cradling it as though it were made of porcelain. 

   The woman stares at you so fiercely, her eyes holding so much emotions that you simply can’t help yourself when you surge forward, connecting your lips to hers in a kiss.

    You didn’t think your first kiss would be like this, smooth and rough all at once, but fuck you loved it, you loved her lips, her taste, the way she held your face in her hands so tenderly, you loved her. A small whimper escapes your lips and it takes all your willpower to not tremble to the floor, your knees weak from the intensity of the kiss. 

   “Please,” She pleads against your lips, her hands fisted in the front of your suit, grabbing the material to the best of her ability. What she was pleading for she didn’t know, neither did you, but that broken tone is all it took for you to decide that you weren’t going to leave her, no matter, what. It was almost surreal, that moment. You’d gone from trying to murder her to deciding you loved her in a matter of seconds, one moment your were kicking her legs and the next you were kissing her with all the passion your cold robot heart could manage. You didn’t even think you had a soulmate till that day and now suddenly she was clinging to you like you were the best goddamn thing she had. 

   For the first time in years, decades perhaps, you smile, a small upturn of the corner of your mouth as you gladly hug your soulmates back, holding her as though you’d never get the chance to again and given your job status you were sure that that might entirely be true. 

   “Please, you can’t go back there,’ Nat whispers, “Please, I can’t lose you after I just got you-”

   “Nat,” You soothe, the name rolling off your tongue sweetly and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel amazing to say her name. “I’m not leaving you, I couldn’t ever leave you,” Nat smiles, nodding as her lips curl up into a smile of her own. 

   “We can send someone in after Hydra, that way they don’t find you and-and-” 

   “And we can walk away, safe and sound?” Nat’s smile only grows as she nods, her eyes twinkling in a way (Y/N) would never get used to. 

   “Yeah, safe and sound,” 

~Extended Ending~

   “Elliot Romanoff!” Nat scolded your child as he once again attempted to eat some of the food Natasha was preparing but the smile on her face betrayed her rough tone. “I swear young man if I have to remove you from the kitchen one more time I’m going to go crazy,” Elliot chuckled as he hopped down from the chair he was at, shrieking as he ran into the playroom you and Nat had built- together. “And don’t think I don’t see you sneaking some of the whipped cream either,” Nat pointed a dirty spoon in your direction causing you to laugh and smile. “Now go keep an eye on the monkey while I cook you food,’ 

   “You’re the best,” You whisper as you hug Nat from behind, wrapping your arms around her apron clad waist. “Happy Anniversary my dear,” You press a kiss to her ear, her single most ticklish spot. Nat smiles and giggles too, squirming away from you a bit. 

   “And you too моя любовь,” 

Imagine Your Otp

My Idea-

Person A is unfit and just starting to run/walk again. They heard it’s good to choose someone and compete with them( without the other person knowing). They choose person B.

Person B notices a strange person ( person A) seemingly competing with them, but the strange person doesn’t go on the same trails as them, as the strange person™ is faster and seems to prefer less people around, but then again they also keep seeing the strange person™.

Person B thinks nothing of it. Person A heads home after a bit, leaving Person B to continue on their ( slightly longer then Person A’s) walk.

The next day it happens again.

And the day after that. The third day, Person B decides to try and match Person A, but finds it difficult, Because though Person A IS faster, they also runs randomly, probably to their music. Person A’s walk/run scheme is confusing Person B, so they give up for the day.

Person A is super embarrassed when they realise person B has noticed them. Person B is both hot and fitter than they are ( or so they think, don’t worry Person a i still love u). Cut to the fourth day, when Person B tries again and Person A catches on. Person A matches them for a while but is super flustered and goes home.

Fifth day. Person B is subborn and decides for one last time.
Person A matches them and they glance at each other. Later, when they slow, person A takes out their headphones and says hi. Person B offers to walk them home , as they seem to both live in the area. Person A refuses but person B insists and they walk home, chatting. Person A starts to speed up and person b catches on and walks faster, both still talking. By the time they get to person A’s apartment building, they are both exhausted, huffing, laughing and play fighting to be first. Person B then realised that they’ve stopped at Person B’s apartment Building and asks how much further it is to Person A’s. They both soon realise they live in the same building.

Bonus if they each have a best friend living with them and their best friends are also friends.

(( I’m going to write one for Klance btw))

Trouble Again

Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary: Your rendezvous plan with the Winchester brothers doesn’t go, well, according to plan when they never show. Little do you know, Sam and Dean have a good reason to not meet as they get nabbed by the cops.


A/N: I usually suck at writing smut and it isn’t something I’m accustomed to (being asexual) so if it’s not to your liking, I apologize!

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“Where the fuck are they?” You asked yourself. It’d been nearly 20 minutes from the time you, Sam and Dean were suppose to meet. That heist to take the artifact from the museum for the hunt you were working on had gone down too easily. A quick smash and grab was all that was necessary. Or so you thought. 

