Okay, but I’m pretty sure the Shooting Star retrieved in Monster Buddies was what was used inadvertently on Centipeetle, and is likely something akin to a gem nuke. Pearl describes it as “An ancient elemental, so hot, and so volatile, it can only be contained in ice. Bare skin cannot endure its intensity!” and when attempted hi be used in Winter Forecast, produced a bright white light, similar to what Centi described.

Dear Little Boba fic

The song lyrics were ripped off from “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton.

Thanks to @markwatnae for proofreading it! 8D For @jhaernyl and @marloviandevil because they made me ship Obi/Jango, and my attempt at writing that turned into this. XD

Mando’a used (italicized): Buir (father/mother), ‘lek (yeah; shortened of elek, which is yes), vod’ika (little brother)

Jango smiled as he watched Obi Wan help Boba hold the bo-staff as one would hold a lightsaber. It hadn’t been something he had planned on doing; falling in love with Obi Wan, and subsequently raising Boba with him. Of course, when Boba had first been handed to him, he had made a lot of promises, and none of them changed when Jango moved in with Obi Wan, ten years later.

~Dear little Boba… What to, say to you…~

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aaromax  asked:

Firstly,loved finaglc,it was one of the first fanfics to realy impress me with its quality,second,have you read homestuck,if so doc scratch,hussie,roxy,and terezi trapped in an elevator,if not,favorite undertale character,rhodimus prime,ganondorf,and a surprise guest playing clue,but ridiculously dramatic to the point of absurdity,or both at once? (also koalas are great)

True facts: Nothing about any game of Clue I’ve ever played in my life has ever been even remotely dramatic. This is because Clue is needlessly fussy and dull, second only to Monopoly in suckage. :V (I know this, but it bears repeating.)

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Star Trek Starfleet Molds

Keep your crew’s drinks and cocktails ice cold in true intergalactic fashion with the Star Trek Starfleet molds. The silicone molds makes up to eight Starfleet insignia’s per batch and work great whether your making ice cubes or delicious treats.

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Got a Name, Shinie? - Chapter 1 - creativeone298 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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A Hardcase-centric story focusing on his meeting Jesse and Kix, as well as his becoming a part the 501st.

I wrote this fanfic because I wanted a story about how Jesse, Hardcase, and Kix all met, and since I’m better at writing from Hardcase’s POV, that’s how this story turned out.