quick sketch beause I’m lazy

Anyone heard of the game Magical Starsign? It’s not really well known, but it’s actually really good. It’s an RPG game involving magic and an actually pretty interesting and slightly complex battle system. The characters are also pretty fun and interesting. The game was made in 2006, so you can easily get the game for less than $20 on Amazon now.

Based off of this text post!

and since the letter’s kind of chicken scratch, here’s what it is, with the help of my friend Haymitch.

Dear Joshua,

Hi future me! I hope you’re doing good! How are Mom and Dad? Are they happy? Did Mom get better yet? Daddy says she’s in the hospital and the nice doctor says she might not get to leave… What does that mean?? Ooh! Did I become a doctor? I want to make people get better and do what they wanted to do? Do I still want to do that? Make sure you turn into someone Mom and Dad are proud of! -Joshua