This picture made me cry my eyes out. I have been both hands. I have been the one with the harmed wrists that cried every night. I also have been the other hand that holds you and is there for ANYONE. If you are going through a difficult time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not self harm. My heart goes out to all of you. I still time to time self harm, but I try other ways (The Butterfly Project)
There is a video to explain what the butterfly project is. I just want you all to know, even if I do not personally know you… I care. I care, feel free to ask me questions and send me your story. I wanna know.


"You can’t just be the good guy and expect to live. Not anymore."

my tablet was away for repairs during witchsona week but like i’m gonna let a little detail like i’m a billion years late to the party keep me from joining in

i swear i didnt start out with the intention to make my outfit look way too much like the fe13 mage outfit but i DID start out with the intention to take the entire idea of my power source from the magic roundabout bc frick whatever people say that movie is awesome it doesn’t get better than moustache wizards ok


The Matheson-Porter Family | 2.10

Miles: Whatever you do don’t go near any Patriots, okay? Don’t be morons?

Rachel: Sit tight. Be back in a week.

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This really has nothing to do with Fifth Harmony, but in light of what happened with Brianna and so many other harmonizers dealing with hate, I think it’s appropriate I bring up this song that I wrote (inspired by the anti-bulling/anti-hate movement started by Jillian Jensen).

This bullying/hate thing is a SEROUS epidemic and I think it’s our duty as a society to be loving and supporting of one another because God knows we were not put here on this earth to tear each other down. Open your hearts, give love and know that even when you think you are alone, you’re not because we’ve all been there and with each other’s support, we can get through anything together.