You started running through the scenario through your head. Did we successfully disable the alarms? Did we scope out the place to make sure it was empty? Hell, did we even grab the right item? Bobby gave us the exact description of the item in question. An authentic 1460′s raven’s beak. It was needed to slay a spirit who was once obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe. Sam found it most ironic. 


Your thoughts raced back to the last night you got laid. Where you and Sam were getting it on in the motel room. You stripping each other’s clothes off as fast as you could, not even bothering to shower first. You two had made a bet as to how dirty you could get yourselves before sex that night. Neither of you had ever had literally dirty sex before. Needles to say, the other motel patrons could probably smell you two from their respective rooms. You reeked of monster guts and BO and were covered in dirty and blood. But neither of you cared. You were pleasantly surprised you had managed to get in such a muck. Sam was hard long before y’all had staggered into the room, unable to removed your tongues from within each other’s mouths. Your pussy was also quite wet at the same time. It didn’t take long before y’all were howling at the moon like wolves, one orgasm after another. You’d managed to make the sex last for hours before both of you grew nauseous at each other’s grotesque scent. So you finished off the night, and each other’s lust drive, in the shower. Gently cleaning each other off. It had been so long since either of you had had sex so sleeping that night next to each other was well earned.

When you realized your folds were starting to wet themselves you pulled yourself from your deliciously smutty thoughts.

“Goddamnit, I’m the one who’s suppose to always be late!” You started to feel panic rising up from your belly. You pulled out your phone and began dialing Sam’s number.


You then dialed all the numbers you had for Dean.
Also voicemail.


“They’re in trouble…again…”

Sam and Dean had really fucked up this time. They managed to disable the security alarms, but both of them made severely rookie mistakes by missing all the fucking trip wires surrounding the place. They were also silent alarms so neither of them knew about it until they heard police cruisers barreling down the street, lights and sirens ablaze.

“Shit,” Dean 

“Fight or flight, Dean?” Sam sighed.

“’Da fuck you think, Sammy?” Dean said as he took a fighting stance. 

The first round of cops that came at them, guns drawn, didn’t even get a shot off them. Sam and Dean both pile drove them into the ground. They beat them within an inch of their lives, leaving them unconscious and bloody on the ground. The 2nd wave of cops that came at them were luckier. When the boys knew they were outnumbered, they tried to make a run for it. But both were tasered into submission. Sam hit his face on the concrete, leaving an abrasion on his chin and a bruise on his cheek. Dean tried to use his hands to stop the blow of the curb to his head, but with 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through his body, he froze up and fell, hitting his forehead. Not hard enough to knock him out, but hard enough to leave his vision swimming with black dots and stars. He knew he’d be slightly concussed by morning. More cops surrounded them, guns and more tasers aimed point blank at their backs.

All the cops were shouting at once. It was hard to tell who was saying what.

That’s when they felt the now familiar clinking and clicking of metal handcuffs being placed on their wrists.

“You’re both under arrest for grand theft. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

Sam felt his pants vibrate. Shit…

He looked over at Dean and mouthed the words “Y/N is calling me.”

Dean just mouthed the word “fuck” back at him in response. 

These cops couldn’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t do worse when she found out they had been arrested.

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Hey nerds I need your help!

So my sister just had a second girl, my 1st niece I’ve already started on a running theme of super girl stuff as gifts , the plan was to do batgirl if my sister had another girl (It totally just works out that the1st is a muddy blonde)

However my adorable second niece has this dark crop of dark hair and I’m thinking I should alter my plans to give her nerd gifts of Wonder Woman, since you know she would be able to picture herself as Wonder Woman with out digging that deep into nerd culture

Should I stay the course with batgirl or change to Wonder Woman?

Writing Prompt #1052

I looked out the window and cursed the rain. “I’m already five minutes late to class and now it has to rain!” I slipped on my rain boots and sprinted out the door, forgetting my umbrella on the table. I started to run down the street, but my boots got caught in a hole, sending me flying face first into the puddle. 

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Are you and bonny still cycling these days? i just haven't seen many updates or posts about cycling.

Nah not really. I’ve started running again and she is focusing on more resistance-type workouts. Cycling just isn’t fun in Sydney!

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At this point I'm just tired of all the plot stalling. I've loved this show from day one but I honestly don't think I can stomach another entire season of the lukewarm bath water my show has become.

There is just something that has been missing from the show since S3. Even if the show deals with the Nick/Jess problem, the show still has quite a way to go to get its “heart” back. Dealing with the Nick/Jess problem is the bare minimum it needs to do. The show just isn’t very compelling, must-watch TV anymore, even though all the elements seem to be there for them to make great television. We stick around because we like the characters and the actors, but if we hadn’t had those heady early days in S1/S2, this would just be a run-of-the-mill, not-so-interesting sitcom. A lot more innovative shows have taken place since NG started its run. It definitely didn’t age well. I keep hoping it gets better every new season it starts though, still holding out and hoping it lives up to its potential.

