The sky is something that is always going to look like art. The clouds form shapes dependent on their moods and emotions. The sun reflects at angles that floods the sky with light and feelings. The girls I nanny tell me I’m silly for taking so many pictures of the sky, but I think one day they’ll understand why.

↑↓ A New Hope  |  Binary sunset.
"My favorite Star Wars moment is Luke watching the two suns setting.
It wasn’t a story moment, it was a feeling that for me galvanized 
the authenticity of that world. It felt so real and it was just a 
moment you could breathe and take it in, and you just felt like 
you were in this other place. It was a character looking out in 
the horizon. It was a sense of what is out there for me. It spoke 
to the idea of ordinary average people considering what the world 
holds for them."

— 	J.J. Abrams