3 most iconic moments of my life thus far

- (at 16) in california, met the coolest homeless man, his bird and two english dudes at the beach in santa cruz and all went to San Francisco where we attacked a wedding at that big park and stole food from the buffet , we got caught and so started running away from the waiters with a whole chicken in hands. 

-(at 18) in a big music summer festival here in Portugal, i was in the front line and LCD sound system closed the stage. One of them liked me, invented me backstage, met the whole band but i didn’t even care i just ate all the food they had and the expensive champagne. Obviously one hour later i was licking the fucking ear of the sound system guy and he almost missed his plane the next morning cuz he apparently liked it very much.

-(at 19) in paris, i went alone, it was my birthday i was afraid nobody would care  here in lisbon so i ran away. I met the coolest dudes from a house music label and every night there was the most monumental house (like in a house but also with house music) parties. In one party i had so much of this weird drug that i fell in love with a french man, we had to sent away a creepy Brazilian dude who wanted to tango with us and then when everyone went to sleep we talked and did that drug for 15 hours! holy shit it was so good, we pledged to live for each other . I went back to Portugal thinking we were soul mates and cried everyday but it was quickly understood that it was the drug that made us fall in love.

Day 14: 18.1.17 - 10.15pm

Okay Jabronis, I’ve sorted my shit out. I’m officially starting soccer AND taekwondo (RIP sleep schedule). On top of that, I’ll be working and studying full time, trying to keep up with my goals and what’s left of my social life, and finding the time for my girlfriend. I think it’s going to be really hard and stressful, but then again some of these things are only temporary, therefore once they’re over more time will be freed up.

I’m starting my running program on Friday and I’ve made my brother join in with me. I’m thinking if I can lose some weight and start to build my body up to how I see it in my mind, then maybe it’ll help with the dysphoria that I feel. Also, I’m a lazy ass who is super unfit and I need to sort my life out lol.

I’ve started to wear more and more masculine outfits in the last few days and I feel really good about myself. Obviously, I’m feeling super uncomfortable with my chest and I don’t think that’s going to change until I get myself a binder. But I’m trying to slowly expose more and more things to my parents in order to hopefully hint towards me being trans lol… Don’t know if that’s going to work but hey, anything to soften the blow right? 

Also, yay for 2 weeks of this daily venting/blogging thing!

keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 

Why the Harry Potter fandom is important

Last night after walking down Regent Street and marvelling at the Christmas lights and how very much I love London(which happens anytime I walk around central London), I sat waiting in Leicester Sq. Me and my Hufflepuff fellow @andyouknowitis were off to see the midnight showing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

After a little while, the scarves began to emerge. A girl sat down next to me wearing a Slytherin scarf. Later replaced by a girl in a Ravenclaw scarf. Two Gryffindors came up to me and went ‘Would you mind taking a picture of us? We saw you and thought ‘She’s wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, we’ll ask her’. Me and the two girls got chatting about fandom and the excitement for the movie and they wandered off. I sat back down and then two girls in robes walked by and grinned at me. 

A guy dressed as Newt walked by and jokingly cursed a group of people, more friends in scarves began to appear, wands came out, hugs were had. The cinema was crowded, full of posters and people squealing over them. In the very long queue for food, one guy found out how long the adverts were and I asked whether he was a Ravenclaw, turned out he was. 

Eventually we all found our seats, shuffling around in the dark trying to place drinks and popcorn, balancing the IMAX glasses and jostling for space. The lights dimmed, the Warner Bros logo appeared on screen and we all cheered. Here we were, one big nerdy family in the middle of the night about to experience new wizarding world material. 

The movie was brilliant, we all laughed a lot, we cheered and clapped and gasped. We marvelled at the beauty on screen and were so very aware of how much we just really bloody love magic. 

It’s been nine years since the last book came out, back when most of us were in our teens and  early twenties. And yet he we still are, smiling at the people in scarves and laughing in a movie theatre, nearly ten years on. Older and adulter but still very much in love with this fandom. 

After the movie, we wandered off to House of Minalima, a place in Soho run by the people behind the art of Harry Potter. We got to talk to them and look at all the amazing things surrounded us. The creaky, wobbly old house imbued with magic whilst the drunken Muggles cavorted outside. It felt like the Leaky Cauldron, hidden away in London at 3am. We chatted to Potterheads, it’s London, you don’t talk to random people but with this, how could you not? 

The world has been a bit rubbish of late, it’s terrifying and scary and a lot of unkind people seem to be winning. But we still have Harry Potter, we still have kindness and joy and excitement  and magic. We need that, we revel in it and thankfully this fandom ain’t going anywhere. In ten years time I’d still like to be grinning at people in fandom scarves like we’re part of a secret society. We got this Potterheads, we ain’t going nowhere. 


WSH vs TOR 01.03.2017 

Nicklas Bäckström’s expressions when both Ovi and Burky are in the sin bin

and that moment when your hockey husband gets into trouble, again, and you’re trying to run interference, again, part deux